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Thread: www.mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Land Records 7/12 Malmatta Patrak & E-Mojani Details

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    www.mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Land Records 7/12 Malmatta Patrak & E-Mojani Details

    Maharashtra the one of the state of Indian in the middle-south part which has also most population apart from other cities and known as the Maratha Veer Bhoomi. The state has their capital Mumbai which is also famous of “Bollywood city” or “Mayanagari” along with the richest state in India. The state also has Pune City which is the one of metro town in India. As per the survey in 2001 the Maharashtra has total population of 96752247 which stands in front of 11 cities of world. The state has the local language Marathi. The state has total 35 numbers of districts along with the 308000 spr meter area and the state has total 77.27% education percentage. In the starting history of sate the peoples started their life with farming after the rising of Maratha empire I has changed in new thoughts and directions.

    The Maharashtra has most population and area and the govt of state is keep well maintained their all departments with using of new technologies. One of the parts of Govt the “Maharashtra Revenue Department” which is well known as Mahabhulekh or Maha bhulekh is also using the online and internet technology with the associate of NIC department of India under the information ministry.

    Maha Bhulekh Maharashtra provides the online facility to their citizens to get their all kinds of property and land records. The state has most powerful software of maha bhulekh which gives all kinds of information. Citizens who don’t have time to visit their tehsil and to spend their time on office can use the official website www.mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in from where you can get any kind of Maharashtra land records, Maharashtra khata khatauni, fard and other useful information. In the front page of website has shown the map of state where you will have to take required actions to get your details. See the below given step by step process to get your Maharashtra land records online. The website runs under the Records of Right ROR through the Right of Information

    How to Get Maharashtra Land Records Khata Khatauni or Fard

    To get the State Maharashtra Land Records you will have to go through the page of http://mahabhulekh.maharashtra.gov.in which is also known as 7/12. Here you will get the 3 parts:
    • Part One: 7/12
    • Part Two: Malmatta Patrak
    • Part Three: E-Mojani

    Se the below given description of each part and required action which you will have to take after getting the official website. Once you will enter on the page you can check your Maharashtra Mahabhulekh.

    Part One: 7/12 –
    In this section you can get the details of you ROR online land records through the particular page. For example you want to get the details for your Dhule District here you will have to enter your some information step by step.

    @ => After selecting the district select your Taluka for which you want to get the 7/12 report of Mahabhulekh land records.

    @ => Now select your village name

    @ => You will also have to select the way from which you want to get the information there are two options are available By survey and By name.

    @ => After that enter you survey number and click on the search button you can also select one of the given survey numbers on page to get 7/12 of Mahabhulekh.

    @ => You can also take the printout after using the button of “Print”. In the down of page you will get more information about your land and property.

    Part two: Maalmattak Patrak or Property Cards –

    To get the maalmattak patrak or property card you will have to select your district first after that you will get the page from where you can download and get your card. You also will have to make sure that your computer must be support the Hindi Fond (Devnagari). But if you don’t have plug-in available then you can also download from the official page of Mahabhulekh.

    Part Three: E Mojna –

    However this page is not working properly yet you will have to wait for some time till the NIC unit of Maharashtra unit will fix it with the help of Revenue department.

    Important Note –

    $ => The NIC dept is working on it so you need to wait for some time till the department will upload some new futures on it.

    $ => Govt of Maharashtra land records website is just to provide you the information about your property you cannot use any kinds of printout for Legal works through Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra Bhu Abhilekh)

    $ => 7/12 is the only way to get all the information from website so you must be having your survey number or the owner name must be correct to get your Maharashtra land records.

    $ => www.examresultinfo.com is just giving you the way to get your property details. We do not provide any kinds of land records printout.

    NOTE – If you want to ask more questions then select the option of “Reply to Thread” and get exerts / experience having candidates help. You can also send us mail through the contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    Mahabhulekh web site is down since 19 Oct 2013

    Is anybody in Maharashtra State Government aware about this?

    Knock, knock, knock

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    Hello Guest !

    We would like to say thanks to aware us! We had submitted a copy of complaint in NIC and department. The IT team is working to open it and site is down due to the heavy server along with the high traffic. So please wait till the team restart this.

    Thanks for you suggestion ! Please come on this website regular and share your thoughts !

    Submit new query in "Ask Question" section of this website and we will reply you as soon as possible we can.

    You also can get help via mail or live chat in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com where our team members will reply you as soon as possible.

    NOTE - Register on this website so that after submitting the query you can get notification automatically from us.

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    how long

    How long will it take for this mahabhulekh site to open once again

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    ajit rames more


    Give the 7/12

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    unable to read the data

    i am frequently using govt websittes for the address,contact nos ,other details . most of the time it is found that the data is not readable though i have got krutidev.mangal.sanskrit fonts installed in my pc so pl guide so that we can read the data .moreover the names of websites should be given according to trends already established in the society so that the data is easily accessible
    mb shukla

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    7/12 Utara for Mulshi Taluka

    When is the 7/12 Utara for Mulshi Taluka going to go online.
    In Pune Zilla the Mulshi Taluka is only one not online. ?

    Does the Pune Collector know about this? Does anyone really care?

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    I want information of khursapar village agriculture land of Karol Nagpur dist.

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    After the land count how many days I can count sheets from the official rules. please reply

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    How i Get online Maps and details of my land I doesn't want satbara uttara i want maps with measurement

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