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Thread: taluk.tn.nic.in Tamil Nadu Taluk Patta Chitta Verify Register Extract TN Land Records Bhulekh

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    taluk.tn.nic.in Tamil Nadu Taluk Patta Chitta Verify Register Extract TN Land Records Bhulekh

    The South part of India Tamil Nadu which have capital Chennai and the state language is Tamil. The state touches the boarders of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. In the starting it was known as the name of Madras but after 1968 it has changed their name in Tamil Nadu. Most of the people live here the cast of Cher, Chol, Pandya. It has also known as the place of temples because of the large numbers of god and goddess temples are made here by the various kings on their time. The Tamil Nadu has 130054 Kilometer area which has sea area of 150 km. Last year the person’s of Tamil Nadu has faced the biggest Tsunami here in which 7790 had died. As per the survey in 2011 the total has 72,138,958 populations and it’s on the 7th place of country India. Most of the populations 44% live the town site and most of the people are here belongs to the Hindu, Christen and Muslim religion. Citizens use various local languages Kannad, Urdu and Malayalam as well.

    We know very well that how much is important our time. Everyone wants the fast service with latest technology. Especially when you want to do your any kinds of govt paper work. We also well know that when we visit on that particular department to solve our quarry what all we need to face at that time. To provide the fast services the govt of Tamil Nadu is developing their dept offices with new technologies and various ways to help common person. Internet also know the importance of it very well on these days so the govt and the largest dept of Indian Govt NIC (National Informatics Center) is making new softwares and website for every state one by one and Taluk (तलूक) (Anytime / Anywhere e-Service) is the one of biggest success of it.

    The Govt of Tamil Nadu used the best technology to provide fast service to their citizens. One of the parts of government department e-services which provide the Tamil Nadu land records through using the internet. The official page taluk.tn.nic.in work under the slogan of “Anytime / Anywhere e-Services” for common person. The official page of taluk.tn.nic.in which is made by the most powerful information technology department under the govt of India NIC one of the unit of Tamil Nadu and Revenue Department of Taluk. The website provides the facility as per their slogan that any of the citizens who want to get their Patta Copy or Chitta Extract Copy can use this page also to register extract their agriculture land. The works under the govt of Tamil Nadu e-services Taluk and Revenue Dept with various new methods.

    Here I am giving you complete information that how you can get your Tamil Nadu Land Records (भू लेख) with using the official page taluk.tn.nic.in . See the all process to get your Patta, Chitta (पट्टा चिट्टा) and Registry of you Land through using this portal.

    How to Get Patta Chitta of Tamil Nadu Land Records via e-Service

    You will have to go through the official page taluk.tn.nic.in where you will find the way to get your all details of land, Tamil Nadu land records, Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta and Tamil Nadu e-services. When you will enter you will get 2 section and 1 sub section on the official website as per the following:

    Section 1 – View Patta Copy / A-Register Extract

    Here are two parts to get you land records of Tamil Nadu which you can use as per given below information one by one for both of parts:

    • Section 1A – View Patta / Chitta Extract

    The citizens who want their Tamil Nadu land records online with using the Taluk page and want to get their patta or chitta extract will have to click on the first section option of “View Patta / Chitta Extract” on e-service page or use the direct link http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/land/chitta.html?lan=en. After entering on page you must have to fill some information about you like:

    [*] - Select District Name for which you want get details in the first section of e-services page

    [*] - Select Taluk Name or your tehsil name in this section to get the Tamil Nadu chitta patta

    [*] - After both you may have to select your Village name for which you want to see the Tamil Nadu land records.

    [*] - In the next box you will have to fill you patta number for which you want details.

    [*] - In last two boxes you will have to fill the survey number and sub division number.

    • Section 1B – View A-Register Extract

    To get the register extract you will have to click on the option of first section “View A-register Extract” or use the link of http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/land/areg.html?lan=en and then need to fill some information as per following:

    [*] - Select your district name in first box

    [*] - After that need to select your taluk

    [*] - Then select your village for which you want to see the tamil nadu land records

    [*] - After that the Survey Number and sub division number

    [*] - And in the last section fill you patta number for which you want to extract the register.

    NOTE – If the survey no is like 27/5A then just need to fill the 27 this is your survey no and 5A is for subdivision. Also if you just have your survey number like 27 only then only use the survey number box and let the next box empty (sub division number). Also note that you can only check the details for your non-commercial and non-municipal land.

    Section 2 – Verify Web Issued Patta / A-Register Extract

    In this option the citizens of Tamil Nadu can verify their patta and verify their registrar as well which they extract from the official page of taluk.tn.nic.in. Check the below given process to get both step by step.

    • Section 2A – Verify Patta –

    In this section you need to click on the blue color written “Verify Patta” option or can use the direct this link http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/land/verify_chitta.html?lan=en. After reaching on page you may have to enter your reference number of patta for which you want to verify. You will get the reference number while the time of extracting it from the e-service tamil nadu land records page.

    • Section 2B – Verify A-Register Extract –

    In this section first click on the option of “Verify A-Register Extract” of Taluka page or use the URL of http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/land/verify_areg.html?lan=en after that you will have to fill your some of details as per the following:

    [*] - Need to select your district name first

    [*] - After that select you Taluka for which you want to verify your register extract

    [*] - Your village name (for which you want)

    [*] - The survey number along with sub division number

    [*] - In the last reference number and then click to the submit and get your registry

    Section 3 – Verify PORAMBOKE Land –

    You also have to verify that which kinds of Land you have or for which property you want to get the taluk tamil nadu online land records from the official page. You need to show that you have Government land or Private land. You can visit to the page by the link http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/land/poramboke.html?lan=en and you need to enter your some details here also as per below mention:

    [*] - Your district name

    [*] - Select your Taluk name

    [*] - After that your village name

    [*] - And in last you will have to enter your survey number and sub division number.

    Here I had provided you all the information that how you can get the chitta patta tamil nadu and tamil nadu land records through using the taluk official website of e-services. But if you want to know more about this facility then you can also contact to the revenue department of tamil nadu through the below given contact information.
    Minister for Revenue
    Thiru Thoppu N.D. Venkatachalam
    Phone Number - 2567 2265 (Office) 2536 4404 (Resident)

    Principal Secretary to the Government
    Thiru Rajeev Ranjan IAS
    Phone Numbers - 2567 1556 (Office), 24792797 (Resident) 2567 2603(Fax)
    Email ID - revsec@tn.gov.in
    You can also send your feedback and suggestions with new ideas about the website in eservices@tn.nic.in

    @ =>All the boxes with the star (*) marks are important to fill in Taluk tamil nadu land records chitta patta official website.

    @ =>You will get the survey number from your tehsil or from the patwari while they will come for the survey of your property.

    @ =>Citizens can get the reference number while the time of Section 1A and Section 1B (as per above mention)

    @ =>Govt Land comes under the reservation quota which the reserved category can get only and private land is for general categories or who are the owner of land (after paying price of property) in Tamil Nadu.

    @ =>All the select options in official website taluk.tn.nic.in to get the tamil nadu land records are in select from pull down menu (not only the numbers like survey, reference and sub division). You just need to select one of them (all details are listed)

    @ =>The website also provides the login facility for official use which only can use by the staff persons. The login id and passwords are provided by NIC unit of Tamil Nadu to each tehsil and Taluka to get the land records more information.

    @ =>Citizens are also able to download the Tamil Font from the page front if their computer is not supporting the English font of Taluk tamil nadu.

    @ =>If you want to use official page taluk.tn.nic.in in the Tamil Language then use http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/home.html link or for English Language use http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/index.html link.

    @ =>We just provided you the way to get you all information www.examresultinfo.com not gives you any kinds of printout of you property details.

    NOTE - Here I had provided all the details and the way to get the full information of Tamil Nadu Land Records / Chitta Patta and Registry Tamil Nadu. But if you want to know more than leave your comment through “Reply to Thread” or send your mail to the ERI Staff through contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    What I have to do for Vellore District of Ambur Tehsil Patta chitta. I want to make my home in Ambur so I need the land map also provide me full details.

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    tilak raaj sahu
    From where I can get the Tamil Nadu Revenue Ministry Department Contact Number. My tehsil patwari had entered some information wrong on my registry.

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    maniyaam singh
    Need the Salem office details of TN Revenue dept where I will get. I want to get mutation reports and survey reports of my property.

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    samay raj
    You can visit to the Salem District official website through the salem.tn.nic.in where you can get the department.

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    tarak sahi
    The revenue office number is 2567 2265 and you can call their only in office time from morning 10 to evening 5 pm by the time.

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    Unhappy Name display problem to check patta of Tamil Nadu

    Dear Sir,

    When I am trying to extract the patta Information through link http://edistrict.tn.gov.in/eservicesnew/land/chitta.html?lan=en. i am unable to view the name, land tax and other information which is displaying in junked characters format.

    Please help in retrieving the information which normal characters


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    I didn't get verify registry from last property owner. Need information for mutation.

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    How can i read the Tamil language i need software to understand this please show me the way to read this in english.

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    some had kabja on my land here when i went. i want complaint where i go? i also complaint already in police

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