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    Telangana Meeseva

    www.tg.meeseva.gov.in How to Open Meeseva Center in Telangana and Eligibility Required Things to Open Mee Seva Franchisee

    The meeseva is the one of best service which were started by the Andhra Pradesh state. Under this service the AP state government established the mee seva centers in each district and village level through which the citizens can get the various types of services and documentation process. Peoples can get the facility for all types of certificate for caste, income, domicile / address / native, along with the system and online payment gateway for the various types of bills, request for new ration card or driving license, aadhar card status checking or submitting request etc. All the e-governance services are available under the one roof by the mee seva center. After the partition of Andhra Pradesh state and with the new part Telangana the citizens who want to open can submit their request online for meeseva center. Candidates must be having the good sitting arrangement, having full computerization system along with the fast internet speed, and good environment for the visitors. In Telangana state before going to open a new franchise of aponline candidates must have to know some facts about it. You can visit to the www.tg.meeseva.gov.in to get more details also.

    The Telangana has become the nation’s 29th state. Years fighting for formation of Telangana state, Telangana Rashtra Samiti President Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao became first Chief Minister of the new state. He took the oath of office in Hyderabad. Also 11 cabinet ministers sworn at Raj Bhawan. Also, apart from Andhra Pradesh, a state in the running for the decades-old conflict ended.

    š Telangana Telugu Angana name is derived from the word meaning the place where Telugu is spoken. Nizam (1724-1948) in his state of Telangana English to Marathi-speaking areas was different.

    š 230 BC. From 220 BC. Between Krishna and Godavari rivers in the area for the Satavahana dynasty ruled.

    š From 1083 to 1203 AD Kakatiya dynasty kings ruled here. Is called the golden age of their time here. This dynasty was founded as the capital of Warangal.

    š General Malik Kafur in 1309 AD Alauddin Khilji attacked Warangal which caused the collapse of the Kakatiya dynasty. By 1687 the area was ruled by the Delhi Sultanate. Located close to Hyderabad Golconda in 1687 was captured by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

    š In 1769 Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah (Nizam Asaf Jah dynasty), Hyderabad, the capital of his empire.

    š In 1799 the British signed an agreement with the Nizam Asif Jah. To coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of Nizam came under the British.

    š The area remained under British and the Nizam till 1946. It was the year of Telangana rebellion. This year was the foundation for this demand. This movement did not last long at that time.

    š After India became independent in 1947, the Nizam of Hyderabad refused to meet with the Indian Union. Nizam rejected the request of Nehru and Sardar Patel. In that case the government sent troops into Hyderabad state joined the Indian Union on 17 September 1948.

    š In 1953 the boundaries of the States Reorganization Commission was appointed to the state. Although the panel did not want the commission of a language may be a mix of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Nehru's intervention Telangana and Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act of November 1, 1956 was one.

    š The state of Andhra Pradesh was created on 1 November 1956, the then capital city of Hyderabad Hyderabad, the capital of the province was created. Then, Nehru said: "This divorce in marriage prospects are allowed to continue.

    š November 29, 2009 under the TRS Chandrasekhar Rao began an indefinite hunger strike demanding the formation of Telangana. Mounting pressure on the Centre on February 3, 2010, former judge of the five-member committee headed by Krishna. December 30, 2010, the committee submitted its report to the Centre. After protests in Telangana and electoral pressure on October 3, 2013 the Government approved the formation of separate Telangana state. June 2, 2014 Chandrasekhar Rao and Telangana nation's 29th state earlier sworn in as CM.

    So as this the creation of Telangana movement succeeded. June 2, 2014 in India Telangana state came into formal existence. 14 years as a drive to Telangana from Andhra Pradesh 'Telangana Rashtra Samiti leader K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana Klvakuntla became the first Chief Minister. However, it also has a long history of division of Andhra Pradesh. Radio Russia expert says Bris Vlkhonski - the fifth decade of the last century when linguistic states in India was being partitioned, two Telugu speaking Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh state and was founded by uniting Simandhr. Bris Vlkhonski said: As usually happens, the political leaders exploit public sentiments. Andhra Pradesh Telangana separatist leader who seeks to separate from CM Chandrasekhar Rao and Telangana now in their interest and in the interest of his family and his feelings provoked public tap. Now Chandrasekhar Rao's son KT Rama Rao and his nephew in his ministry T Hrishrav are also included. Hundreds of lives full of bloodshed and sacrifice Telangana movement taking over. Many such movements and revolutions happen, then later only a few people whose success will suffer.

    Country Will Get Soon First Wi-Fi City –
    Soon the country’s first wi-fi city will rise. The government had said that many companies Telangana Hyderabad, India's first fully Wi - Fi wants the city to come forward. The government said in a statement that official and international advisers Jiacdimsi, Motropolitn Development Authority Hyderabad, Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board and the sports department with the Hyderabad Metro Rail Hyderabad with Wi - Fi draft a master plan for the city to say. The Telangana information broadcast and communication division secretary told to chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that the IT sector’s total 62293 crore rupees turnover 90 percent comes from the Hyderabad city. Hyderabad is India's second largest IT exporter city. The city's pretty much in software and hardware technology. Tata DOCOMO accounted a partnership with NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) to provide the wi-fi service in Connaught Place in Delhi and it has been started from the July month. According to the Tata docomo company they have motive to provide the better internet connectivity in the four kilometer outer area of Connaught place. Under this plan the customers are able to use the internet for free till 20 minutes but after that they have to recharge it through the scratch card or online mode for 20 and 40 minutes.

    How to Open Mee Seva Center in Telangana State
    We already know that the Andhra Pradesh state had got new neighborhoods state with the name of Telangana. According to the both state government the capital city of Hyderabad will remain the same and will work as the same capital for both state. After the partition of both states now all the services of e-governance now has been also distributed in two parts. Interested citizens who want to open the meeseva center in new formed state can now submit their request online with the different mode. Now all the online systems are distributed so the peoples who are seeking information that how they can open mee seva franchise will now have to go with the different way. See the below given process which will need to follow for open a new mee seva center in the Telangana state.

    Step 1 –
    First go to the official website of www.aponline.gov.in which is now also made two parts one is for Andhra Pradesh state and second is for the Telangana state. In the home page of website citizens can check the both option and have to click on the new option of Telangana however before it was a single portal for all types of services. See the below given image with the new option which you will get on the page and click to the link to reach on website now.

    Click Here to Visit AP Online Telangana Website >> http://www.aponline.gov.in/apportal/Index_AP_TG.aspx
    Name:  1 Mee Seva Center Application.jpg
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    Step 2 –

    After selecting the option of Telangana state option you will get the new page of new state section in http://aponline.gov.in/tgportal/index.aspx link. Here I am really sorry that the new state right now not providing the mee seva franchise for any other district apart from the capital city of Hyderabad and if you want to open the center in this city then should go through the aponline portal of Andhra Pradesh section. To go the http://www.aponline.gov.in/apportal/index.asp page and or click to the below given click here option to get the application form now.

    Click Here>>

    Step 3 –
    Here on this page you will be able to get two options with the aponline new franchisee registration or check the status of submitted application to open new aponline center in Hyderabad city. Now you need to click on the first option of below given link which will send you on the registration form through which you can submit your request in department and can inform that you want it for Telangana.

    Click Here to Apply for New Mee Seva Center

    Step 4 –

    Here you can see the complete application form as the below given which you will have to fill with your complete and correct information. The complete application form has given to submit online request to open a new aponline franchisee in Hyderabad city. See the below information which you all have to given on this page.

    Name:  2 Mee Seva Center Application.jpg
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    Applicant Information –
    • First write your full name (first name / surname)
    • Fill father’s name and date of birth
    • Select gender from male / female and fill age
    • Select the educational qualification given
    • Select the specialization in next
    • Select your caste and category
    • Enter PAN card number and mail id
    • Fill contact number / alternate number

    Center Address –
    • Fill your organization name
    • Give the door number / house number
    • Write the name of street
    • Enter any nearby landmark
    • Select district for center
    • Enter the mandal / village name
    • Fill your PIN / ZIP code

    Residential Address –
    • Write your own door / house number
    • Write the name of street and district
    • Fill the village name with pin code

    Center Details to Open –
    • Select the type of your business
    • Select the ownership type in next
    • Fill the complete space in sq. feet
    • Fill numbers of computer details
    • Give the connection of internet type
    • Fill internet connection speed
    • Write name of connection provider
    • Fill the distance from other center

    Step 5 –
    After filling this complete application form click to the submit button and take the printout of your form for future assistance. You also will get the application number through which you can check time to time status of your request. Click to the below given page now and enter your request ID number and then click to search option to check the complete status of your request.

    Name:  3 Mee Seva Center Application.jpg
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Size:  17.9 KB

    After these above mentioned complete process the official person will come to take the verification of all information which you had given on the portal page. You will have to show all the documents as you mentioned on the application form and after checking all things the departmental person will provide you authorization letter to open the aponline center in that area for which you submitted request. You also can search nearest aponline / meeseva center in your local area through visiting in http://www.aponline.gov.in/MapsAPOnline/APOnlineCentersNew.aspx page where complete list is given by the department. The official website of mee seva of new state is http://tg.meeseva.gov.in/ visit in portal for more info.

    If you need any more help submit your comment below or leave your query in Ask Question section. You also can mail us in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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    thank u sir

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    suresh siramoni
    thank u sir bt know rangareddy dist not there in the appilication from

    how to apply know sir

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    How to open a Mee Seva Center

    I want to open Mee Seva Center nearby H.P. Road Moosapet, Hyderabad So please tell me how to open Mee Seva and my email ID is akkeraambica@yahoo.com

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    Hello User,
    To open a MeeSeva Center in your area, you have to visit the official website of APOnline Portal and then fill the registration form. We have updated all the required details in the above article. We suggested you, please read this. For more information, kindly click the link below.
    Click Here ==> https://aponline.gov.in/apportal/index.asp

    ERI Team

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    dEAR SIR
    I wish to open a mee seva center in secunderabad monda market ...pl let me know the details of the franchisee ...sridhardg9@gmail.com

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    Varun sandesh

    Process how

    Hai sir, kowtala mandal 40 villages one meeseva center plz another meeseva center plz sir...

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    Hello Varun Sandesh,
    As per the provision, only one MeeSeva Center will open in the one Village/Area. For another center, you have to apply it from other areas. For more information, kindly visit the APOnline Portal through the link below.
    Click Here ==> https://aponline.gov.in/apportal/index.asp

    ERI Team

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    I want to meeseva center obulayapalli village chejara mandal spsr nellore dt ap.

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    Dear sir,
    I want to meeseva center in nalgonda district, mondal sailigouraram. How to open in meeseva center at saligouraram. Please let me know the details of the franchise....email: jani.kompally@gmail.com

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    Dear sir,
    I want to open a new mee seva center in telangana, district adilabad, mondal indravelly,near andra bank and dakkan gramina bank public place,.....please let me know the details of the franchise...by email..
    Thank you sir....

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    I want open meedaba in mew bhoiguda secunderabad please call me 7702964475

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