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    www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in Odisha Land Records ROR Nakal Fard & Khata Khatauni Bhulekh Orissa

    In the process of Bhulekh (भूलेख) and a great step by govt of India in information technology is the part and has designed by the NIC group under the Indian Information Ministry. With the name of Bhulekh many of the website runs under the NIC rules and regulations. Some of the website likes UP and Orissa comes under the Bhulekh Name. Bhulekh which means Bhu + Alekh which means keeping the land records in one file soft or hard copy. In this motivational step the Govt of Orissa and Unit of Odisha NIC had created Bhulekh Website for the state as well which is known as Bhulekh ORI or www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in OR Orissa Land Records (उड़िसा भूलेख), Orissa Khata Khatauni (उड़िसा खाता खतौनी), Odisha Online Fard (उड़िसा फर्द), Odisha Nakal & bhu naksha (उड़िसा नक़ल तथा नक्शा). The website works to provide total numbers of 310 tehsils (तहसील) ROR Data online. ROR means the every citizen have right to get record in any of the method it comes under Indian govt rule of Rights of Information. The State of Orissa one of part India country have total number of 30 district on their state along with have total 317 (three hundred and seventeen) numbers of Tehsil with 2064 (two thousand and sixty four) RICs. The Odisha state have total 51210 (fifty one thousand two hundred and ten) villages.

    India one of the fast growing country where everyone knows that what is the importance of their time no one wants to waste their time for a single second specially in govt works like in tehsils in courts or any other govt offices. Because everyone knows every well that if they walk their they will have to face lots of kind issue like some time need to pay extra money to take your work from government officer, sometimes you will have to spend your more than a week to get the response from authorized person, or sometimes you will have to wait till the month to get complete your work. And biggest issue for uneducated citizens of farmer’s society they will have to always face the new problems every time when they tried to do any of their property or land related work.

    To solve these issue for standing on 2nd place in IT sector country India with the help of NIC (National Informatics Center - राष्ट्रीय सूचना केंद्र) made a powerful and all week with all time working software which is known as Bhulekh. Under this scheme the NIC Orissa Unit and govt of Odisha revenue department built this software for their state as well which is famous generally as the name of Ori Bhulekh, Odisha Bhulekh, Odisha Land Records, Orissa Online Land Records, and Orissa ROR etc. This is the one of most useful step by the NIC and govt of Odisha to save time and money for common man and most information part of India for Farmers.

    Follow the below given steps to get your online land records / bhulekh / bhu Abhilekh / khata khatauni / fard / ROR details etc.

    => Parts of Official Website www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in (अधिकारिक पेज के हिस्से)<=
    When you will open the official portal of bhulekh land records of Odisha you will get some options of:

    • View 1 (अवलोकन एक) – Date, Download Odiya Font (ओडिया भाषा डाउनलोड करे), Login (which is only for the departmental use), select location (to get direct land records) and map (भू-नक्शा) view.
    • View 2 (अवलोकन दो) – General Information, ROR View, Maps, Forms

    => How to Get Orissa Land Records and Fard (उड़िसा भूलेख तथा फर्द कैसे प्राप्त करें) <=

    I’ll let you know with simple two process which you will have to do on the official website first all of you need internet and a net browser supported computer and open the official page of Ori Bhulekh www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in now you can get your details by the first process as per the below given parts:

    Process 1 (विधि एक) –

    There are total three steps in process one with the help of that you can get your land records of Orissa see the below all of three steps to get your Odisha Fard:

    • With Khatiyan –

    Total numbers of 10798183 Khatiyan has in present at Odisha state for which you can get details from the ori bhulekh page after clicking on the section of ROR and click on the option of Khatiyan. After that enter your village name on the given section in right side above of the selection section and click to option of Next to get your khata khatauni bhulekh of Orissa.

    • With Plot –

    In the plots section you will have to take the same action as per the Khatiyan right now total 49023764 plots are available in the state Odisha for which you can get fard or Khasara or nakal of your land records.

    • With Tenant –

    Same on the step like the Khatiyan and Plot here also you need to select the option of tenant on the ORI bhulekh page and then need to enter your village name you will also get the RI Circle on the below side of village name option. In the present time total numbers of 26009447 tenants are available in Odisha sate to check the land records and to get the ROR information through the official page.

    Process 2 –

    The Bhulekh Land Records Web Portal of Odisha has one more option to get all the details of your property through the direct option on their page “Select Location”. In this section you may have to first select your district just after the state name (state name is default Odisha) and then enter to choose your sub division or Tehsil after that just down side of the option of select location you will get the map of your tehsil on that find your plot number or Khasara number on map and click to your village map and download your fard. You can also use the direct option of Maps on right side to get your all information.

    Important Note –

    @ => You can also download the forms to get your land pass book, for miscellaneous certificate, for mutation of land records, for settlement of land, for land settlement rules and for a raiyat for conversion of agricultural land.

    @ => Some of the futures are not working on the official website but don’t worry we will suggest you to wait for some time the Revenue Dept of Odisha and NIC team is working to improve it and you will get your Orissa bhulekh very soon.

    @ => These above given all information is based on official website matter and what to do on official page of Orissa Bhulekh which had provided by the NIC. This is just a information to guide and provide the direction to user and help to get land records.

    @ => The official website www.bhulekh.ori.nic.in is in total Odiya (Oriya) Language so I’ll suggest you to download the Odiya Font to use the Bhulekh page easily.

    @ => The best view of Bhulekh Orissa webpage is in Internet Explorer so use the IE where the page runs fast and in easy way.

    @ => NIC unit of Odisha is also working to provide all the information of online land records and bhulekh fard, and khata khatauni in Hindi Language so I’ll suggest to wait for some time till the team will make new font software for page.

    @ => All the Data, General Information, Right of Records, Maps and Forms are uploaded by the Revenue Dept Govt of Orissa with NIC team with the help of local Patwari’s.

    @ => New look and data will be available soon on official page of Bhulekh Odisha

    NOTE – If you liked my this information then give me star or if you want to know or ask more questions then click to the option of “Reply to Thread” and leave your questions. You can also send your suggestions and competent on ERI staff e-mail ID contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    Final PATA in Jajpur road

    When the final pata is cuttack Road, Odisa will finalized & distributed.
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    sir i want map of my property which i had purchased in 98 but still i dont have complete papers.

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    I had lost my fard where i can submit report for it and where can get the new fard. I want complete process for it.

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    Visit to the official website and get the contact information of staff person. You can complete them for late and slow work of staff.

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    need nakal for Kanhia block where i need to contact for it?

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    Dear Sir,
    Do I need to register before I can access my land records in Odisha?If so how to do it.

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    the site is useless it is not opening properly and always has some errors , no proper information on area wise has been mention, every ward need be mention in the site. please help me regarding to get my documents.

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    Promod Kishire Das, Village Chandrasekharpur,Bhubaneswar Tahsil, Dist Khurda, Looking for my Patta,

    Name Promod Kishore Das HIG Kanan Vihar Phase 1 Patia Chandra Sekharpur, Tahsil Bhubaneswar, District Khurda, Orissa
    Had applied for Patta Want see the Patta.

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    Find my Saturdays nakala

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