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    bhulekh.up.nic UP Bhulekh Land Records With Name Khasara No Online Fard & Registry Details

    Bhulekh (भूलेख) which means bhu + alekh भू + अभिलेख (Land + Records) is the facility for the owner, buyers and for who want to rent any kind of property along which the citizens who have agriculture land or business land. This facility of Bhulekh (भूलेख) is also available in Uttar Pradesh which has to largest scale land area in India. Uttar Pradesh which is also famous laziness of govt and their employees and its very tuff to get your all kind of information like online land records, online fard, online khata Khatauni खाता खतौनी, Bhu naksha भू नक्शा, digital map etc. To solve this kind of big issue the National Informatics Center NIC is developed a website which is very famous and well known as http://upbhulekh.gov.in/.

    This website is also famous as the name of bhulekh up, online up bhulekh, online bhulekh records, bhulekh Uttar Pradesh etc. The website has designed and developed by NIC to provide the all kinds of land and property related information via just use of internet. Every tehsil of Uttar Pradesh state had uploaded their all kinds of land records for villages wise ग्राम द्वारा, Taluka wise तालुका द्वारा, name wise नाम द्वारा, Khasara number wise खसरा नंबर द्वारा, khata wise खाता द्वारा and khatoni wise खतौनी द्वारा[/B]. The bhulekh.up.nic.in comes under the rule of Records of Right (ROR) and Right of Information (ROI - सूचना का अधिकार) which means that the every common citizen have complete right to get all kind of information of their query.

    The bhulekh.up.nic.in website works under the unit of NIC Uttar Pradesh and after any new information the patwari of that tehsil or district upload new data on the portal. I’m providing you information that how you can can get your UP land records through using the official website.

    NOTE (कृपया ध्यान दें) – Some of the tehsils and village data of records is not available right now. The NIC team and Uttar Pradesh Govt are working on it and you will get that soon. But most of the districts data is available online as per the below step by step process.

    How to Get UP Bhulekh Land Records, Khata Khatauni, and Fard –(उत्तर प्रदेश भुलेख और फर्द केसे प्राप्त करे?)

    See the process which mention below that what all actions you need to take on the page of http://upbhulekh.gov.in/ so that you can get your all the information easily.
    Step One (प्रथम चरण) –
    First go the page of http://upbhulekh.gov.in/ where you will get list of your district which is available under the blue color name of “District Name जिले का नाम” all the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh is available here. For example you lives in Ghaziabad and you want to get your land records or fard or khata khatoni or any other information. Then click to the district name section of “Ghaziabad”. Here two tehsils are available in the 2nd section of “Tehsil Name तहसील का नाम”.
    • Ghaziabad
    • Modinagar

    Now if you want for Ghaziabad then Click on it or Click to the Modinagar option.

    Step Two (दूसरा चरण)–

    After selecting your tehsil name you will get the list of village name list where you will have to find name of your village. You can also use the virtual keyboard which is already available with the name of “Chose First Latter of Your Village Name”. In case you can’t find your village name then use this keyboard to find your village in fast way. Now suppose you want your UP land Records details or fard of Inayatpur the click on that. After that click to the option of “NEXT”.

    Step Three (तीसरा चरण) –
    Now this is the main step in which you will have to enter some of your information. Here you will get on the above side your district name, then your tehsil name and your village name in second row there is a option of Khate ki Nakal खाते की नक़ल this is the option that how you want to check you UP land records or how you want to get your Khata Khatauni or Fard. On this row there are three options are available
    • With Khasara Number (खसरा संख्या द्वारा)
    • With the Khata Number (खता संख्या द्वारा)
    • With Name (नाम द्वारा)

    You will have to select one of these if you have your property Khasra number for which you want to get land records or fard then select it or select the other if you have khata number or you know the name of owner then select the their option with name. In this page you will also get the virtual keyboard to enter your details.
    यूपी भूलेख खसरा-खतौनी नकल भू-नक्शा ऑनलाइन देखें ==> Click Here
    IMPORTANT NOTE (कृपया ध्यान दें)–

    $ => The official website is bit heavy due to the too much of traffic on it so you will have to keep trying and need to refresh the page again and again I will suggest you to use Internet Explorer in which you can use this site every easily.

    $ => Official website only runs on standard time don’t try to take details of person which you don’t know because this website is under monitor of NIC Dept of UP state.

    $ => The website provides you only that information which had uploaded by the local patwaris or based on the right now location of your property it might some time old. But you don’t need to worry about it because the NIC and tehsils upload the fresh data time to time and update it regular.

    If you like my this information then give me rating stars or if you want more information regarding to the UP online Land records or any other kind of fard, khata khatoni, Khasara related then leave your comment through the Reply to Thread and I’ll be more happy to provide you details of Uttar Pradesh District tehsil wise or your village wise.

    Contact to ERI Staff - contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    How do I get my fard online of Kheri Tehsil of Lakhimpur village? Let me know the process I want to take the printout of all the maps of bhulekh and bhu naksha. When I am using the official website that the website is showing some other language font?
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    How can I get Information and Public Relation Department IPRD contact information? Provide me details from where I can call or can send mail to the staff person.

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    You can call to the Mr. Dinesh or Mr. Kr. Sahgal from the numbers of 915222239065. They both are Web Master in the IPRD Dept.

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    You can also call to the web officers through the number of 915222239132 here you will get the assistance from the staff persons.

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    The citizens who want to visit to the office of the DIPR can go through the address of:
    Department of Information and Public Relations
    Suchna Bhawan, Park Road
    Lucknow – 226001

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    Here I am giving you E-mail ID of IPR Dept of Uttar Pradesh you can send your mail to the:

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    Visit to the official website through the official url of http://information.up.nic.in/

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    Recent khatoni of village asirs barkhin tasil pargana and district badaun u.p
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    How can i check Allahabad District Sadar Teshil Khata Katoni of 1992, which page will provide us the details and how can we get printout for it.


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