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Thread: sarathi.nic.in How to Obtain Driving License in Gujarat for Learner Permanent and Renewal DL Online Appointment and Application

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    satvir singh rana

    sarathi.nic.in How to Obtain Driving License in Gujarat for Learner Permanent and Renewal DL Online Appointment and Application

    It is illegal in India if you are driving any vehicle without having driving license. In this case accident or caught by cops you may have to face the court case or challan of big amount. The person can’t get the driving license below the age of 18 years old. But the some people didn’t have this due to the careless. The people left and escape from this after thinking it’s a trouble work to make. If any person can take bit work for this it can be get in Gujarat state. Peoples don’t need to run many places and they can get more knowledge about this. The citizens are able to apply for the license through the nearest RTO office of their area and can get the application form via the shops of photocopy or from the office counter. With this application applicants have to attach copy of their ration card or voter id / Aadhar card. You need to attach a passport size photo and then have to attach a medical report. Seems hundred rupees are medical fees and fewer amounts are for the cross society fees have to pay. In the duration the learning license is issued. The license validity period is from 40 days to 60 days. Within the same period have to re-apply for a regular or permanent license. Learning license application is made by submitting to the traffic police or concerned department office. The traffic police or department takes the test of applicant. In the test person have to drive vehicle and dept asked some questions about traffic signals.

    After passing the test it written on the form and then person have to submit it to RTO office. There the officer takes photo and applicant may need to submit the application fees. After all the processes the license can get within seven to thirty days. About sending license have two rules one if the application sent through the open post envelope then it’ll come through applicant’s home address either the applicant can visit by himself in office to collect. In case you didn’t have it within the time period you can ask question from the department however this situation comes so rear. In case you are not having the proof for driving the police are able to make a challan in favor of you. In this situation the challan amount comes from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. Without having license citizens also have to face the case in case of any kind of accident and upon conviction may be imprisoned. Some people tend the contract of making license to the typist or to brokers. The typist or broker takes Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 in the name of file completing. However the applicant has to go himself for the driving and medical test. If the applicant do this work himself spend not comes more then thousand rupees. Therefore one should avoid prey.

    Why Driving License is Important
    As on the motor vehicle act of 1988 section 3(1) each citizen using or driving his/her own or transport vehicle must having the license. Without having it any person is not able to use the vehicle in public place.

    Benefits of Making DL in Gujarat
    Through making this document a person can get the right to drive that particular vehicle for which he/she had applied. A DL is valid for all over the country and it can be used as the place of address proof also.

    Avoid Penalty with using DL
    If any person caught without having DL and driving any motor vehicle he/she has to pay five hundred rupees as penalty at first time. If the person caught second time then thousand rupees and in third time fifteen hundred rupees along with the three months jail. This rule is applicable in all over the country along with the Gujarat state.

    Who Can Get DL in State
    Any person who lives in India and having citizenship of this country with proof can apply also the person not having any physical problem, bankrupt, severely challenged by mental retardation is able to apply for DL. The rule says the person is must having the permanent address of state Gujarat and having the proof for that to get it.

    Age is Important
    Nobody issued DL until he/she didn’t come under the category and age set by the government. If the person want to drive any bike, scooter or two / four wheeler vehicle with gear he/she must be having the eighteen year old below of this age no one has given authority to get DL. Only the citizen having the adult age has the permission to apply and use it. After the age of twenty one years a person can get the DL to drive the tractor, truck, other heavy vehicle or any other commercial / transportation vehicle.

    Who Issues the DL
    Along with the Gujarat state the DL issuing permission has given to the transport department or regional transport office (RTO). For this some rules and regulation had made by the central and state government which the applicants and authority both need to follow.

    Some Points to be Noted
    Aadhar card now can be used the place of address proof it has been now approved by the central government. Right now citizens have to use the photocopy of this.

    The consumers of MTNL / BSNL can use their phone bill as the address proof but in case person is having the connection bill for other state and want to get the DL in Gujarat then it is not possible.

    The office letter pad also can be used for proving address but this has validity only in the govt offices these are not applicable for private firms and MNCG.

    According to the central government motor vehicle act the ration card can not be used the place of address. The govt had end this process but it can be used as the additional document. A person can’t use this as the valid document.

    In case a person belongs to the other state and wants to get the DL in Gujarat the point has to note that the same DL is valid for all over the country. Second thing the license transfer option from one state to other state is not available yet. If any person needs DL in other place then he/she has to follow the process of renewal.

    For the process of renewal of other state DL in Gujarat the person needs NOC (no objection certificate) from his/her previous state. Where the person is applying in RTO office will write a letter to your pervious license authority office.

    Usually it cans 30 days or more then this for renewal from one state to there state. It is better to get a LL apart from the renewal system. Through this a person can get the relaxation for driving test and for making this a person needs address with age proof.

    In the zonal office / RTO office after testing your driving skills and basic knowledge of vehicle the LL will be allot for you. After 30 days in the bases of learner license you can apply for the permanent DL. For this you have to pass the test.

    It is better to get new LL if you are thinking to transfer / renewal your DL. It is also better to wait so many days for the NOC to get the new license from starting steps.

    What is the Procedure to Obtain a Driving License in Gujarat
    For Learner’s –
    The applicants have to visit to on https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/UF/pdfforms/NewLicence.pdf page where candidates have to fill the complete application form. At the time visiting on page candidates have to select the option of “Proceed anyway”. If the page is not supporting to the https://sarathi.nic.in:8443 page and select the option of “New License Apply”. The page will show you a pdf file format which you can fill online and can take printout of it.
    Name:  guj driving license demo page.jpg
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    Applicants have to fill all the sections with the information asked on the page and a system generated application number can be get. After filling the form click to the submit option and a massage will appear “your application is saved successfully”.

    After all these processes book the time slot for meeting through the option of “online appointment for learner license test”. Now you can get the time to visit in the RTO office to appear the test according to selected date and time. Now take the printout of your appointment letter and go to the office along with the documents for address proof i.e. electricity / phone bill, voter id / election card / EPIC or passport along with age proof of birth or school certificate.

    Candidates have to note that they have to carry their original documents also in office at the time to appear the test. After that the officer will provide you a date to come and pick your DL applicants also have to pay the fees of three hundred eighty five rupees (Rs. 385) for the light motor vehicle two wheeler and three hundred five rupees (Rs. 305) for the four wheeler vehicle.

    For Permanent DL –
    First you have to download the application form here https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrportal/sarathi/redirect.jsp?id=formfour and have to fill it also attach your passport size photo on application. Your fees already has been submitted at the time of applying for LL so carry your all documents for that and receipts with you.

    Candidates have to pass a driving test and after submitting age proof, address proof you will get a date to come and pick the license. Applicants can visit to the https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrportal/sarathi/DlStatusRequest.jsp page to check their time to time status of application through RTO office.

    In case you had lost your DL and want to get the duplicate copy visit to the https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrportal/sarathi/redirect.jsp?id=formeight page and get the duplicate license application form. Download it and after filing with complete details submit to the nearest office.

    After all the processes the department will send you notification to get it. More information are available through http://rtoahmedabad.gujarat.gov.in/ page where you can download all the application forms and contact details of department. Applicants are suggested to do all the processes by their self and avoid the works of broker. The broker can use your documents and other things to make license of other person and which is illegal.

    If you need more help submit your query in Ask Question section or comment below in Reply Thread option.

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    i want duplicate licence

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    Mouja murarai ,j.l no 104,khatianno 88,dag no 90

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    How to online appointment of renewal driving licence ?

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    My leant LL is expire on next two days. I am yet not apply for DL. Can LL Time limit can increase..

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    Driving license expired on 16/6/2014 what is the formality for renew it

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    How to process of old driving license renewal.

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    Sir how can i check status of licence after the passed in all exam.
    Becaus i still not recieve my driving licence

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    What is the procedure for renewal of permanent driving license

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    Prucedure for renewal of permanent licence for motor vehicle in gujarat

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