The department of treasuries and accounts was established in the year of 1954 to handle all kinds of works related to the accounts. Their first office was opened in the Chennai which was known as the Madras before. In the functions it works to maintain and to provide the best service of treasury works and audit facilities. The administration has the power to look and give the report to the Accountants General Tamil Nadu. In the starting time it was not a complete treasury office. As we can see in history it was started their work with the pay and accounts office in the state which had added with the treasury department after in the year of 1962. After the combined system it was called department of treasuries and account where the all directorate was appointed to handle all the work for all districts in state. This is responsible to monitor and to provide the fair system of work process through handling the sub treasuries. The dept has one more part pay and accounts which had the office in Chennai. In the short language we can say that this is the dept who control, lookup, maintain and makes the communication between employee and finance Dept.

Right now the dept is controlling one head office which has in Chennai at this formed place. Along with this it is having nine of other pay and accounts office in all over the state. Under these offices three more regional joint director of treasuries and accounts department comes who works with thirty two other district treasuries in Tamil Nadu. In these twelve districts of state two hundred and six sub treasuries has been made till now date. There is one more part of this dept which known as the pension pay office which is also has location in the capital city of state and it works for all the employees who get their retirement and having their pension. For the legal works and other stamps related process it also has a assistant superintendent of stamps. This dept provides all the services under the central pensions accounting office (CPAO) for all the retired persons. All the information about the it and the work process has mention through their official website where any of common people can visit and can take the details under the right of information RTI act.

About Karuvoolam Department of Treasuries and Accounts Tamil Nadu
This is one of dept which started computerized work process in state. The facility of computerization has been used to keep safe with their data centers for all kinds of government data related to the all the monthly accounting works and it was started in the year of 1972. The complete work process runs on IBM 1401 system which is based on card punching system. The department takes all the information and data for accounts from the treasuries. The IBM 1401 is started in the year of 1959 by the biggest information technology group of IBM Company which works on the bases of wordlength decimal computer. It can keep the data for punched cards through the machine. However at that time the department wasn’t having the good equipments and hardware for using this fastest technology but the IT team worked hard for the implementation of this and the head office of Chennai can secure all the data. The system has aware the employees for using the computer technology and introduced them with the computerization work system.

In the starting year 91-92 it had applied the computer work software later which also had applied in the sub treasury offices in 92-93. In time to time after a specific period the department had made the implements and made changes in software for fast work system via using MSDOS FOXBASE and PCAT/286 kinds. After some time the NIC team had made a other software for the system of application in dept and made a back office for keeping safe and secure all kinds of payment information and slips for pensioners. The department was started process of monthly accounts which had submitted in the AG office of Chennai. After the great success of these all software it had been started ECS system in year 98 at the pension pay head office through the help of national informatics center team. The ECS means electronic clearing system (online transfer / net banking) is working right for all most employees in state in which they are getting their monthly pay through it.

In this great revelation the department also had added some more functionality like the general providing fund payments, advance, withdrawals, travel allowance, daily allowance, medical allowance etc via using the same electronic clearing system. In the year of 2007 the department also had provide training to their staff through the help of DTE (director of technical education) for each district and sub treasuries. Later the department had started using the PAO (passport advantage online) software which is able to control and monitor a large number of cash transaction.

Works and Functions of Karuvoolam in Tamil Nadu
In the Tamil Nadu state the Karuvoolam (dept of treasuries and accounts) has a taluk level unit which had their offices in each district as the head office. The taluk level unit is also responsible to monitor the works of all sub treasuries in their area. This section has their office in the Chennai and Madurai along with other process office in Delhi as well. However we already told that the dept has total two hundreds and six numbers of sub treasuries in all over the state as per which thirty two sto (sub treasury office) has formed by govt in all over the twelve districts. Under the one sto five pay and account offices come along with the sub pay and account office.

In the other end it also has a receipt and payment transactions section for all the pension account having retired employees and to hold the process accounts and stamps. This branch works for to provide the receipt and payment in the accounts of employee and make a different part from the pay office Chennai. In the functions to provide the stamps it takes help through the dto (district treasury office) and the sto. The dept is also responsible for the giving all the data related to accounting and information for the all entries hold through the pensioner account. It keeps the records for compilation of all accounts in state through the pay and accounts office in their end.

The Karuvoolam has also the system for the pre-checking of all kinds of bills and TNTC 70. The section keeps all the information of bills from the starting point of joining and after the retirements of a person. The section has right to pre-audit TNTC 70 in case there was any bill is missing. See the work system and producer of different types of works comes under the treasury and their work functions:

Receipt of Govt Payment –
It comes in challan mode and remitted in the bank. Only the government of Tamil Nadu has the right to get the receipt for this process. A person is not allowed to take part in this process and to get the slip of it.

All Kinds of Payment –
It gives the facility to get the all kinds of claims which had been submitted through the bill in the mode of getting form via using the treasury code. The payment sent for the disbursements through the cash, cheque and ECS mode for which the receipt comes to the DDO.

Pension Works and Payment Process –
To provide the pension the dept is using the facility of NEFT (via electronic clearance system) or it can paid direct through the direct account pay. The department also gives the facility of money orders for pension ac holders and the pensioners can get their receipt for this.

Stamp Works and Sealing –
For this the revenue dept has connected with it along with the user can get the stamps from post office or ex-officio also. To get the any kind of special adhesive stamp user will need to go in the same ex-officio or to get the other stamps they can get through the vendors as well. After submitting the stamp anyone can get the receipt of it.

Account Payments and Deposit Process –
This is the only process which holds by the administration department. The dept admin submits all kinds of payment through the bank in which the receipt handover to the third parties which means the account holders.

How to Check Treasury ECS Status Online in Tamil Nadu
The Karuvoolam dept of treasury and accounts also gives you online various kinds of facility and ECS status checking system is one of them. The employees or pensioner who wants to check their status can access on the website of where the process is available for both kinds of users. The reports and information has been also shared through the DDO token wise. See the following below given process to check the status for your ECS now:

Status for Govt Employees –
@= Visit to the website of where you need to find the option of “ECS Status” and now select it.

@= The page will redirect you in the other part of website link of page where select the first option of “Click Here For ECS Status Of Government Employee”.

@= After selecting the option it will send you on section where two following options has been given by the department to check the report:
Check report via using general provident fund / GPF number
Check report via using your bank information in this website

@= If you had selected the option of status checking through the GPF details it will send you on page where you need to give some of the following mention information in the same page:

  • Name of district treasury for employee
  • Name of sub treasury for employee
  • Enter the GPF number of employee
  • Select the suffix from pull-down menu

@= In the last step click the “Submit” option and it will now show you all the information of your electronic payment system direct through the gateway of treasury. You can also take the printout of this for future assistance regarding to your payment.

Status for Pensioners –
@= Visit to the same website select the same option of ”ECS status” which will send you treasury page of official website here you have to select the second option of ” Click Here for ECS Status Of Pensioners”.

@= The option will redirect you on the other pop-up window of link page of official website section.

@= On this page you need to enter you pension account number and has to select the same information as the district / sub treasury name through which you can take the printout of your last transaction.

Status via DDO Token Wise –
@= In the same page of website the option has given to get the report through using the DDO Token also. Click to the option of ” Click Here For DDO Token Wise Report”.

@= The page will send you in other part where you have to enter some following given information to get the ECS status online:

  • Name of treasury
  • Name of sub treasury
  • Enter code of DDO
  • Give the password
  • Fill image security

@= After that need to click on the option of ”Login” to check complete status of all kinds of transactions online on this portal for which you can also get the printout.

Apart from this service the website has given the facility of pension checking system through the page The accountant general of state Tamil Nadu website is also giving the service to get the pension details. Apart from this the official website is also giving the health fund details on page, however the website page is right now under construction by the NIC team but it will open shortly for all users. The Karuvoolam is also giving challan, stamps and forms to download through the same website.

Important Instructions and Guideline
Here we had provided you all the information like work, process, software and importance related to the Karuvoolam department of treasuries and accounts. The users are suggested to read the following mention important notes and guideline before going to use this website.

The dept has only one website official there are no any other website has made by the NIC for treasury online works so do not use any other portal for same work.

ii. Do not share any of your personal information related to gpf or pension like user name, password or details of transactions due to the security reasons and to make secure it.

iii. Do not take help from any unknown or outsider person regarding to any issue in pension or gpf, visit to the office by yourself and get help through department authorized person.

iv. The treasury department has their offices in each district where you can visit in official day / time and can get form, application or registration processes for other facilities also.

v. Do not ask any other person to check ecs of your account and don’t give your login to other for making transactions, you can get the help through the office staff person for it.

vi. is a informational website which has provided you about the system after getting help from dept person and the research and study of official website.

vii. The eri staff is not responsible to provide you any kind of soft / hard copy related to your gpf / pension account or transaction receipt but you can take help from our staff anytime.

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