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    Domicile Officer

    ranchi.nic.in Jharkhand Domicile Certificate Process and What all Documents are Required to Obtain Residential Certificate in Ranchi for Educational and Employment Purposes

    In the Jharkhand state to obtain the Residential Certificate / Domicile Certificate / Address Proof certificate has two forms available in for the education sector. First is special category and second for general and common person. In the first category officers with the big ranks, Legislator, and the members of parliament comes. For this category person’s son also don’t need any kind of any document to make their certificate for caste, domicile, income, birth certificate etc. But in other end common and general person have to give their all the proofs and after that they can get the certificate in Jharkhand state. And for the planning it’s also difficult to obtain a residential certificate here. The citizens who don’t have the copy of their land khatiyan would not able to get the any kind of certificate. As per the rule the all India Services officer’s children’s receive also the citizenship of state automatically. MPs, former MPs, legislators, former legislators, councilor and former councilor’s son and daughters considered to expectation of local policy. They don’t need any kind of certificate or document here.

    In the other side to get the residential certificate of Jharkhand / domicile certificate of Jharkhand or address proof Jharkhand under the education for the common person would have to go through a complete process. The applicants who had got his / her birth here or their parents / guardians are living from past 15 years here would be able to got this. Along with this term to get the certificate applicants have to show their educational qualification documents and need to show that he/she is studying from past 7 years in any of educational institution of state. You also have to proof that the guardians / parents must be living here and doing their job / business from last 5 years in this state.

    Different certificates for education and employment – For giving the citizenship of Jharkhand state the govt had copied the rules and regulations as per the Bihar and Madhya Pradesh state and have implemented their policies here as well. System to get the residential certificate Jharkhand has been copied by the Bihar govt for the applicant who wants employment here and the rule of necessary domicile certificate Jharkhand in educational institution has been taken from the Madhya Pradesh local policies.

    Problem Due to the Half Survey – The process of land survey have not been processed from after the year of 1932. After this duration in 1972 the survey had started again which has not completed yet. The peoples get the benefits of certificate if the survey becomes successfully and till now all the household automatically added on the list of citizens here.

    About the Domicile Certificate in Jharkhand through e-District Service Online
    The state govt has the real front-end system where the government and consumer or G2C holds the process for various kinds of services. The plan for the e-district program come into existence in the order to improve the experience and to increase the efficiency of various district level departments for providing the service to the citizens of state without of any treble. Under the scheme the govt has established the citizens service center which works on the district, tehsil and sub division level along with the block levels. The department will set their common service canter (CSC) through the village level. In the order to include the services to be made available through the MPP (Mission Mode Projects) following facilities are provided till now:

    Certificates –

    • Income certificate
    • Domicile certificate
    • Caste certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Death certificates

    Licence –

    • Driving license
    • Arms license

    PDS System –

    • Ration Card

    Complaints -

    • Improper values
    • Absent teachers
    • Physician’s unavailability

    RTI -

    • Information Receiving Online
    • Filing application to get information

    Other e - governance projects, adding –

    • Registration
    • Land - records
    • Driving license

    These all services can get through the e-district program of state. Here you can check the information the way to get the residential certificate in Jharkhand state. Check the below given complete information.

    How to Get Residential Certificate in Jharkhand
    The caste certificate application form can get for two purposes following purposes:

    1. Educational purpose
    2. Employment purpose

    Both application from are available through the official website of Ranchi state page of http://ranchi.nic.in/genform.htm where the complete format has been uploaded in PDF mode. This system is also connected through the CSC where applicants can make their registration and to get the domicile certificate in Jharkhand state. The application form also has been uploaded through IT team of state on the http://www.jharkhand.gov.in web portal. However the registration form has been also given through the e-Governance official portal of http://www.indg.in where it is uploaded by the NIC team on http://www.indg.in/e-governance/forms/91d93e930916902921?set_language=hi page section. See the below given process to download the application form and to fill that.

    Download Application –
    Application via Jharkhand state official website
    For both types educational and employment – http://www.jharkhand.gov.in/Forms/form_resid.pdf
    Name:  jharkhand domicile from official website.jpg
Views: 53518
Size:  87.1 KB

    Application via Ranchi Official Website –
    For education purpose – http://ranchi.nic.in/pdf/resi_cert_edu.pdf
    Name:  jharkhand domicile for educational .jpg
Views: 25041
Size:  55.4 KB

    For employment purposes – http://ranchi.nic.in/pdf/resi_cert_emp.pdf
    Name:  jharkhand domicile for employment .jpg
Views: 28662
Size:  49.8 KB

    Required Documents –
    After getting the application form you must have to attach some documents as the mention below. Candidates are suggested to attach the copies of documents after the attesting them through any authorized and state / central govt officer.

    Affidavit from court

    Educational qualification documents

    Copy of khatiyan

    Rent receipt of revenue department

    Voter id card / ration card copy

    Date of birth certificate

    Parents affidavit for the child’s age below 18

    Passport size photos of applicant

    Proof for the relationship between owner of khatiyan and applicant

    Educational certificate for 10 years in state

    Application Filling process –
    After downloading the application form candidates have to fill it with their complete information. Candidates are suggested to fill the registration form in fair and clear mode. Do not make cutting on it and do not let empty of any section on form. See the below given details what all you need to fill on it:
    First middle and last name of applicant with gender

    • Date of birth
    • Contact number / mobile number
    • Complete address with district
    • Post office and pin code number
    • Municipal cooptation name
    • Current complete address of applicant
    • Panchayat information
    • Name / father’s name and village name
    • Relative information with name, DOB and relation
    • Educational qualification details
    • Duration of living in Jharkhand state
    • Property information of applicant
    • Why applicant needs domicile certificate
    • Educational qualification certificate details

    After filing the complete application form visit to any of the CSC, Prgya Kendra (Pragya Center) and submit it with all of documents copy. Candidate also has to pay the required fees in the office. Also the applicants are suggested to take the acknowledgment slip through the office staff to get your certificate and future assistance.

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    Sir I am from Bihar but my father is employed as a teacher in jharkhand for 20 yesrs,I am also did my schooling from jharkhand ,can I get my residential certificate from jharkhand, what is the process,,?

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    No you can't apply for here's resident until you provide khatiyan copy.

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    N eha paswan d/o sadanand paswan

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    I took birth in Bihar...but after that I came to Ranchi and started my studies and completed intermediate from Ranchi College.... Still I am studying in bsc part in Ranchi...but I can't apply for state govt jobs as per domicile policy....Please give me solution that how can I take benefits of domicile policy

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    Hey I am sunil,my father is working in jharkhand in central gov job from 1980.
    But I done my high school from uttar Pradesh in 2015.my father has own land in jharkhand from 2002. Can I apply for residential certificate for job.

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    Sir I am SCS vle how upload for resistance income

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    Sir I am SCS vle how upload for resistance income form

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    Sir , what is the difference between domicile certificate and residential certificate?

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    my certificate was lost in bus. what to now. i have submitted my complaint to the nearest police station of that place. how can i get the duplicate copy.

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