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    Delhi Online Land Record ROR Khata Khatoni Mutation and Land Acquisition dolr.nic.in

    Section of Govt Revenue Department (dolr.nic.in)

    Facility Name How to Get Online Land Records, ROR, Khata, Khatuni, Digital Map, Girdawari, Mutation, Plot Book and Land Acquisition in Delhi

    Official Home http://dolr.nic.in/comp_land_records.htm

    The citizens of Delhi now can get their property land record online for their each property. They also can get the identity unique number for separate land. You just one click will provide your khatauni, Khasra, girdawari (surveyorship), field book, mutation, plots and their owners information. The attested copy of land records will get through the concerned office only. Southern district has been the introduction of computerization of land records (CLR). Yet in all this division of NIC software Indraprastha 'Bhulekh' Khera Dabur, Smspur Khalsa, Surkpur, Kajipur, Sherpur, Surhedha and Kdkdi Nahar village of computerization has been completed. Work is also underway in the Kapashedha subdivisions. The official said that it will be continued khatoni being computerized. It will not be wrong in the land records. Litigations and disputes over land will decline. Khatoni related to land, issuance copies of mutations occurring in Fard and stop corruption.

    With proper computerization of land records in the rural area development planning will work correctly. Infrastructure and environmental development will work well. Computerized land records at all will be available online at the registrar's office, as well as the rates of land in rural areas as you can begin the process of mutation. The software streams in the Delhi Land Reforms Act under various important details of the report and action will be recorded. The system is based on modifying the rules of land revenue record will be updated continuously.

    Land records may be issued a certified copy of the digitized map. Availability of irrigation, natural disaster, consolidation or transfer of ownership, land division, land acquisition; lease included in the database will record the change. Annual records will be digitally set the collection of land revenue, cropping patterns, like many others, including the right to enter details will help in preparing documents. Better planning of villages being digitized map, identify the number of measles related assets will not be any confusion.

    The project CLR (computerization of land records) was established in the year of 1988 1989. This is a complete grant-in-aid service which has provided through the state government of Delhi with the 100 percent information. In the main object the government has tried to focus to provide the each person their land records under the ROR (records of rights). These ROR are available for peoples in reasonable price. The scheme has a great infrastructure with the online management system.

    Under this project the each tehsil / taluk / block along with the sub divisional level has provided the 100 percent financial and economical help fund to setup the computer centers along with in the state level to monitor the sale works with to maintain the dope data. Also the revenue department of Delhi holds time to time training for the employees and programmes of awareness regarding to the online software to get the land records.

    Purpose of Online Land Record by Department of Land Recourses Delhi
    • Each person can get their ROR with the complete details of land owner in low rate.
    • Making communication between the revenue dept and common person with transparent way
    • Providing all information with speed and accuracy for every property to owner

    From where the get copy of ROR
    Under the CLR scheme the revenue department had made their data center to Land Record Information Systems Division, NIC, CGO Complex, New Delhi there is also a State Unit running in Delhi, Players's Building. From here the citizens can get their all the information under the Delhi Land Reforms Act 1954 and this system will provide all kinds of facility to citizens. Visit to the official page link http://dolr.nic.in/comp_land_records.htm and get all the details.

    For more help regarding to the online land records in Delhi Mail us or submit your comment below in Reply to Thread option. You also can submit your query in Ask Question section and we will provide you complete assistance without of any cost.

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    Can tenant has right to know about landlord mutation

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    9505 gali mata wali tokri walan delhi

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    Please share the khasra no k1 block mohan garden uttam nagar new delhi-110059

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    Please share Khasra no 416 Laxmi Bihar Burari Delhi 110084

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    where i can search the land records online by name in delhi.

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    I search my land record Delhi

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    Khasra no 271 min, sahibabad , village daulatpur current status in name of anand jindal

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    Ram phal muskil no 34 21/2 39/9 39/10 39/11

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    Shalimar bag west delhi

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