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    www.aghp.cag.gov.in How to Check GPF Balance Himachal Pradesh Statement Download and New Admission Process

    The accountant general Himachal Pradesh (महालेखाकार हिमाचल प्रदेश) was established their office in year 1900. The main building was started in Shimla where right now office is working with their vision to provide all kinds of help related to the accounts of their state employees. In the starting year the department was combined with the AG Punjab (एजी पंजाब) but after the year of 1947 (freedom) the department had made their own setup for work. In year of 1969 the AG Shimla (एजी शिमला) was started their separate work to give the services for citizens in state. The AG HP (Accountants General Himachal Pradesh महालेखाकार हिमाचल प्रदेश) works under the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India - भारत के नियंत्रक और महालेखा परीक्षक). All the AG departments in India work under the CAG and the dept works as head for them. It works under the order rule of 1947 / Article 149 and provides the facility related to the auditing and accounting for state. The department is responsible to holds all kinds of process and activities in state for accounting and audit (लेखा और लेखा परीक्षा). The CAG is also responsible to maintain all kinds of activities by the Accountant General department under the 1971 Act for all states. The AG HP has the work frame for accounts and finance related services (वित्त सेवा) and it gives their report to CAG every year as per the provisions. In the department’s function it works in two parts, Audit (हिसाब-किताब की जांच) and Accounts & Entitlement Office (लेखा एवं हकदारी कार्यालय - A&E) and it has their official website www.aghp.cag.gov.in. See the both of section works process and the way to get all details regarding to your GPF account and the statement.

    Functions of Accountants General Himachal Pradesh AGHP
    (महालेखाकार हिमाचल प्रदेश एजी के कार्य)
    Works of Audit Section (लेखा परीक्षा अनुभाग का काम) –
    The department of AG HP works mainly in two parts one for Audit Office and second is Accounts & Entitlement Office (A&E). The audit department (लेखापरीक्षा विभाग) works for the receipts and expenditure (प्राप्ति और व्यय) for the state government. It also provides the facility of auditing for all the companies under the state government along for the statutory corporations (सांविधिक निगमों), all kinds of boards in state and autonomous sections (स्वायत्त वर्गों) of Himachal Pradesh under the 1971 of Act. The departments is also responsible to maintain all kinds of govt schemes and projects (योजनाओं और परियोजनाओं) for central govt and state govt. along with the department of under the Himachal Pradesh the AG HP is also responsible to works for the undertaking firms and organizations (उपक्रम कंपनियों और संगठनों). The department takes the audit report (लेखापरीक्षा रिपोर्ट) and works to submit it in CAG for next step. The AGHP had also work structure under the audit section for urban local areas and Panchayati raj areas (शहरी स्थानीय क्षेत्रों और पंचायती राज क्षेत्रों), where the dept audit section gives the inspection facility also. The AG HP as one more section with the name of A&E see the below given details for work of it.

    Works of Accounts & Entitlement Section (लेखा एवं हकदारी धारा का काम) –
    The accounts and entitlement section office (खाते और पात्रता खंड कार्यालय) under the accountants general of Himachal Pradesh is a big responsibility in which the departments has total fifteen treasuries (पंद्रह कोषागारों) and a different section to handle the works of public division and other for the forest section. The AG department has a big structure for their A&E section work. The department works for all kinds of finance / accounts related services for all like to preparation (तैयारी), maintaining (बनाए रखने), solving the issues for state govt employees (राज्य सरकार के कर्मचारियों के लिए मुद्दों को सुलझाने), giving the final payment and authentication (अंतिम भुगतान और प्रमाणीकरण), and handling all kinds of process related to the pension and schemes for pensioners (पेंशनरों के लिए पेंशन और योजनाओं से संबंधित प्रक्रिया के सभी प्रकार से निपटने). See the below given following works information by the department for the entire subscriber in state.

     Preparation of Accounts (खातों की तैयारी) – The department holds all kinds of process related to the monthly civil accounts (मासिक सिविल खाता) of all subscribers. The section gives the annual transaction information (वार्षिक लेनदेन जानकारी) for all kinds of finance and accounts to the holders who are working with the state government.

     Maintenance Works (रखरखाव कार्य) – The section is also responsible to maintain all the General Provident Fund (सामान्य भविष्य निधि) GPF accounts in state for all account holders. It gives the details related to the all the loans (ऋण) which has been taken by any of the under govt working employee. The department also gives the permission related to the load and advance (लोड और अग्रिम) from the GPF.

     Issuance System (जारी करने की प्रणाली) – This section also works for the issuance of various kinds of slips related to the gpf accounts of subscribers. The section gives the freedom to check the all kinds of balance sheet (बैलेंस शीट) for loan and fund (ऋण और निधि). After paying the loan which has taken from account it provides the No Dues Certificate (अदेयता प्रमाणपत्र NDC) after the recovery by AG HP.

     Final Payment and Authentication (अंतिम भुगतान और प्रमाणीकरण) – The section also works for the all kinds of other benefits after retirement (सेवानिवृत्ति के बाद लाभ). It gives the option to make final payment to all account holders. Under the AG HP section of A&E GPF subscriber can get the pension facility (पेंशन सुविधा) after their retirement in which they can use and take the benefits of various kinds of schemes. The retired employee (सेवानिवृत्त कर्मचारी) of state govt of Himachal Pradesh can get the services for pension to ex-members of legislature (विधायिका के पूर्व सदस्य), pension scheme for pension and their families (पेंशन और उनके परिवारों के लिए पेंशन योजना), death-cum-retirement gratuity and commutation & proceeds of pension (पेंशन और उनके परिवारों के लिए पेंशन योजना). All the function related to the GPF and Pension holds by this section.

     Pension Contribution (पेंशन अंशदान) – The HP department of AG is giving a scheme which known as “Contributory Pension Scheme (अंशदायी पेंशन योजना)”. This scheme provides you various kinds of facilities to save the money and time.

    How to Get GPF Balance, Statement Missing Check and Loan Details
    (जीपीएफ शेष राशि प्राप्त करने के लिए, विवरण गुम चेक और ऋण विवरण)
    The employees who are working with the state government of Himachal Pradesh are able to check their General Provident Fund GPF related all the information through the official website of www.aghp.cag.gov.in. Here we are going to let you know complete process to check your data in website like the balance checking, statement download process, missing checking system and loan / advance (शेष की जाँच, स्टेटमेंट डाउनलोड करने की प्रक्रिया, लापता जाँच प्रणाली और ऋण / अग्रिम) which you had took from department through your GPF Account. See the mention below step by step process for it.

    Step Online –
    Click to the below given page where you have to enter some information as per the step two.
    Name:  gpf hp 1.jpg
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Size:  57.0 KB

    Step two –
    Select the series code on the pull down menu and enter your GPF Number and Employee Pin (जीपीएफ संख्या और कर्मचारी पिन), for example the Series code like HP05 AGR and GPF No 1234. After this click to the submit option. Then your profile will come.

    Step Three –
    The employees are able to get their newest April – March 2013. In the profile the employees are able to download their statement, GPF Balance status, missing checking, loans and advance details.

    How to Make New Registration / Admission for GPF
    (नए पंजीयन / जीपीएफ के लिए एडमिशन कैसे बनाने के लिए)
    Click to the below given page for new employees who had joined the any of department under the government in Himachal Pradesh state:
    Name:  gpf hp 2.jpg
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Size:  58.4 KB
    After clicking on photo you can check the page where you need to enter following details:

    • Employee’s complete name (कर्मचारी का पूरा नाम)
    • Employee’s date of birth (जन्म के कर्मचारी की तारीख)
    • Department reference number where you are working (आप काम कर रहे हैं जहां विभाग संदर्भ संख्या)

    After giving the following above mention information in page click to the submit option and proceed for next step where you have to select your password and user id.
    The registration will goes on the department where after the approval you can access on your account. The department will provide you the profile where you can check all the details related to your fund.

    How to Make Final Payment in AG HP
    (एजी हिमाचल प्रदेश में अंतिम भुगतान कैसे करें)
    Click to the below given page where you have to select your series code of your department and then GPF number with employee pin. After entering these details you can click to the submit button and can submit your request for the final payment of your amount in GPF money.
    Name:  gpf hp 3.jpg
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    How to Check the Pension Balance via AG HP Official Website
    (एजी हिमाचल प्रदेश के सरकारी वेबसाइट के माध्यम से पेंशन राशि की जांच करने के लिए)

    After the retirement the department gives the facility to check the pension fund online through their online website of www.aghp.cag.gov.in. Click to the below page and enter your employee name with the date of retirement. The page will redirect on the section where you can check monthly the complete details regarding to your all pension payments.
    Name:  gpf hp 4.jpg
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Size:  33.1 KB

    Returning Pension System (पेंशन प्रणाली रिटर्निंग):

    • The process can done for those employees who don’t have service book
    • For the employees with the wrong payment fixation or non recording in the service book
    • For the employees in case of non qualifying
    • In case of payment fixation on the provisional bases

    How to Download Application Forms in AG Himachal Pradesh
    (एजी हिमाचल प्रदेश में आवेदन फार्म डाउनलोड करने के लिए)
    The applicants who wants to make any kinds of changes can get the application forms through the below given links. If you need any application form just copy and paste the link in your web browser and download it.

    GPF Accounts Related Application Forms (जीपीएफ संबंधित आवेदन पत्र लेखा) –

    • Download Final Payment (अंतिम भुगतान) Application Form for GPF HP – http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/PF_FinalPayment.pdf
    • Download Nominee Final Payment (नामांकित अंतिम भुगतान) Application Form of GPF HP - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/FinalPayment_nomination.pdf
    • Download Advance Payment Request (अग्रिम भुगतान अनुरोध) Application form from Account - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/GpfAdvance.pdf
    • Download Payment Withdrawal (भुगतान वापसी) Application Form from Account - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/GPFWithdrawal.pdf
    • Download Nomination Application (नामांकन आवेदन) form of Payment - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/NominationForm.pdf

    Pension Accounts Application Forms (पेंशन आवेदन पत्र लेखा) –

    • Application for all pension (सभी पेंशन) related - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/ALLPension%20_Forms.pdf
    • Application for nomination of retirement gratuity (सेवानिवृत्ति उपदान का नामांकन) - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/PenGratuityNom.pdf
    • Application to give the family details (परिवार विवरण) - http://aghp.cag.gov.in/forms/PenFORM3.pdf

    How to Submit Complaint for GPF and Pension in Himachal Pradesh AG
    (हिमाचल प्रदेश एजी में जीपीएफ के लिए शिकायत और पेंशन जमा करने के लिए)
    The department is also giving the facility to submit your online grievance / complaint (शिकायत). You can submit any kind of issue which you are having with your GPF account or with pension as like not getting the fund, can check the details for your loan or any pension problem. Click to the below given page first and enter the information with the as per given options:
    Name:  gpf complaint.jpg
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Size:  46.2 KB

    Application filling process (आवेदन प्रक्रिया भरने) –

    • Applicant’s name (आवेदक का नाम)
    • Applicant’s post (आवेदक का पद)
    • Complete residence address (पूरा घर का पता)
    • E-mail ID and mobile number (ई मेल आईडी और मोबाइल नंबर)
    • Select the category of your complaint (अपनी शिकायत की श्रेणी का चयन करें)
    • Select the series code (श्रृंखला कोड का चयन करें)
    • Enter you GPF Account Number (सामान्य भविष्य निधि खाता संख्या दर्ज करें)
    • Write the subject for your complaint (अपनी शिकायत के लिए विषय लिखें)
    • Fill your complaint not more than in 500 words (शिकायत भरें)

    Click to the submit option after filling the application form you complaint will submit on the official website of www.aghp.cag.gov.in and the dept will contact you regarding to your issues. You can also check the status of your complaint in http://aghp.cag.gov.in/ComplaintStatus.asp page where you have to enter you complaint number and need to click on the “Get the Status (स्थिति प्राप्त करें)” option.

    Important Instruction
    (महत्वपूर्ण निर्देश)
    š The GPF and Pension facility has given by the official website www.aghp.ca.gov.in only so do not use any other website to check any kind of your fund related information.

    š The account number and pin is your personal private things so do not share this with anyone due to the security reasons.

    š After using your gpf account safely logout it and close complete web browser.

    š www.examresultinfo.com website had just given the way to check your GPF and Pension, the staff is not providing any kind of soft or hard copy for your any kind of account.

    š For help regarding to your to GPF and pension you can contact to your department or can submit your complaint as per the above mention process.

    š For online mail help you can send mail in web admin [email protected] or can call in number 2652428 after using the STD code number of HP state.

    š For more any kind of help by our staff send your mail in [email protected] and register on this website.

    Here we had provided you complete details now register on this website if you want any kind of help from live helpline team. Click to Google +1 Like Button and Support Us!

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    Dear Sir, I need my 3 months salary slip for Home loan so How to download my pay slips, I am working In HP government Job. And I also need my total GPF balance is this download slips and statement will be valid if i apply for loan or I have to download these documents and verify them department?

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    1. For print out of three months salary slip,go to web page of your departmental or name of organisation and under department you select salary slip print out (he has not given details of department under which he is working), again you will be asked for login id and pass word for print out of salary slip, if u have , then u can get print out of any months or year, otherwise approach your department for same. You will get salary slips for desired months.

    2. Down loading GPF status, visit http://www.aghp.cag.gov.in/ then under this you have be again with id and password to see your GPF status and print of of same. So follows the simple 2-3 steps get your pay slips and gpf status within 2 min.

    Thank you

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    rajneesh katoch

    general provident fund Himanchal pradesh

    I am working in government department in HP so what is procedure to get general provident fund balance online?

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    ERI Staff Team
    Respected User,

    The team has given the complete step by step system in above section. Read the complete information which has provided after the great research and through the departmental help. If you have more query then contact us again.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________
    If you need more help please register on this website and get live online chat help via our staff. You can also add us in your gmail chat list via [email protected] for live experts help.

    Click Google +1 Like Button and Support Us!

    We Understand Your Problem !! We works for your Satisfaction !! Our Charges is your Smile

    ERI Staff

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    mahender paul

    gpf statement

    To check my gpf statement

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    I want to check my balance sheet for the year 2013-2014 GPF HP0958103

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    I Des Raj Chaudhary GPF account No. 11386 my PIN No. misplaced anywhere so i cannot able to check my GPF balance, so kind advice me how i get my PIN no now.

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    Unregistered ramesh chand
    Check my gpf statement

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    Sir, I am Bhanu Prakash having my GPF subscribe No. HP08 14817 but till date employee's GPF PIN No is not issued to me. Earlier it was told that due to some technical problem it is not generated yet and shall be intimated later. Requested to kindly issue me my GPF PIN No and intimate on my Email address i.e [email protected] please.

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