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Thread: jhr.nic.in/csc How to Get Caste Certificate in Jharkhand Online from e-Nagrik Seva Official Website

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    e-Nagrik Seva Officer

    jhr.nic.in/csc How to Get Caste Certificate in Jharkhand Online from e-Nagrik Seva Official Website

    The e-Nagrik Seva (इ-नागरिक सेवा) one of the best services of Jharkhand (झारखण्ड) has the facility to giving various online services to the state living citizens. It is kind of software which has the complete system to get the application form and make their registration for various kinds of certificates in state. The e-nagrik seva gives online form submission options to get the certificate of caste (जाती प्रमाणपत्र), death (मृत्यु प्रमाणपत्र), birth (जन्म प्रमाणपत्र), income (आय प्रमाणपत्र), and address. It gives the interface also for tracking and checking the system for of application form which they had submitted in Jharkhand. It helps you to get all the certificate services in one roof which you can use in various places. Along with the certificate it gives the help to submit your wimax bill and online safe payment gateway for railway ticket booking. The citizens of Jharkhand can also use the flight booking option via this website. The e-nagrik seva is the one of most fast and 24x7 working website so here we are going to let you know that how can you use this software to get your certificate and how to get the caste certificate in Jharkhand via jhr.nic.in/csc official website.

    The caste certificate (जाती प्रमाणपत्र) is one of the most important documents which work almost everywhere to get the various kinds of reservation and services. The certificate having citizens can use it to get admission in various colleges / institutes / universities along with it also help to give the relaxation in fees. The candidates who want to join any job / recruitment can also use this certificate for various purposes like for quota reservation (कोटा आरक्षण), relaxation (छूट) in fees and upper age limit etc.

    The caste certificate also gives the encouragement and various kinds of helps through the schemes by the central and state government like financial help for education, residence etc. The Jharkhand government makes sure that each candidate who is having the certificate will get the equal rights as per general / common man (समानता का अधिकार). The govt allot the caste certificate for the candidates who belong from scheduled caste (अनुसूचित जाति), scheduled tribes (अनुसूचित जनजाति) and other backward classes (अन्य पिछड़ा वर्ग). Through the certificate citizens can get the loan in low interest rates for any purpose along with this the department of caste certificate and welfare Jharkhand gives the self employment facility (स्वरोजगार की सुविधा). In the self employment the candidates can get help by the money or in other mode to open their own business (as per their eligibility). The Jharkhand state government is giving all the general rights and equal growth (समान विकास) through this service. As per the Indian constitution (भारतीय संविधान) the certificate holders (प्रमाणपत्र धारक) are able to use all kinds of reservation as per the rules and regulation.

    However we already know that the state Jharkhand was established in 15th of November 2000 which has their capital Ranchi. Right now Mr. Syed Ahmed (सैयद अहमद) is working as the governor and Mr. Hemant Soren (हेमंत सोरेन) as chief minister in state. In the area the state has 15th place with approximately 80 thousands square kilometer. It follows the animistic saran relation and most of the peoples belong from Munda, Ho, Santhal and Oraon community (मुंडा, हो, संथाल और उरांव समुदाय). In the spiritually way people worships to lord Dharmesh (धर्मेश) along with the Chala Pacho Devi (चाला पचो देवी). Mostly citizen of Jharkhand state use the Munda language (मुंडा भाषा) in their general use. There is also different available in state for each community. The Jharkhand state has 18 districts in their governance however it was the part of Bihar (south side) in past.

    Here we will let you know that how can you apply for new caste certificate in Jharkhand state for scheduled caste SC / scheduled tribes ST / other backward classes OBC. See the mention below step by step process to get this service by using the official portal of e-nagrik seva of state.

    How to Get Caste Certificate in Jharkhand via e-Nagrik Seva
    (ई नागरिक सेवा के माध्यम से झारखंड में जाति प्रमाणपत्र कैसे प्राप्त करें)
    Facility to make the caste certificate online has provided through the official website of e-nagrik seva jhr.nic.in/csc. On the official website home page option has given to download the application form. It also can get through the official website of Jharkhand state www.jharkhand.gov.in in the forms download section. Through getting the application form via the nagrik seva (नागरिक सेवा) official website you can submit it to your local concerned office or in SDM office. See the below given step by step process to download the application form and to fill it with required details system:

    Required Documents:

    1. Passport Size Photo for application form (पासपोर्ट साइज़ फोटो)
    2. Address proof like electricity bill, voter id card, phone bill or bank passbook (पता सबूत जैसे बिजली का बिल, वोटर आईडी कार्ड, फोन बिल या बैंक पासबुक)
    3. In case don’t have all of above mention then panchayat certificate for address (अगर कोई दस्तावेज न हो तो पंचायत का प्रूफ)
    4. If any family member having caste certificate then copy of it (अगर किसी परिवार सदस्य के पास जाती प्रमाणपत्र है तो उस की प्रतिलिपि)
    5. If don’t have certificate to anyone then get the panchayat proof for caste (यदि जाती दस्तावेज न हो तो पंचायत का प्रूफ)
    6. Age proof like school document, voter id card (आयु प्रमाण जैसे स्कूल सर्टिफिकेट, वोटर आईडी कार्ड)
    7. Copy of khatiyan (खतियान की प्रति)
    8. Documents of land (जमीन के दस्तावेज)

    Step 1 (प्रथम चरण) –
    Visit to the official website and select the option of downloads application forms where you can find the section to get the caste certificate. It can be get and download in PDF file format which you have to get in printout (hard copy) to fill and submission. (

    OR (या)

    Step 2 (द्वितीय चरण) –
    Click to the below given page and download application form now, take the printout of it and see the next step to fill it:
    Name:  caste jharkhand 1.jpg
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Size:  97.3 KB

    Step 3 (तृतीय चरण) –
    Now fill the application form with the required details as per the below given following:

    • Write the address of concerned local office or SDM office where you want to send it. (पहले संबंधित स्थानीय कार्यालय या एसडीएम कार्यालय का पता लिखें जहाँ आप इसे भेजना चाहते हैं)
    • Attach your passport size photo (अपने पासपोर्ट आकार के फोटो संलग्न करें)
    • Your full name (आपका पूरा नाम)
    • Your father’s name (अपने पिता का नाम)
    • Complete temporary address with mohalla, post office, thana (मोहल्ला, डाकघर, साथ पूरा अस्थायी पते थाना)
    • Complete permanent address with mohalla, post office, thana district (मोहल्ला, डाकघर के साथ पूरा स्थायी पता, थाना जिले)
    • Name of caste (जाति के नाम)
    • Copy of khatiyan (खतियान की प्रति)
    • Land related documents (भूमि संबंधित दस्तावेज)

    Step 4 (चतुर्थ चरण) –
    After filling all these information on the application form leave the rest of form for panchayat work and office work. The next part of application form process will holds by the block development officer (प्रखंड विकास पदाधिकारी) and they will attach your one photo on it.

    Step 5 (पंचम चरण) –
    The caste certificate can get in same day through the office or you can download it online also. The official website is giving the option to download copy of your caste certificate in Jharkhand through using the nagrik seva website.

    NOTE – The caste certificate is an important document which can get only once from office so do not use or submit your original copy anywhere. You can use your caste certificate in Jharkhand in photo copy of attested mode.

    How to Check Application Status
    (आवेदन की स्थिति की जाँच कैसे करें)
    To check the status of application form the official portal of nagrik seva is giving option. The applicants who had submitted their registration form regarding to get the certificate in state Jharkhand can use their application number to track their status of form.

    Click to the below given page and check the status now, you may have to use:

    • Acknowledgment Number (पावती क्रमांक / रसीद नंबर)
    • Security photo code (फोटो सुरक्षा अंक)
    • Click to View Certificate Details (प्रमाण पत्र के विवरण के लिए क्लिक करें)

    Name:  caste jharkhand 2.jpg
Views: 160544
Size:  26.4 KB

    How to Download Caste Certificate Online in Jharkhand
    (झारखंड में जाति प्रमाणपत्र कैसे ऑनलाइन डाउनलोड करें)
    The official website is also giving the option to download copy of your certificate through the option in home page. The website has the section where you have to give some of information regarding to your application form to download it.

    Click to below given page to download your caste certificate now, you may have to use following details also:

    • Acknowledgement number (पावती संख्या)
    • Acknowledgement date (पावती तारीख)
    • Photo security code (फोटो सुरक्षा कोड)
    • Click to submit and download certificate (प्रमाण पत्र प्रस्तुत करने और डाउनलोड करने के लिए क्लिक करें)

    Name:  caste jharkhand 3.jpg
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Size:  64.3 KB

    Here we had provided you complete details regarding to get your documents but if you need more help you can contact to department or our staff through sending mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com or register on this website to get live online help.

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    deepak kujur please give my certificate

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    how to get the caste certificate

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    How to get caste certificate in jharkhand if i am scheduled in west bengak but permanently residing in jharkhand

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    Gautam kumar bauri


    Gautam kumar bauri How to apply for caste certificate

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    susen oraon
    Mera income certificate just bans dijiye

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    The e certificate that we download from the sites, do they have same value like the original one?

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    where to get the application form for the caste certificate in jharkhand and how to apply for it.

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    Mughe income bana ke digiye jald kuiki shkolship ka form 30 thak hai

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