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Thread: Ration Card online in Rajasthan

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    Ration Card online in Rajasthan

    Hello sir, i am living in rajasthan from past 4 years would i will be able to get the ration card. give details to get it online.

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    The applicant are required to submit the application form online as the facility is provided by the Rajasthan State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. (RSFCSC) from their official website http://www.rsfcsc.org. It provides the various services apart from Ration Card to their citizens Government of getting Ration card by online mode.

    The online submission of application form for Ration Card are also be provided by the e-mitra website. The official website of e-mitra is www.emitra.gov.in from where you can apply for the Ration Card online.

    The process of downloading the Application form for Ration Card in Ration Card from e-mitra is given below:

    • Visit to the official website http://emitra.gov.in/#_
    • Click on the Download Forms or link http://emitra.gov.in/DownloadForms.jsp
    • Click on Sl. no. 31 i.e. Application for New Ration Card
    • Take a print out of the application form
    • Fill all the column of the application form and

    Submit the form with all the required documents to the concerned office of the jurisdictional area where you resides.

    The applicant are required to attest the application form by the head of Office in case of employees and by MLA/Municipal Commisioner/Gazetted Officer.
    After submission of form and relevant documents, the concerned office will provide a receipt and the date on which the applicant are required to collect the Ration Card.

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    My name is Rajni yadav But ration card wrong printing name Rajnesh yadav so pls. right name update.
    ration card no.310 ration card mamber Virender kumar s/o Babulal yadav
    Virender kumar w/o Rajni Yadav

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    Kishan singh yadavs/o bhagwan sing yadav from tijaraphatak alwar.

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    Food Security Act and Ration Card under PDS by Food and Civil Supplies Department

    The Rajasthan state government started the process to provide the computerized ration cards through the help of food and civil supplies department. After submitting the application the citizens can get their computerized ration card copy within 7 to 21 days duration. The food and civil supplies officer will provide the ration card after verification and financial survey of family in Rajasthan. After collecting all the information according to the eligibility of all family members the ration card is given under the below poverty line, above poverty line or antyodaya anna yojana. Under the Public Service Guarantee Act (lok seva guarantee adhiniyam) the families can get their ration cards after submitting request in the concerned office within fixed duration by department. The citizens can get food grains such as rice, wheat, sugar or kerosene in low price apart from the market price through the national food security act.

    See the important key features of food security act under which the citizens have provided various services and facility to get the food grains:

    Anganwadi center and access to the school
    It should be clear that the anganwadi center would establish a 500 meters radius. Similarly under the law of the right to education school should be arranged. It is important to make clear that any woman to abort or dead at birth will not be deprived of her nutrition and maternity entitlements. Homelessness, disability or employment for affected children and women migrating families are deprived of rights.

    In case of disaster
    Natural disaster, ethnic or sectarian violence or in any way conflict with the protection of the rights of children and women's nutrition and they will be provided complete nutrition.

    Gas Connection
    Responsibility of cooking groups / chefs gas connections will be made available. The gas should get them at a discount.

    Right of every child and woman
    According to the national food safety law every child and woman shall have the right nutrition. It is important that the village / township / town settlements are surveyed every family, so as to identify eligible children and women. Maternal and child nutrition security cards children and women / should be linked to the right to food. The names of all the children and women in the ICDS program should be officially registered. Then it will be taken to ensure that all beneficiaries are identified and reported, according to the legal provisions on service quality were respectful manner.

    Nutrition and maternity rights, especially independent and concurrent evaluation of the program should be arranged. This annual joint review mission (JRM) the provision.

    Social exclusion and discrimination
    Assuming we will create rules that society inclusive of race, gender, creed and direct and indirect discrimination on grounds of economic or social exclusion occurs. Panchayat / local bodies and the responsibility of monitoring mechanism should be made under the law that discrimination-outs serious steps to identify and turn it over.

    Homeless, and plan to drain out of the child
    The law says that every child and every pregnant 14-year-lactating woman get the right nutrition. The Anganwadi, mid-day meal scheme and maternity rights, it should be clear that the homeless children in the rules and the children to flee to the nearest school or get food from Anganwadi respectful manner. This will be arranged for the right to motherhood.

    Variety of food
    The right to food safety and nutrition topics linked to food culture. According to the calculation methods of the community's food consumption should be arranged to be provided nutrition.

    Public Hearing
    Under the mission to improve the implementation of ICDS program, ensuring the participation of the community and the rights of children and women have been made to make the public hearing. In this context, once a year all the settlements on the level of public information and experiences should be public hearing. The lead female representatives of local bodies should be given the freedom to do. Mid-day meal plan will be implemented under the public hearing process.

    Social audit
    National Food Security Act 2013 has now been extended. The law "to live with dignity to the public at affordable prices by ensuring adequate access to quality food and nutrition security in the way of human life cycle and its related or incidental to the provision of subjects "have been applied. This law is important for us with two points

    Integrated Child Development Scheme nutrition component of the program is included in the statute.

    National Food Security Act of 2013 social audit has been provided.

    The social audit in law are mentioned in the context of two important

    1. Which means a process of social auditing of public planning and implementation of any program or scheme collectively is monitored and evaluated." - Chapter 1 (20)

    2. Each local authority or any other authority or body which is authorized by the State Government, fair price shops, TPDS and other welfare schemes from time to time in relation to the functioning of the will or will make social audit and in such manner as may be prescribed by the State Government, shall publicize their findings and will take any necessary action.

    These two points makes sense to study the nutrition program run by the anganwadi, Social audit work to identify malnourished children and maternity entitlements fall under the provision. The Women and Child Development Department for Work (Children and pregnant-lactating women, nutrition) keeping these documents accessible to people or expected to be made publicly available

    Under the ICDS program
    • Pregnant-lactating women and children from the list of registered Anganbadi the register,
    • Attendance register / register
    • Village / anganwadi center field survey Register
    • Nutrition distribution register
    • Increased surveillance register
    • Women eligible for maternity rights

    Mid-day meal scheme, local / school
    • Children from school attendance register,
    • Register mid-day meal,
    • Food ingredients Register / receipt / consumption information

    Increased monitoring
    For the implementation of the National Food Security Act increased monitoring will be necessary to work better. Only than will identify malnourished children in every place. Increased surveillance in this community that can be displayed at the community level should provide growth charts were used.

    Participation and decentralization
    Local community groups and women's groups in improving nutrition arrangements should be included with priority. The food to be prepared to take home their participation in the work and it is completely decentralized.

    Local monitoring system
    PDS National Food Security Act (possibly panchayat level) Vigilance committee system, but for ICDS anganwadi center stage for community monitoring committee / group should be formed. Regularly check the availability of services and their quality. The association GP / ward / local bodies should be taken according to their findings.

    Development Information and Support Center at block level
    Information and assistance with social institutions Centre at block level, which should be applied to people, in case you do not have the right to complain or to help; As well as food security, to motivate children and women in terms of entitlements.

    Under this food security act system with the contribution of public distribution system by food and civil supplies department ration card has been issued for the citizens in Rajasthan. Visit to the below given link and get the complete application process to apply for new
    BPL / APL / AAY ration cards in Rajasthan:

    Click Here for Application of Ration Card > http://www.examresultinfo.com/threads/3206

    Submit new query in "Ask Question" section of this website and we will reply you as soon as possible we can.

    You also can get help via mail or live chat in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com where our team members will reply you as soon as possible.

    NOTE - Register on this website so that after submitting the query you can get notification automatically from us.

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    hello There,
    here is my Ration card number 100301800125 but i didnt get card yet
    please help me out
    R. k Jain

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    Ration card number 332 give me a bpl number

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    Ramsingh saini
    Hello sir I am Ramsingh saini s/o Ramswaroop saini living in gram panchayat bharawanda tehseel sikarai duasa rajasthan. I have not received my ration card please tell me

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    kapil ojha

    ration card

    My kapil lives iin. Mahodra. Mene rationcard secatry ko diya sansodan ke liye lekin usne bapas nahi diya ab mujhe duplicate nikalbana padega mera paisa barbad hua hai

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