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Thread: www.ceowestbengal.nic.in West Bengal Voter ID Card Registration Online Form 6 and Correction Process Online CEO WB EPIC Help Line

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    Voter ID Help Line

    www.ceowestbengal.nic.in West Bengal Voter ID Card Registration Online Form 6 and Correction Process Online CEO WB EPIC Help Line

    The system of Indian Election Commission has the work to provide a fair government for every state. the Chief Election Officer means CEO is the one of part of it which the ECI has established in every state also. However we already known that India is the biggest democracy country in world which has the powerful system to works for constitution. In our country total has 543 parliamentary constituencies who have the right to choose the prime minister. Also the lok sabha is 1st part to start the electoral system. Like the all state national informatics center (NIC) has developed a portal for West Bengal State also. The official page of WB CEO www.ceowestbengal.nic.in is the website who have all the rights in state to hold the process of election in state. Propose of CEO West Bengal is to fill communication gap between common citizen and Election Commission. Under the ECI it controls all the works under the act of 1950 and 1951. The portal has build to keep in mind requirements of common citizens.

    The official website www.ceowestbengal.nic.in has two parts of works first the Administration and second for Citizens. Under the first administrative setup of West Bengal the ECI information CEO details and election related official district list has been provided. While in the citizens services CEO West Bengal provides guideline for there state voters along with the various online facilities. See the both of sections works are mention below.

    Election related Works

    • Providing information of Election commission of India to common person
    • Giving details of Chief Electoral Officer to all common citizens
    • All the works related to election in state
    • Giving the information for Electoral Roll / Voter List for all
    • Information for Political Parties in state
    • Giving the voter id card facility to overseas electors / NRI voters
    • Showing the election map
    • Showing results for all winning parties online
    • All the past election results
    • Passing the bills and act / laws for election
    • Publishing the press release by ECI
    • Data of all past roll revision online for all

    Services for Citizens

    • Information for EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) to all
    • Guideline for voters of state to get all facilities online
    • Facility to search name in voter list of state
    • Taking complaints / suggestions from citizens regarding to work
    • Handling works for roll revision in state
    • Giving application form to get new voter id card form 6
    • Providing information of AC online nearby voter
    • Facility to know the electoral details via SMS in phone
    • Live phone toll free help line service

    How to Get Voter ID Card
    To get the new voter id card in west Bengal you need to take the application form which is available on the official website. However the state don’t have online registration form right now on there official website www.ceowestbengal.nic.in so you need to get the form 6 and need to follow steps as per mention below.

    Z=> First citizens need to go on the official website www.ceowestbengal.nic.in

    Z=> Go in Forms and select the option of Electors Photo Identity Card EPIC

    Z=> Now you can get the application form 6 to submit the request to get new voter id card on http://www.ceowestbengal.nic.in/WriteReadData/UploadedFile/CEOWB_635059545830592849_Form-001.pdf section. Now download application form.

    Process to Fill Application Form 6
    After getting the application form must fill your correct and right information as per the following given details:

    Section A –

    @=> Fill your state name / AC number and name / District name as per the document

    Section B –

    @=> Elector’s Particulars (need to give reason fill for new voter id card in this section)

    @=> After this write your assembly name in the given section to your electoral registration officer

    Section 1 –

    @=> Fill your complete name as per mention on your documents

    Section 2 –
    @=> Leave this section blank because this section is only for those who are already having epic of state.

    Section 3 –
    @=> Write your father’s / mother’s / husband’s name in given box in fair words

    Section 4 –
    @=> Select and tick mark on the gender male / female here

    Section 5 –
    @=> Write your complete date of birth as per the mention on your date of birth certificate or any educational certificate by the education board of wb. In case you don’t have both contact in your panchayat or go to your MP / MLA office as well you can also get the DOB certificate from your municipal corporation department.

    Section 6 (a) –
    @=> Here you may have to give the information of your address and residence like the hose number, street, area, village or town along with the post office, police station and pin code number.

    Section 6 (b) –
    @=> The section is 6b is in Bengal language for those who are not able to fill the form in English

    Section 7 –
    @=> Leave this section blank because this section only for the citizens who had lost there epic and want to get the duplicate voter id card.

    Now in next you need to give the details that from where you are able to collect your voter id card select the nearby office to you and after that fill the date place and make your sign on the bottom of form. Do not fill the next page of form that is only for the official use, leave the rest form blank also note that if you don’t know any information of it so let that section blank also.

    NOTE - CEO Website is going to start online Application form 6 facility to make card online. We will update you soon about this, till then keep visiting on www.examresultinfo.com

    How to Collect Voter ID after Form 6 Submission
    After all these process you may have to submit your card in office of the BLO (Booth Level Officer) or VRC / CSC office. Then the department authorized officer will come for verification of your all information which you had submitted with your form. Once ending these all process you can collect the voter id through the BLO or department will send you it through the self addressed stamped post.

    How to Get Electoral Details in SMS
    The west Bengal CEO also providing the facility to know the electoral details in sms in which you will receive all information in your phone inbox of message. In this you just need to send a sms in 9433633333 number with your voter id card number and the department server will send you the details of your name of Assembly Constituency AC and details of your polling booth. This facility is available round the clock.

    How to Search Name in Voter List
    Citizens who want to know about there name is available in voters list or not can use this facility online. The wb ceo has made a page where you have to give some following information about your location:

    @=> First select the mode through which you want to find your name in list there are two options available state wise and district wise

    @=> Second if you need to select the district wise or AC wise option

    @=> Now select your district name from given menu on the online page

    @=> Now choose the option of search by name or epic card number

    @=> If you had select the name wise write your and any relative name who had card or enter your epic number

    After filling all these process click to the search option and you will be able to find your name in voter list of your area. If you need help then you can get the assistance in BLO to find your card / name in list.

    Contact Details of CEO Wet Bengal
    The department is also running toll free help line number 1950 where you can call any time to get the assistance help live. You can also visit to the head office of CEO via the mention below address:
    Chief Electoral Officer,
    West Bengal 21, N.S Road,
    Citizens are also able to make call in head office via using Phone number (033) 2254 4964, (033) 2231 0850 Fax or can send there fax in number (033) 2231 0840. The dept has also official Email id ceo-election-wb@nic.in OR wbelection@gmail.com. For process of Correction you need to get official help.

    Get Live Help Now Submit Your Comment Below or Write Your Query in “Ask Question” Section. You Also Can Mail Us In contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    list week my voter id card was damage due to the rain and now it has all information removed. nothing is left on card apart from my photo. should i will get new card and how do i get that?

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    now you have to go on ceo office and have to apply after showing your damage card. or do one thing meet with your nearest blo officer he will give you application form to get new card.

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    sir i have card number what i do to get new card should i also have to go in office can't i get this online ??

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    it is good that the number is available on that now contact to your polling booth and get the duplicate card application form through which you will easily get new one.

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    no sir, there is no number as i mention above only my photo is there on it nothing is clear showing because of water.

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    can you see your card number on it. if it is possible then its very easy to get duplicate card in here.

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    Post Non-receive of Voter,s Identity Card

    I have not yet received Voter's Identity Card, although my name has been included in Electoral Role i.e. Voters' List.
    My particulars are given below:

    EPIC No. ZYR1898907
    Address : 77R, R. K. CHATTERJEE ROAD, 1st. FLOOR, FLAT No. 2B, KASBA, KOLKATA- 700042

    How I can get my Voter's Identity Card ?

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    To change photo in electional voter id card

    Pls help,how do i change old photo into new photo in election voter id card in westbengal?

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    Change photo

    I want to change old photo into new photo in election id card. & change address that is printed wrong. But address is right in voter list. so pls help, how do i change old photo into new photo & change that is printed in election voter id card?

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