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Thread: www.ceo.maharashtra.gov.in Maharashtra Voter ID Card Form 6 Registration Online and Application Form via CEO Official Website

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    Voter ID Help Line

    www.ceo.maharashtra.gov.in Maharashtra Voter ID Card Form 6 Registration Online and Application Form via CEO Official Website

    Voting and electing candidate to work for common public is a the right of constitution of India. As per the Indian govt each citizen must have to get a photo id proof though which he can take part in Indian elections. As per the constitution each citizen has right to use his one vote for desire candidate who can solve the general problems.

    Each common person will have to get the voter id card because itís not only a voting card citizens can use this card as there photo id proof anywhere. The voter id card is stands for citizenship it shows that you are respected citizen of India. It can be use for address proof, photo id proof, age details or any other purpose.

    In the state Maharashtra this facility is online through the Chief Electoral Officer CEO under the election commission of India. The ceo has official website http://www.ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/ which have various kinds of works in state. The official website has two section works for election and for voters. Both of section gives the online information and process for various kinds of works. See the following both of section works:

    For Voters of Maharashtra

    • Provides the online facility to get voter id card through the online process.
    • Providing voters helpline for guidance regarding to voter id card
    • Established Voterís Help Centers in state
    • Online process to make voter id card registration
    • Registration for NRI / Overseas citizens of India
    • Providing election map details online
    • Giving information for nearest booth level officer / electoral roll officer in state
    • Providing the facility to submit online complaints for voter id card
    • Providing the facility to search the name in voter list
    • Various kinds of forms to download
    • Facility for claims and objections online for voter id card

    Election Services

    • Department works to provide the laws related to election in state
    • Candidates are able to check there name for election
    • Providing election result for wining and losing candidate in election
    • Giving the information for assembly constituencies for each district
    • Information regarding to the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) which used for election in state
    • All election results for past year and upcoming year election party information
    • Making the connection between voters and CEO Maharashtra
    • Reforms for proposed electoral in state
    • All vidhan sabha elections and lok sabha elections details

    This above given works maintains and holds by the chief electoral officer official website http://www.ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/ in state. To get the details for all these works you may have to visit in official portal. Here we are giving information regarding how can you get the new voter id card in state.

    How to Apply for Voter ID Card via CEO Maharashtra
    The web portal of CEO Maharashtra is giving the facility to there citizens for the take part in process of name submission in new electoral list. In state candidates are able to make there registration and name inclusion in your area voter list. See the following process to make get the application form and how to submit that:

    0=> First citizens will have to go in the official of www.ceomaharashtra.gov.in and select the option of Inclusion Name in Voter List Form 6

    0=> Now you can get the application form http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/forms/FORM%206.pdf download it.

    0=> Fill the application form with your required information like name, fatherís name and home address etc.

    0=> Candidates will also have to submit there all documents as per following with the registration form:

    • Address proof (Ration Card of Maharashtra State or Passport and driving license etc)
    • Date of Birth Certificate (Municipal Corporation birth certificate, MLA / MP sign proof for age, Panchayat / Sarpanch sign proof or 8th / 10th class certificate which must be taken from Maharashtra education board)
    • One family member who is having already voter id card of state
    • Passport size photo

    0=> Applicants will have to attach there all these above given documents with the application form 6

    0=> After filling the application form candidate will have to visit to the Booth Level Officer BLO / Electoral Roll Officer ERO place at nearby you

    0=> The BLO / ERO will visit to your place for verification of your documents and provide you acknowledgement slip

    0=> Applicants can get notification when the voter id card will ready to pick visit to the office and show your receiving slip and collect your card. Through the above mention process you can get your EPIC card in state.

    How to Make Correction in Voter ID Card via CEO Maharashtra
    Various time people face the issues of wrong entry on there EPIC like the name miss match or fatherís name wrong. Some times we got wrong photo on the card. To make the correction in your existing card which have wrong information the ceo Maharashtra has made a process. You need to get the application form and need to fill with your all information. See the below mention process to make particular changes in your EPIC.

    0=> First candidates will have to go on the official website http://www.ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/ and select the forms section.

    0=> Get the application form http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/forms/FORM%208.pdf page and download it.

    0=> Fill the application form with your all information and voter id card number.

    0=> Attach your documents proof for which you want make correction in new card

    0=> Submit the application form in your nearest BLO / ERO office

    0=> BLO / ERO officer will come for verification at your residence show him all documents and give your complete details

    0=> After these steps applicant can get an acknowledgment slip through which he can collect his new card once the process will done by ceo department.

    How to Change Address from Voter ID Card in Maharashtra
    Some times people gets the card with wrong address on it. If any citizen of Maharashtra state having this issue with his card he can use the application for this which is available through the official CEO Portal. Follow the given process below to make correction in your EPIC.

    0=> You need to visit on the official page first http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/

    0=> Select the form section and click to the option of Change Address

    0=> Applicants can get Form 8A via the http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/forms/FORM%208A.pdf link page.

    0=> Fill the application form with your required information as per the application form

    0=> Attach your documents for address proof which you want to change from your already having card.

    0=> Submit the application form with documents to your BLO / ERO office and get receiving.

    0=> The BLO / ERO officer will come at your residence to check your address provide him all documents as you want to change from card.

    0=> After that visit to the BLO / ERO office to collect your card you may have show your receiving slip.

    How to Search Name in Voter List of Maharashtra
    Once you had submitted your application or got your epic in state you can find your name in voter list as well. The ceo Maharashtra official portal is providing this facility online to there citizens so that they can check there name in there area electoral list. See the mention below process that how you can find your name in list:

    Name Search Process
    0=> To get the process of name search or to get the voters details you may have to visit to the official portal http://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in

    0=> Select the option of Search Voterís Details you will get the page

    0=> Fill the following information on the online search page option:

    • Select district name from pull down menu
    • Fill your AC Name from given list
    • Enter the Voterís first name
    • Fill the voterís last name
    • Write the voterís middle name
    • Select the gender of voterís

    0=> In last click to the search option and get list for the state of voter for which you are looking for

    Search Name in Voterís List Process
    0=> Applicants who want to find there name in voter list first may have to visit to the official page of ceo

    0=> Select the option of Search Engine and you can get the page link.

    0=> Select your language in which you want to check your information. There two options are available Search in English or Search in Marathi select one of both.

    0=> On the electoral roll search page you also have to select the option through which you want to check your name. Candidates can select one of ID Wise or Name Wise and click to the Go option.

    0=> If you had selected the Id wise option you can get the page where you need to fill the information as per following:

    • Select district name from list
    • Fill id card number (compulsory to fill)
    • Fill the age details (mandatory to fill)

    0=> After selecting all these information click to the option of search and get the details for your voter id card.

    0=> If you had selected the option of name wise in that case you can get the page

    0=> On the page first select the option through which you want to find there two options available, Assembly wise search and District wise search.

    0=> After selecting one of both options fill the following information to find your name in list:

    • First choose district name
    • Select the assembly name from list
    • Write the last name of voter
    • Fill the first name of voter
    • Write the fatherís or husband name in given section
    • Select the gender
    • Fill the information of age

    0=> After all these process in both click to the search option and you can check your name in your areaís voter list.

    How to Check Status of Claim and Objection of Electoral Roll
    If any candidate had submitted his claim or objection for epic and want to check the status the ceo Maharashtra is providing it online. The citizens who had requested for any kinds of changes on there card can check the progress report here. See the following process to check the claim and objection online in ceo portal:

    0=> Go to the online page of ceo Maharashtra and select the option of Claims and Objection

    0=> Now you can check the page to check status online

    0=> Fill some information as per:

    • Select the district name from given list
    • Fill the name of your assembly
    • You may have to select the part
    • Select the form type from given menu
    • Enter the date on which you had submitted your application

    0=> Applicants can use other option also in which they have to enter there form number / application number.

    0=> There above given all the process is to get the voter id card in state but if you need more help you can contact to the department via the following information:
    Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra
    Mantralaya Mumbai-32
    Phone Number: 22025059
    Fax Number: 22835698

    If you need more experts help leave your comment here or can send mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    my house number is not n426 its n462 someone had wrote it wrong. change it now pls.

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    same issue here also my name is Somalika as on my all documents not Somaleka i need the form thanks.

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    not able to find my name in voter list so give another process for it. or do we are able to get the online voter id card from any website??

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    no this is only official to download and check all things do not use any other websites they are fake.

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    Angry cross connection of serpanch

    in my village those name was registed which people is connect with serpanch & oposite will not register.some 16 year old childerns are get voter id from serpanch.

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    sunil d shivalkar
    my voting card has not came yet

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    cibin kurian matthew
    my election form had been rejected

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    rahin anwar khan
    my address is 29/c/22 shivaji nagar Infornation and i need complete information.

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    Amin shaikh

    form 6

    registration of name

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