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Thread: www.jeevandelhi.gov.in Government Of Delhi How to apply for Domicile certificate

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    www.jeevandelhi.gov.in Government Of Delhi How to apply for Domicile certificate

    Jeevan Delhi revenue department services (domicile certificate)
    Residence certificate is an important document for all the states. The residence certificate proves that the person is staying in a particular place from such a long time. And the person is a permanent resident of that particular place. The residence certificates come in use for various purpose. The certificates are very useful for the educational institutions and job purpose activities. Residence certificate are also useful for obtaining the New Ration Card, Driving Licence, Passport services, voter id card etc.
    Delhi Government started many JEEVAN Centers all overs Delhi Domicile cervices comes under the Revenue department You can read all services through JEEVAN CENTERS from the link below


    Only those applicants are eligible for obtaining the Residence certificate who's parents and guardian are the permanent resident or living for more than 15 years in that particular place. The Resident certificate is issued by the Revenue department of the concerned department.

    To obtain the Resident Certificate some important documents are needed to submit for getting the resident certificate. Important documents mean to be submitted along with the Resident Certificate Application. The documents will proof that the applicant is a permanent resident or staying in a particular place for at least fifteen years. The applicant will show the Ration card, electroll roll, house tax, tax receipt, details or papers of the property which is owned by the applicant's parents or guardian. After the submission of papers and application form an applicant will receive the Domicile or Resident Certificate within 30 days of issuing date by the applicant.
    To know details about domicile certificate and online application from Jeevan center you can check out the link below

    Main Requirment to make domicile certificate through Jeevan center in Delhi are

    1 Applicant Have to duly attested application form from any A class officer
    2 Officer should know applicant from last 3 years
    3 Attested application should be personal basis and it should be done by Under Secretary of Delhi Govt/ Govt of India, any Gazetted Officer holding Class-I post of Delhi Govt/ Govt of India,
    4 Also applicant can attested His or her application form from Magistrate of Superintendent of Police.
    5 Attached a Voter ID card or Rashan card as a address proof
    6 Proof for 3 years stay in Delhi ( like Electricity Bill, Wahter bill, education certificate, House tax etc)
    7 Proof of date of Birth
    8 These all information should be attested by Gazetted Officer
    You can also apply online from http://jeevandelhi.gov.in/portalweb/login/signupaction.do

    But you have to go for verification after that and need all details given above

    A Domicile certificate proves that the person is bearing the certificate which means that he/she is a resident of the particular district or region. This certificate is issued by the state government. The resident certificate is an important document which comes in use for various issues. Having ration card proves that the person is a resident of the state.
    The domicile certificate is very useful for various issues like to open an bank account, passport services, to make ration card etc. This certificate is needed to provide the facilities which is offered by the educational institute and government jobs. The domicile certificate is issued by the District Magistrate.

    To obtain the residence or domicile certificate the applicant need to submit the prescribed application to the District Magistrate. To obtain the domicile certificate one has to submit the application or to be downloaded from the official website. To release the certificate the process take maximum 21 days to issue the domicile certificate after the date of receiving the application from the applicants.

    Important points to be remember:

    To obtain the domicile or residence certificate one has to be submit the application on the prescribed format with following documents which is to be needed.

    An applicant need to present the date of birth(original + photocopy)
    Residence proof copy
    An applicant need to proof that he/she is residing from past 15 years in the particular area.
    An applicant home should comes in district.
    Residence certificate
    Copy of ration card, voter id card, driving licence, passport etc
    All copies should be attested by the class I officer.

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    How to find officer to attested the certificate that I am living in Delhi from More than 3 years, Actually I don't know any officer personally

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    talk to any broker I think they will solve your problem

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