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Thread: jamabandi.nic.in Haryana Land Records and Mutation from Revenue Jansahayak HALRIS Centers

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    Land Records Help

    jamabandi.nic.in Haryana Land Records and Mutation from Revenue Jansahayak HALRIS Centers

    Revenue and Disaster Management Department RDMD of Haryana is the authorized dept who keeps maintain and provide all the information related to your property and plots via the online land records system to all citizens. The official website of revenue dept of Haryana has there official website www.revenueharyana.gov.in. The dept works under the financial commissioner and principal secretary. The department has made the parts of state in 4 divisions, 21 districts and for 51 sub divisions, along with in which seventeen tehsils and forty-four sub teshils are also included. The department has also had two hundred fifty six circles along with two thousand six hundred ninety-one patwar circles in all over the state. The department works under the FRC office which has seven thousand eighty-five revenue estates. The official website had divided in various parts where you can check the information related to the revenue dept and other also.

    You may have to check the page of http://www.revenueharyana.gov.in/html/revenuedepartment/revenue_org_setup.htm where you can read all about the revenue department works and setup. The official website provides the land records also online. From the land records section citizens can get the computerization of there land records, along with can apply for the new kisan pass book. The Haryana online land records section also provide the facility to get the agricultural census, and various schemes. Peoples who want to join the revenue and disaster management department RDMD of Haryana can also get the list of Patwar Training Schools list of Hisar from http://www.revenueharyana.gov.in/html/landrecords/patwar_training_hisar.htm and Panchkula from http://www.revenueharyana.gov.in/html/landrecords/patwar_training_pkl.htm page. The department is also responsible to hold all kinds of process related to the disaster management along with the all kinds of facilities of registration of documents. The official website of revenue Haryana also provide various application form related to the land in state from http://revenueharyana.gov.in/html/mainchild/Registration_documents_download.htm section.

    The Jansahayak official website http://jansahayak.gov.in/ also provides the facility to get the land records information online where you can see your details for property. Citizens are able to get the services for registration of land, process for mutation of land, can get the copy of land records information and details for your property. Here we are providing you details to get the land records information online via using the revenue dept and Jansahayak.

    We had parted all information in two parts Section A for the details about revenue and disaster management department of Haryana RDMD http://revenueharyana.gov.in and Section B is Jansahayak http://jansahayak.gov.in. Through both of section we are providing you information for land records online in Haryana state.

    Section A – Revenue Department
    I – How to Get Computerization of Land Records

    The revenue department has started website online to provide all facilities to there citizens. The portal was established in 1990-1991 after some time the national informatics center had took this services under his maintenance. The govt had also provided the finance help to the revenue for rupees 1411.16 lakh. Under the scheme the NIC team had built a website http://Jamabandi.nic.in which has been connected with the official website of Haryana state govt. The work of website is to provide all kinds of computerized sajra-nasab through the Jamabandi portal. All the citizens can also download the details of there Khasra and Girdawari Registration along with the details of field books etc. All the information in website has provided by after make sure by the DIO of each area.

    Through using this portal all the peoples are able to get their all kinds of land revenue records. The Jamabandi land records of Haryana works to provide the all details in lower level and to the each Tehsil. The citizens are also able to get the nakal from there area patwaris through this website. Revenue dept of Haryana has also established his Tehsil computer centers where all citizens can access in there land records related data. All the centers work under the state govt and provide the data under the ACT of Right of Records ROR.

    Jamabandi has also started digital map services also for public. Peoples are able to collect there village / Tehsil wise map from Jamabandi. However the NIC team is working right now to improve the quality of there maps. In the process the NIC group and revenue dept is working fast.

    Right now Jamabandi page is not available so to get the online all land records related data so you may have to follow other way’s via Jansahayak which we will provide you in section b.

    II – Kissan Pass Book

    The revenue and disaster management of Haryana is also providing facility to there farmers. The state govt has provided to there people Kissan pass book which they can get from area patwaris. Through the Kissan book citizens are able to get the various kinds of load for there farming, right now more than 6.7 lakh farmers are taking benefits with this service.

    III – Contact Information of Revenue Department Haryana
    Citizens who want to contact to the dept can visit to the http://revenueharyana.gov.in/html/mainchild/contactus.htm section of official website where they can get all the details of contact in department to authorized persons.

    Section B – Jansahayak
    I – How to Make Registration Land in Haryana

    If you had sold your property / land / plot you must need registration for that. After the registration you are able to check the information related to your ownership and transactions. The Jansahayak department provides you information regarding of this. Registration of land facility is available in HALRIS Centers of each Tehsil level of state for which you need some documents to proof that the property you are going to register is yours.

    A – First you need to show the proof for your ownership for which you can use fard, Jamabandi, old registry or any accessment related document along with the intkal.

    B – Also for verification you need to show your photo identification like you can use your voter card (for both seller and buyer) or use your driving license along with the ration card.

    C – Citizens also have to submit mukhtarnam for verification.

    D – If you want to make registration for any unauthorized area then you need district town planner colony proof.

    II – Process for Registration of Land

    In the process person who had sold his property need to submit his all the complete papers regarding to that property. All the paper may have submit to the registration clerk. After that the citizens are able to get the computer made receipt which also known as token number from registration clerk.

    After that the clerk will send all the documents to the computer department where operator will submit all the details on the HARIS software of revenue department Haryana. Also the operator will take information about you, thumb impression for seller and buyer. After that both will have to sign new document provide by computer operator and then need to submit to the registration clerk where they need to submit the charges for it. The registration clerk will provide you three copies of your new registry papers, one for seller, one for buyer and last one for patwari. For the last paper you need to go in token counter and then you can get the final copy of your registry paper for your property land / plot in Haryana.

    New registry or mutation fees details can be checked through the http://jansahayak.gov.in/dwd/serPdf/fee/mut.pdf where all the fees are given as per the size of are.

    III – Why needs Mutation in Haryana for Land

    Mutation is the process which is also known as Intkal through which you can change the owner name of your property / land / plot as per the following:

    A – If the first owner of property is dead then need to do mutation which is also known as inheritance

    B – The govt also provide land / plots to poor peoples in that case also need to do the mutation process.

    C – In case court has placed any order related to any plot or land in that case you need to make the mutation in Haryana.

    D – In case of division of property in family person citizens need to make mutation of there land.

    E – If you had taken any kind of loan from bank on the behalf of your property then you need to apply for land mutation in Haryana by Jansahayak.

    F – If any citizen wants to do conversions of his land from agriculture or for any other thing then need to use the mutation process

    G – Citizens of Haryana state who want to use the govt property for any social / public purpose will may have to follow the process of mutation.

    IV – Process for Mutation

    In the procedure to do the mutation in state Haryana citizens will have visit to the HALRIS centers. The center of HALRIS is available in each district of Tehsil level. You need to visit in the center with your registered deed along with the copies of order by court of Haryana and any other kinds of papers. You also have to pay the charges of mutation of your land which has Rs. 100. Also for the complete mutation process citizens will have to wait for 15 days.

    V – What is the Copy of Land Records in Haryana from Jansahayak

    The Jansahayak dept of Haryana state has also provided the facility to get the copy of land records for citizens under the act of ROR (right of records). This process holds by the revenue estate dept of Haryana in which all the records related to the rent and revenue along with the ownership, and cultivation. The dept keeps all the data related to there property through the Patwari and revenue officers also the dept is responsible to make Jamabandi in every 5 years.

    All the documents related to the land records keeps in 2 copies of each documents by the Jamabandi dept in which 1 copy had provide to the district record room. The department of Jamabandi has also provided one copy to the Patwari.

    The department has divided the Jamabandi right of records ROR in ten sections which you can get from here –

    • Papers with the details of owner of land
    • Information of patti
    • Khata and khatoni
    • Details for khewat
    • All information related to the cultivator
    • Details of filed in nos or khasranos
    • Information for all Haryana land types and area details
    • Details of rent paid
    • Information of share or measures of right

    VI – Process to get the Copy of Land Records in Haryana

    To get the copy of land records you may have to visit to the HALRIS center and it’s available in each district Tehsil level. Citizens will have to get the application form and have to pay the charges to get the copy of land records as per 30 Rs. Per Khewat. Go to the HALRIS center and provide your khewat number or Khasra number to the computer operator if you having it. After that the operator will provide you ROR of your property. Logon to the http://jansahayak.gov.in/CopyLandRecord.aspx page for more information about this section by the Jansahayak.

    Here we had provided you all the information that how can you get the land records information but if you want to know more than reply here with comment or send us mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    Where is HALRIS center in faridabad, I lived in sector 12 near YMCA Chok

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    From where i can get the copy of my land and also want the links where i can check the latest information on Haryana land records,.

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    Unregistered pardeep
    My grand father name Ratanlal son of Ramjilal villege Badli teh.Rohtak dist. Jahjher I want to know land Record

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    Fees of mutation and others

    Now these rules listed above it not practical because mutation made by the munsi assistant of patwari not by HALRIS office and they takes money which they deemed fit. List of fees should be displayed in front of all offices. So that a common men can easily identified.

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    sahil nimbal

    land record

    I have to find a land in haryana siswala sub. tehsil balsamand 127/24

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    i have to find a land in haryana handikhera tehsil sirsa

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    not useful that site because proper information is not provided to the applicant on the site

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    how can i got my agricultre land record situated at Bhagana, Hisar Vijay Kumar Kaushik 9416244145, 9215844145 mail.: kaushik_adlinks@yahoo.co.in

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    What is latest fee for mutation of agricultural land as most of patwari demands Rs 600/ to Rs 1000/- for each mutaion.

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