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    Birth Certificate is the important document for new born baby in present scenario. This document proves that you where born in India and citizen of it. It is used for taking admission in Schools, applying for fresh passport and many more.

    Government of Maharashtra has provided a good facility to register your births online. For particular district the govt has provided the different website to avoid confusion towards applying for the certificate. For Mumbai, the govt had launched a website, where you can register your birth online in smooth and streamlined manner.

    The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has established Citizen Facilitation Centers (CFC) in 24 wards. The MCGM is the authoring body to take care of this certificates.

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    Procedure in Applying for Birth Certificate Offline:

    Note: Birth Certificate should be made within 21 days of birth. If delayed, then pay the challan with an affidavit from the local court to be submitted in the CFC.

    1. Go to the Citizen Facilitation Center in your area.

    2. Ask for the Birth Certificate Form. Fill the form with all the correct details.

    3. Documents Required:

    > Discharge Certificate from The Hospital.(If birth is registered with 21 days of birth).
    > Local Address proof of Parents
    > If birth registered after 3 months of birth, pay the challan for it.
    > If the birth is registered after a year of Birth, pay the challan, affidavit to be made from the local court.
    > If birth was done at home, then take a slip from the Chowkidar of your area by registering the birth in his register.

    4. Duly sign the application form and attach the above mentioned documents.

    5. The CFC agent will fill the form online in the computer with the necessary documents attached and collects the fees for the certificate.

    6. The CFC agent will be provide you the certificate with the fee receipt of the certificate.

    Fees Structure for the Birth Certificate:

    > Service Charge: 25/-
    > Additional Copy: 5/-
    > Total fee for Birth Certificate: 30/-

    Procedure to Apply For Birth Certificate Online:

    Note: Before applying for the Birth Certificate online, the name of the baby should be registered in the government records. For Example: If birth is done in hospital, the hospital employee will send the details to the local authoring bodies, where they will register your birth details. The hospital provides you the Discharge Certificate, which contains the Registration Number.

    1. Click the following url: http://www.mcgm.gov.in/irj/portal/an...rthcertificate

    2. You will be redirected to the following screen:

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    3. Enter your registration Number (given by the hospital) or you can search by entering your details as shown in above screen.

    4. Click Search button. It searches for the data in the records, if the data is correct, it redirects you to the Birth certificate online form. Fill the form online and attach the soft copy of documents as mentioned above.

    5.Pay your fee and take the acknowledgment receipt. After a week of time, you can check your details by visiting the CFC office to collect your birth Certificate.

    Procedure to Change the name in Birth Certificate:

    1. Approach the nearest Notary office and explain the concern for change of name in Birth Certificate and make a affidavit.

    2. Publish the name change in to reputed newspapers (One Local news paper where you are residing and One in a newspaper in the area permanent address)

    Template for Newspaper Publication:

    Here is the template for name change:


    Sri ___________________ (old name) have changed my name from __________________ (old name) to ______________ (new name) by affidavit sworn before the Notary Public, ______________ (place) on ___________ (date). Henceforth, I shall be known as _________________ (New Name) for all purposes. ______________ (Name) and _______________ (Complete postal address).


    3. After publishing in news paper, submit the hard and scanned copies of the documents while applying the change of name in the certificate.

    4. For publishing your name in the Official Gazette of your state, visit your local Government Press or the department that mobilizes Gazette notification.

    5. Ask for two copies of Deed Changing Surname Form. Fill the form with all the correct details.

    6. You can introduce yourself to a person of that department who can help you for Gazette Notification.

    7. Which and Where to send your Documents:

    > A letter to Secretary stating the name change.
    > Deed Changing form
    > News Paper Copies where the name change is published.
    > A declaration given by you as given in the newspaper in the plain paper.
    > Identity Proof (Xerox Copy)

    8. Submit all the documents to Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce) Maharashtra Mahapalika Marg, Fort Mumbai,MH +91 22 2262 0251.

    If any queries, kindly let us know.

    ERI Team

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    gud morning.

    if you are staying within the range of rto-1 then u may visit shama studio, near rto gate, tardeo. contact zakir 9821185738 for change of address. i need valid proof like passport or election card.

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    i have my birth certificate but name was incorrect..so i want to correct the name..in the above link they mentioned the ward option but in my birth certificate there is nothing given ..pls reply

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    my daughter is 2 years.
    i registred birth certificate in the month of oct 14
    and now i want to change name of my daughter
    so what i have to do please reply me

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    i have my birth certificate. but i don't know the time when i was born. from where i'll get to know the time of birth. even my parents don't know.

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    hi good morning.

    my name is nasir shaikh i have my birth certificate but name was incorrect..so i want to correct the name..in the above link they mentioned the ward option but in my birth certificate there is nothing given ..please reply

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    My baby is 3 months old and also made a birth certificate 1 months back but my family is saying the name is not good so what is the proceedure to change the name on birth certificate in Kalyan dombivali managar palika.

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    My grand mother s old Name thyku bai & new Name rukhminibai plz give me date certificate old name

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    I have three Children and all are in born in Mumbai only, now I want to change their name in order i.e First Name Father Name and Last name, How I can do this and what is the procedure

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