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    GPF & Pension Help

    www.agap.cag.gov.in AG Andhra Pradesh GPF Account Balance Status Statement Debit Credit Details and Pension

    The employees who are working with the state government in Andhra Pradesh for various public and civil organizations are able to get the various finance facilities by the Accountant General of AP. The AG Dept is responsible for all the works in state related to the finance and audit for all the companies. The all the data for the work by the dept uploads time to time in http://ag.ap.nic.in/ or www.agap.cag.gov.in website where you can check all the information. In the facilities the state govt also provide the General Provident fund which we know as GPF for their workers who are servicing the govt in current. Also the employees who got their retirement can get the benefits as the pension by the accountant general of AP sate. Check the information regarding to how you can get the gpf account status, statement debit and missing also with the mobile sms facility by the ag dept and pension details.

    About Accountant General Andhra Pradesh Department
    Andhra Pradesh the word which Andhra comes from the Telagu language. As per the last survey the state has largest population with which the ap stands in 4th in India which have the capital of Hyderabad. The state has established in 1st of November 1956 and it has total 23 districts. The state is also famous for there different culture. Right now Mr. Narayan Dutt Tiwari is working as Governor at here and Mr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy as Chief Minister. As per the survey the total population is approximately 7.7 corers. Peoples of state most of use the Telagu and Urdu language as their official and general works. Also in area the state has total 2.8 lakh square km land. In the Andhra Pradesh March to June is most high temperature time and most of citizens belongs from farming here because of four important rivers here Godavari, Krishana, Penna and Tungbhadhra. Also the state provide 4/5 part in tobacco in India.

    Under the Supreme Audit Institution SAI India Accountants General of Andhra Pradesh works to provide transparent, Independence, Reliability and professional excellence service to their citizens. The AG ap has two parts for PAG (Principal Accountant General) which provide the general provident fund and pension related facilities to the government employees in state. The department is responsible to handle and maintain all kinds of finance related works for all other civil and public organizations. The department has one more part Accountant General (Economic and Revenue Sector Audit which has works to provide the audit and power to maintain the accounts of under state govt Revenue sector departmental commercial undertaking sectors organizations. This dept provides the account and audit reports in monthly / annual to CAG.

    Apart from these the department has one more part of Principal Director Audit Central which works to make audit reports and had the headquarters in Hyderabad. First is Dy. Director (Administration, Direct Taxes and Central Autonomous Bodies and second is Dy. Director for Indirect Taxes. The dept has their branch office in Odisha for Dy. Director CRA. This dept handle and maintain all the taxes related work in state.

    Right now Mr. GN Sunder Raja is working ad IA&AS PAG Accountant and Entitlement officer in state. Citizens of Andhra Pradesh can read more about PAG in http://ag.ap.nic.in/ae.html page along with the information for AG E & RSA in http://ag.ap.nic.in/c-ra.html page. If you want to know about PDA you may have to check the page http://ag.ap.nic.in/pda-cent-aboutus.html.

    All the General Provident and Pension related works comes under the PAG (A&E) Department where you can check all the details can get the various application for apply new account and final withdrawal.

    How to Check GPF Account Status and Statement in AG Andhra Pradesh Official Website ag.ap.nic.in
    The employees who are working in civil and public departments under the state government of Andhra Pradesh will have to provide a GPF Number and Pin through which they can access to their Account. This GPF number is for your account which has also registered in the AG office. The Account facility is provided by the treasury so if you don’t have your account number of gpf and you are serving to the AP govt then you need have contact to your organization administration department. You admin dept will send a application to the treasury accountant general of Andhra Pradesh and will give the account through the process of verification. This facility of gpf account is available only for those employees who had completed their one year of service. After getting the gpf account you will have to follow the steps as per below.

    @=> First you may have to visit on the page of ag ap official ag.ap.nic.in

    @=> Select the option of PAG (Principal Accountant General A&E).

    @=> Scroll down and select the option of GPF Slip now you can check the page http://ag.ap.nic.in/SlipsGpf.aspx

    @=> In page of gpf slip first ap employee will have to select the gpf annual account statement year for which he want to check the details.

    @=> Then select the dept series as AGRI / ART which had provided by your department

    @=> Enter you GPF account number which you got from your treasury in the next section

    @=> Fill you mobile number which you had registered while the time of gpf registration.

    @=> Employees can also use their Date of birth or e-mail id in the place of mobile number.

    After these all process click to the go option and get he statement of that year for which you want to check your balance and status of your General Provident fund in Andhra Pradesh. Along with this process you can get the status and statement alerts in your mobile via the simply messaging service.

    How to Register Mobile Number to Get GPF Alert in SMS via AG Andhra Pradesh Treasury
    The accountant general Andhra Pradesh and your treasury will also provide you the sms facility if you want. For which all the employees of government departments will have to follow the process as per the mention below. However the sms facility will provide all the monthly alerts of gpf withdrawals, credits, debits and missing fund. The employees can get all the details about their gpf slips dispatch and final withdrawal application status. The facility also gives the pension application information to the retired government employees in Andhra Pradesh state.

    • For GPF Account Holders

    $=> To register your mobile number you may have to call in number 040-23231212 and need to follow the IVRS.

    $=> Enter you gpf account number when ivrs asked you to enter.

    $=> After that press ‘0’ button to register you mobile number in ivrs

    $=> Enter your complete mobile number which you want to register.

    $=> Listen your number system will tell you to before confirm it.

    $=> Now confirm the phone number and it will be registered on system of treasury.

    • For Pension Account Holders

    $=> All the pensioner will have to get the ivrs number via the accountant general Andhra Pradesh office or use 040-23231212

    $=> Press the 4 to register your mobile number in pension sms facility

    $=> Enter your ten digits mobile number after that the system will tell you number again.

    $=> Confirm the mobile number and you can use it next time to check the status of your pension fund.

    These above are steps to register your mobile number for gpf and pension. This facility is only available for government service employees which has maintained by the Principal Accountant General of Andhra Pradesh. The employees who are working in 4th class or in zila Panchayat as teacher post they cant use this facility of sms also the pension facility sms is only available for those retired service employees of Andhra Pradesh which decided by the ag dept. The accountant general of ap also provide the various facility for the retire employees in their state.

    How to Get Pension Details in Andhra Pradesh for Retire Govt Employees
    The AG department is responsible also to provide the various kinds of facility to their ap government retire employees. The administration department of Accountant General Andhra Pradesh and your treasury will maintain your pension accounts. The servants of govt are able to get the superannuation pension and the candidates who had completed their 33 years of services will be able to get the benefits of Retiring Pension. After completing 10 years with any of govt dept in Andhra Pradesh citizens will able to get the pension on absorption.

    The state got PAG also provide the facility of family pension as per if the any department employees dies under his service duration then his family will get the retirement amount. This fund will transfer on his wife or husbands name or his unmarried son / daughter can get this facility.

    If you want inquiry regarding to your pension amount you can call to the pension enquiry cell of PAG AP. citizens can also write their issues to:

    Accounts Officer, PM Section
    Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E)
    Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad

    Or send you mail in [email protected] make your call in 040 23231884. With these steps you can get the more information regarding to the pension. The retire employees are also able to download various application forms to check their pension as per following:
    Pension Application Submission Form –
    This application form can download from http://www.agap.cag.gov.in/Pensionform1.htm page which you can use as for service pension forwarding letter.
    Pension Calculation Forms –
    You are able to get this application form from http://www.agap.cag.gov.in/pensionform.htm page through which you can check the all amount in your pension account of Andhra Pradesh.
    Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for Voluntary Retirement –
    Download this application form from http://www.agap.cag.gov.in/pagae/Pensions/pensionform3.pdf page from which you can get the balance information if you had took the voluntary retirement from any service in state.

    Apart from these if you had submitted your any complaint in pension cell you can check the status of that in http://www.agap.cag.gov.in/pagae/Pensions/pension_instr.htm page where all the previous data is also available.

    Here we had provided you complete information of gpf and pension but if you are having any issue or problem regarding to your accounts you can submit your online grievances.

    How to Submit Online Grievances for GPF and Pension in Andhra Pradesh AG
    The citizens who are having any kind of issue like not getting the information regarding to the fund, having login problem, fund has deducted automatically etc. in your gpf or pension in that case you are able to submit the complaint online as per the following steps.

    $=> First visit to the official page http://ag.ap.nic.in/agap.htm and select the option of Online Grievances from PAG Section / GPF.

    $=> Get the page of CAG http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp.

    $=> Select the option of Lodge your grievances online and get the application form.

    $=> In the http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/complaint_online.asp page the online grievance registration will come.

    $=> Fill your name and complaint proposes for pension or gpf.

    $=> Fill your ppo number or reference number in next section.

    $=> Enter your complete postal / communication address which is registered with AG.

    $=> Fill your mobile number which you are using in current go get the acknowledgement on that.

    $=> Fill your e-mail address and information where you works or from where you are retired.

    $=> Write the subject of your complaint along with the details of it.

    $=> Select the subject category from the listed pull down menu.

    If you are having any error report / snapshot / pdf etc can also attach on it, after that click to the submit button and get the receipt of it. You can also see the status of your complaint after submitting it.

    How to Check Status of Status of Complaint for GPF and Pension
    You may have to visit to the page of http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp where you need to select the option of View status of your grievance. In the page of http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp you may have to enter your allotted registration number or you can use the ppo number / gpf number mobile number.

    After that you can check the all status and progress report of your complaint. The employees or retire citizens are also able to get their online application for pension and gpf final withdrawal.

    How to Submit Online Application for Final Withdrawal
    If any employee or retire citizen want to get the his all fund back then he can apply for the final withdrawal for which the accountant general has provided the online page. Visit to the page http://www.agap.cag.gov.in/psmis_web/Reg.aspx?id=1 and fill your employee id date of birth and date of joining to the department. You also have to select the user type for which you want to get the fund back registration of application and click to the submit button.

    Here we had provided you all information but if you still want more details reply with your comment here or you can send us mail in [email protected]

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    Hi I want to check my GPF account In andhra Pradesh

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    sir i had lost my gpf number and pin how i can get it once again?

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    i had joined after 2012 can i get now gpf account?

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    what time duration we need to submit request for new gpf account?

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    if you had lost your gpf number and pin then you should have to contact to your admin dept and ag andhra.

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    the employees who are working from last 1 year with any of service govt are eligible to submit the request for new gpf.

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    Part final payment status

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    Cool mobile number not tallied

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    sir i had lost my gpf number and pin how i can get it once again?
    i had furgot my mobile number.

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    where i can find the details

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