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Thread: www.agorissa.nic.in Odisha Online GPF Balance Credit Debit Missing Status and Pension Accountant General Login Official Website

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    AG Odisha Helpline

    www.agorissa.nic.in Odisha Online GPF Balance Credit Debit Missing Status and Pension Accountant General Login Official Website

    CAG SAI India works for the accounts related work for all states. The CAG works to promote all finance related works and provide the accountability transparence. The Dept works to provide the best quality auditing and accounting for all state through Accountant General. The AG Odisha also works to give the independent assurance to all sectors in public. To maintain all works online related to accounts the NIC had designed a website for Accountant General Odisha http://www.agorissa.nic.in/. The citizens of Orissa are able to get all the information through using the official website for finance related. The citizens who are working in various civil and public departments in the state are able to get the GPF and Pension facilities from the AG. Here we are going to let you know about the GPF account process and Pension process for all employees in state.

    However we already know the Odisha state stands in 7th place in poverty in India as per the survey in 2009-2010. The state has largest natural resources power and has the 5th place in India to provide the coal. Mainly citizens used the Odia / Oriya language for their some of official work and in general talking. The state has 30 districts which are governed by the District Collector and more than 80% citizens used farming works. Most of the land is infertile and approximately 40 lakh lands having by the farmers here. In the state only the 45% land can use for work rest of comes in forest.

    About Accountant General AG Orissa
    The AG Orissa is the department who handle all kinds of finance audit and accounts works for all govt dept for which the website provides online information. The Department is responsible for the works of Accounts & Entitlement, General and Social Sector Audit, Economic and Revenue Sector Audit, PD Railway Audit for East Coast and publishes their reports via http://www.agorissa.nic.in official website. In the Accounts & Entitlement section of department citizens can get the facility of General Provident Fund and Pension. The dept works for the retired servants of government to provide the various benefits and settlement on their pension fund.

    In the GPF section the Treasury Office provide the all facility of the citizens Bill and withdrawal in GPF. The treasury gives them a number for general provident fund account and the ag Odisha maintain the book online for that. The current working employees in Orissa are able to get the various benefits of credit, debit advance gpf and can get their fund any time after the application process.

    In GPF section the Accountants General Odisha gives the information also about the employee’s missing credit and helps to disposal of final payment cash. Citizens can check their account time to time and can get the information of transaction on their account. To get the details of account you can also use the annual account slip and monthly slip.

    For the pensioner the department provides various kinds of finance security to the pensioner / retire employee in govt service and to their family. In the official website part of Accounts and Entitlement user can check the information regarding to the appropriation accounts, finance accounts and accounts at a glance along with the gpf and pension information. This section also gives the information of administration work where users can get the all details under the right to information act, tenders, phone directory and details for Puri Office.

    In the other section of General and Social Sector Audit the section in official website http://www.agorissa.nic.in/civilaudit/civilaudit.htm provides the information about all works of AG G&SSA Odisha Bhubaneswar. The citizens are able to access all the audit jurisdiction works details where the website gives the auditing standard details with process and reports along with the scope of audit where the state of work and legislative committee’s works are described. The section also gives the administration information of this department where you can read about organization along with the guest house information.

    On the section of economic and revenue sector audit citizens can check the organization chart, phone numbers of dept officers, audit functions, reports for all audits in Revenue, Economic sector, commercial and PSU sector. Also the PD railway Audit East Coast department gives the zonal audit reports and performance report to the citizens of Odisha via the http://www.agorissa.nic.in/pdrailway/pdrailway.htm page.

    How to Check GPF Account in AG Odisha Official Website www.agorissa.nic.in
    The employees who are working the government of Odisha for any field / sector has provided a gpf account to save some part of their monthly income / salary. Each employee has also provided a gpf account number and a pin to access in account. If you are not having yet the account then you need to contact to the human rescores department of your organization. Once you got the number and pin then follow the steps as per below.

    @=> First visit to visit in the official website http://www.agori.cag.gov.in and need to select the option of Account & Entitlement.

    @=> In page http://www.agori.cag.gov.in/ag(a&e)/agmain.htm if you want to check the gpf then select the option of Tracking of Final Payment of GPF/Pension Cases

    @=> Now you can get the http://agorissa.nic.in/ag(a&e)/gpfpen-sql/gpfpen.htm page where you have to select the gpf details option.

    @=> After selecting the gpf details option you will be able to access in page http://agorissa.nic.in/ag(a&e)/gpfpen-sql/ag-gpf.asp.

    @=> In the GPF Payment Status page you have to first elect the GPF Series as AJO / AVO.

    @=> In the other section enter you gpf account number and press the submit button and access to the page.

    Here check the option of gpf status along with the credit, debit and missing details in your account. If you are a retire employee in state govt then you can get the access in pension account.

    How to Check Pension in AG Odisha in www.agorissa.nic.in
    After the retirement the govt employees can take the pension and able to get various schemes and plans on that. You may have checked regular your account status as per the following mention steps.

    $=> To check the pension status you will have to visit to the official page http://www.agori.cag.gov.in.

    $=> Select the option of Accounts & Entitlement you will get the http://www.agori.cag.gov.in/ag(a&e)/agmain.htm page.

    $=> Here select the option of Tracking of Final Payment of GPF/Pension Cases

    $=> Now you can get the http://agorissa.nic.in/ag(a&e)/gpfpen-sql/gpfpen.htm page where you may have to select the option of Pension Details

    $=> Now on http://agorissa.nic.in/ag(a&e)/gpfpen-sql/pen-gpf.asp page you have to first select the gpf series as AJO / AVO

    $=> Enter you GPF account number / Pension account number.

    $=> Select the option of submit and get the all information regarding to your pension credit, debit or missing on it.

    Here above mention steps are given to check the status of gpf and pension. Citizens are also able to submit their complaint if they are having any issue regarding to their gpf or pension account in Odisha.

    How to Submit Online Grievance for Pension or GPF for Govt Employees
    The citizens who are working in state can also submit their online complaint via using the page of online grievance. The citizens are able to complaint regarding to their gpf funds and pension both.

    #=> To submit the complaint you need to check the official website http://www.agori.cag.gov.in and select the option of Online Grievance system for GPF and Pension

    #=> You will be able to get the page http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp

    #=> Select here the option of [b]Lodge Your Grievance Online/[b]

    #=> You will be redirect on the application form online grievance registration form in http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/complaint_online.asp section.

    #=> Write your name and select complaint relating to for which you want to submit it pension or gpf.

    #=> Write your PPO number or reference number on the next.

    #=> Fill you complete postal address along with mobile number. Make sure you are filling that phone number which you are using currently because you will recive acknowledgement on that via sms.

    #=> Fill your e-mail id in given section and about your working department.

    #=> Write the subject of your complaint in given place.

    #=> Write your complaint in maximum 4000 words and select the subject category

    #=> You can also attach any file or photo regarding to your complaint.

    After all these submit the application forma and take the printout. Don’t forget to take the application form. Once you submit your form you can also check the status of your complaint through the same website page of online grievance redress system.

    How to Check Online Grievance Status of GPF and Pension for AG Odisha
    After submitting your online complaint registration form employees of govt dept Odisha can check the progress report for it. See the mention below steps to check the status of your online grievance registration.

    (@)= Visit to the website http://www.agori.cag.gov.in/ and select the option of online grievance online for pension and gpf.

    (@)= You can check the page http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp for Odisha online complaint section.

    (@)= Select the option of View Status of your grievance to check the progress

    (@)= Get the page http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/Status.asp to check status

    (@)= Fill your allotted registration number in given place.

    (@)= You can also enter your PPO number / GPF number or Mobile number to check it.

    After these entire process click to the submit button and you can see the status of it. Gpf account holders are also able to get the gpf status or can get the information / queries via the IVRS for which you can call on the following numbers:

    GPF IVRS Numbers

    • 2394434
    • 2394437
    • 2394640
    • 2394438
    • 2391431
    • 2394439

    For more help you can reply with your comment here or can send us mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    How can I check my GPF statement in Odisha online through Accountant general odisha?

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    Angry Eyewash

    As of now, there is no way that a working employee of Govt of Odisha can check his GPF balance/Missing credit at the above mentioned portal. There is no provision for this. Only the about to retire employee can check, which may not be so important for him, as he is already aware of the balance position and applied for final withdrawal. All the telephone numbers listed here for IVRS never worked since inception. I hereby request the AG (A&E) to take steps in this regard or mention clearly that there is no such facility available as of now. Thank you.

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    Gpf statement

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    Lalit kumar


    I need accountant general orrisa Details I am working in Govt. sector so how can i know the general provident fund details 8763015245

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    Gpf statement need to get pls provide

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    Unregisteredsusil kumar
    My name is nayak i want to check credit missing status 0000584spk

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    sir, I want my GPF statement online.

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    My gpf A/C no po58682 what my balsnce

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    My G.P.F.A/C No.MSDO 21363 need to get. pl.provide details

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