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    www.agmaha.nic.in AG Maharashtra GPF Account Status Debit Credit Missing and Pension Fund Online

    Under the umbrella of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (Supreme Audit Institution of India) working organization Accountants General has built a complete and largest setup to serve the citizens. In the state of Maharashtra the accountant general has a important role to provide the various finance facilities to their citizens. The CAG India has made this setup to each state and Maharashtra is one of them. The Office of AG Mumbai is serving to their state citizens science 1st of May of year 1858. It’s the only oldest AG department who still running from more than 125 years and providing the best accounting related works to their state. GPF is the one of part in it which has provided to the state citizens employees who are working here for various government organizations. One more the biggest service is for the employees who had retire from any of Government Company / department in Maharashtra Mumbai Pension. The AG Maharashtra provides the all benefits and various schemes on them. Here we are going to tell you to check details about your gpf that how can you apply for it, how to check gpf balance, credit, debit and how you can get the information regarding of your missing gpf fund along with the way to check the pension fund.

    Services of Accountant General AG Maharashtra
    SAI India is responsible to handle and maintain all kinds of finance and accounting related works in Maharashtra state for which the CAG has established AG dept in each state.

    • For State Govt Current Working Employees in Maharashtra –

    The employees who are working with the any of department with the state government have provided an account which is known as General Provident Fund. Each employee has right to collect and save their money from some part of their salary. After saving and collecting that money the employee can use that any time of or also can take after his retirement. This is the only fund in India in which the govt employees can get most high interest rate (approximately 8.9% to 9.9% per month). Also the CAG and AG Maharashtra have rules that you can not deduct your fund more than 10% of your monthly pay. For example if you are getting 20,000 monthly pay from any of the state govt dept in that case the AG Dept will take 2000 per month and will save in your GPF account per month. Also the department where you are working is responsible to pay the same amount and will deposit in your gpf account. As per you are paying 2000 / month as gpf then the same amount of 2000 will have to pay to your organization which means now your compete gpf fund is 4000. The employees of Maharashtra will get the approximately 10% interest rate on that 4000 amount which is the most high interest in India. No one bank has the right to pay this hug interest to the citizens. After completing your service period with the state govt employees are able to get their fund back or you can also get that money before your retirement if you want it. To get the gpf fund the citizens will have to apply through the AG Maharashtra for which they need to get a application form. In the applying process for fund employee will have to send a copy for the AG department and a copy of application form in his dept. After the verification and all process from the AG side you can get the fund. Along with the once payment of via gpf by AG Maharashtra also provide the various other schemes and benefits on them. Employees can also get the debit and credit from their fund amount for which they also have to apply.

    The Accountant General is responsible for all kinds of transaction through your salary in your gpf account. The dept handle, monitor and maintain all kinds of your finance related fund issues under the constitutions rights.

    • For Retire Employees of Maharashtra –

    General Provident Fund Service is available only for those citizens who are working in current but the employees who had got their retirement and had completed their time period of service with the government are able to get the benefits of Pension Plans. After the retirement employees in Maharashtra can get their gpf fund or they can convert it in pension plan. In the pension plan by the state govt you will also get the high amount interest rate along with the various kinds of schemes and offers. The citizens how got their retirement will be able to get their fund per month as like the salary with working anywhere. The Accountant General Maharashtra also announce various promotions and offers to their retire pension account holders in which they get various benefits time to time. After the retirement each citizen will get a pension account for which he would be provided a account number / user id and a password / pin to access in your account. With using the login details anyone can check the status of their fund of pension in his account. The AG dept is responsible to keep all the transaction data save and to maintain, handle along with the monitor to your account. The AG Maharashtra also provides time to time notification for various kinds of information to you.

    • For State Companies / Organizations Audit and Accounts Services in Maharashtra –

    The accountant general of Maharashtra is also responsible to handle all the works related to the accounts and audit in state for all departments. The AG has right to audit time to time in each department of state and to make their repots of finance. Also the agmaha monitor and maintain all works of accounts for state govt departments. The agmaha provide the monthly, quarterly, half annual and annual report time to time and submit it to the CAG of India.

    Mainly the Accountant General of Maharashtra has 6 offices in all over state who lookup the all audit, accounts, gpf and pension finance related works.

    => PAG (Audit)-I, Maharashtra, Mumbai

    => AG (Audit)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur

    => PAG (Audit)-III, Maharashtra, Mumbai

    => PAG (A&E)-I, Maharashtra, Mumbai

    => AG (A&E)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur

    => DGA (Central), Maharashtra, Mumbai

    The department has parted their services in two areas for Mumbai and Nagpur. Both of parts have different monitor system to keep the employees data of gpf and pension.

    Pension for Nagpur – http://agmaha.nic.in/DPensionNag.asp

    See the mention below process to check the gpf account information via using both of portals to get the gpf information.

    How to Check GPF Account Fund Status, Credit, Debit and Missing via AG Maharashtra Official Website www.agmaha.nic.in
    Each employee has a unique gpf account number which they have to use as the user name and a pin / password which you may have to keep safe. The employees who hand done their one year of service can apply for the gpf account for which they have to submit the required documents and application form to the ag Maharashtra office. After the process by the AG you will get the unique id and password to access in your gpf account. You may also have to follow up with your HR or Clerical dept to get the gpf number and password after that you need to go in the official website http://agmaha.nic.in. See the bellow mention steps.

    => Go to the official page http://agmaha.nic.in and select the option of ”GPF Status”

    => The page will http://agmaha.nic.in/gpf_pen.htm open now where you have to select the one option for which area you want to get the gpf information ”Mumbai” or ”Nagpur”

    => In the section page http://agmaha.nic.in/GPFMumv1.htm you need to select the one option from given. ”Account Balance Details” Final Withdrawal Details” or ”View / Download GPF Slip”. If you want to check the gpf status selects the first option.

    => On the page http://agmaha.nic.in/GPFScrMumV1.asp you may have to enter your series number and gpf number after that click to the submit option and access to the page.

    => After entering your password you can select the option which you want to check for status, debit, credit or missing.

    => Here above is the process to check the status of current running gpf account for state govt employees. Also see the process for pension holders.

    How to Check Pension Status in AG Maharashtra Official Website www.agmaha.nic.in
    After retirement the gpf account holders employee are able to covert their amount as the pension which they will get time to time as the monthly bases. The employee who got their retirement the govt will pay your monthly pension in your account for which you get a pension account number ID and password to access. Follow the process below to check your pension account.

    => Visit to the official website of AG Maharashtra http://agmaha.nic.in/ where you need to select the option of Pension

    => The pension holders citizens will have to select one of option in the http://agmaha.nic.in/DPensionMum.asp page for check the status. Click to the option of Reference Number / Pensioner Name / Dept Name / Treasury Name

    => In page http://agmaha.nic.in/PensionMumB.asp you have to enter required information like pensioner name, dept name and need to select treasury name from pull down menu.

    => Click to the option of get details and check the status of your pension account.

    Here above is the process to check the pension amount status of your account but if you want more details or if you are having any issue regarding to your gpf or pension then can submit your complaint to the grievance redressal cell in following address:

    • Shri Leo Miranda, .Dy.Accountant General

    Nodal Officer of Pensioners’ Grievance Redressal Cell
    Phone Number 22000016

    For more information you can also reply after this article or can send your mail us via [email protected]

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    gpf statement 12-13

    Gpf showing statement year 12-13

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7507306697 View Post
    Gpf showing statement year 12-13
    Yes you can check GPF statement and missing account from Accountant general Maharastra

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    Slowing GPF Slip 2012-13

    Generate GPF 2012-13 Slip

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    Check my gpf acount.

    Check my Gpf. acount
    march 2010 to nov 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by unregistered View Post
    generate gpf 2012-13 slip
    ajmh 20978

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    Arrow statement of 2013-2014

    not showing latest 2013-2014 gpf schedule mah
    pls generate the latest schedule. my account no. AJMH/26055

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    Employees working in ncc (national cadet corps) office are under the office of sports and youth services (education department) not shown their details in mobile alert status.

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    Statement of 2013-14- pb/mh-80361

    not showing latest 2013-2014 gpf schedule mah
    pls generate the latest schedule. my account no. PB/MH-80361

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    Dinesh Jnardhan Kulkarni. Jr. clark in I.T.i. Erandol Dist.Jalgoan
    My retirement Final Amount not issued

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