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Thread: www.apland.ap.nic.in Andhra Pradesh Land Record Revenue Settlements and Survey Report Online

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    www.apland.ap.nic.in Andhra Pradesh Land Record Revenue Settlements and Survey Report Online

    The Chief Commissioner of Land Administration Government of Andhra Pradesh handles all the works related to the Land Records in MP state. The CCLA had four other departments in their body Madras Board of Revenue, Andhra Board of Revenue, Andhra Pradesh Board of Revenue and Telangana Board of Revenue. All the departments work to provide various kinds of facilities in state. The citizens are able to get the benefits of these services by visiting the official portals. If any person wants to get the information about their property / land / plot they can use the portal of official Andhra Pradesh Online Land Record.

    The departments work to keep the all records safe and maintain all the information of revenue in state. In the part of Administration Madras Board of Revenue control the all revenue works in the madras. The department has one more part on it ”Office Manual of The Board of Revenue” which had made through the Indian Constitution under the regulation of I of 1803 act 1849. The MBR manual board of revenue is responsible to hold all the process of an have empowered to perform in any place any where in Madras State related to the land.

    The Office of Manual of the Board of Revenue process the following works in State:

    Provide the facilities of Land Revenue and their settlements for citizens.

    Holding the process of excise and prohibition in Andhra Pradesh

    @$=> Control all woks of commercial taxes related

    @$=> Providing the civil supplies in state

    @$=> All the works of endowments

    @$=> Publish the various registration forms and stamps only in the Telangana District citizens

    @$=> Handling all works of customs related only for internal

    @$=> Also maintain and lookup for the court of wards work

    The department of CCLA Web Manual has also power of duties discharged by the boards for statutory and other kinds of executive. The Andhra Pradesh Land Records CCLA has administration body which works in state level and keeps all data via the district wise, Division and Sub Division wise. Under the Online Land Records of AP Department of CCLA has five following parts.

    => First part is Chief Commissionerate at the Andhra Pradesh each state level

    => Second is Collectorates at each district level

    => Third is Divisional Officer at per revenue divisional level in state

    => Fourth is Mandal Revenue Officers in per Mandal in AP

    => And the last is Panchayat Secretaries which has established for par village level

    All the parts of bodies under the AP Online land records CCLA works together and keeps all the data for state step by step. See the works details of each department of Andhra Pradesh.

    Works of Chief Commissionerate
    The departments works to provides the all kinds of Revenue, survey, settlement and land records along with the urban land ceiling information under the CCLA authority. The commissioner has permission to works as administration in the state for routine of all details. The Chief Commissionerate of AP Land records CCLA has the power to monitor and guide the district collectors and providing the suggestions in the state land records revenue department policies matters.

    Works of Collectorates
    The Collectorates had a different part in CCLA department of online land records ap. The department maintains all kinds of administration works in the district level for revenue. The Collectorates had the power to keep maintain law and order by the jurisdiction related to the land. It works for the other areas also like in arms licensing, general election, law and orders by high court and planning development in state.

    District Revenue Officer DRO works under the collectors and gives his all reports to them. Also in the administration works Tahsildar are also responsible to provide the al reports here.

    Works of Sub Divisional Office
    To handle all the woks under the Dy. Collector it also known as the sub collector in the state and has the power to work with the CCLA Andhra pradesh land records.

    Works of Mandal Revenue Offices
    In each Mandal of AP state the CCLA had established their office. In the total numbers of one thousand one hundred and twenty eight Mandal works comes under the revenue offices in which have three hundred five Taluks and one thousand eighty four firkas available. The department is also responsible to work for the financial, land related, and civil supplies etc.

    Works of Panchayat Secretaries
    The Panchayat secretaries handle all kinds of works in the village level. In the past history there was a important role of Patwaries but after that it has been converted in the local bodies in Panchayat through which citizens can get the all kinds of information in their village level for all their land records and property.

    How to Get Land Records in Andhra Pradesh
    The Andhra Pradesh also provides all kinds of land property details to their citizens online. The Chief Commissioner of Land Administration under the Government of Andhra Pradesh State had made the website www.apland.ap.nic.in where anyone can get access to their online land record information by their plot wise patta wise, Khata wise and katuni wise etc.

    Before going to buy any property in Andhra Pradesh you need to get the sy number of that particular village which helps you to keep all records safe with your always. You may also have to pay the charges to do the process for Demarcation of your land property boundaries (field boundaries) at your village which is for Rs. 1000 and need to submit to your sub treasury office of in SHB Branch. If you want more copies of your demarcation once you got single you need to pay Rs. 2 per page.

    The CCLA Departments has two main parts. Survey Wing and settlement Wing both pars works under the CCLA official website www.ccla.ap.gov.in which works under the various constitutions act. The citizens who want to get the documents and survey records at your district need apply to their ADS or LRS who will provide your Tippon / Extract of village map for Telengana Region. Also if you want to get the certified copies of your TSLR and Town Sketches then you need to pay the fees in Office of DD Hyderabad. To the records of Measurements you need to submit the fees in Head office 0029 along attaching the court fee worth of Rs. 2.

    To apply for the Demarcation of Boundaries in Hyderabad you may follow up with the DD of Hyderabad office also if you want to get the certified copies of map of your village / Tehsil or Mandal then you may have to visit to the Deputy Director, Central Survey Office at Narayanguda Hydarabad where you also have to pay the fees on the counter as per the department.

    Important Note before using Official Website =

    => Right now we are sorry to let you know that the official website of Andhra Pradesh to get the online land is under construction by the Revenue department and the NIC Team of AP. So you need wait for some time till the website will come with new look and with more data.

    => You can get the more information from the http://apland.ap.nic.in/cclaweb/land.asp website where you can get the all information about your property land records online in state or can also use the www.ccla.ap.gov.in page.

    => The Official Website is under the monitor by the Revenue Dept so do not access in any kind of wrong data.

    Contact Information of CCLA Administration Department Andhra Pradesh Land Records Department

    • Sri. I.Y.R. Krishna Rao, IAS

    CCLA & Spl., CS
    Phone Numbers – 040-23201371, 040-23201435, 040-2320555
    E-mail ID - splcs_ccla_rev@ap.gov.in

    • Sri. P.Ranjit Basha

    Project Director (CMRO)
    Phone Number – 040-23201341
    E-mail ID – pdcmro2013@gmail.com

    To contact the Survey Department visit – http://apland.ap.nic.in/cclaweb/surkeycontact.htm

    Here we had provided you all the information regarding to the Andhra Pradesh online land records but if you need experts help then leave your comment here or can send us mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    this website is not working what to do to get ap land records?

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    I am from SAKNAPOOR village and want to see the land records how do i get it checked official website but not working.

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    sir where i get the BAHADURPUR survey report for my plot.

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    i want to make boundaries in my plot for which i need map for MANDAGADA village where will i get it?

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    www.apland.ap.nic.in website is not working sir where i check the land records?

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    sir, my plot is not in village map when i check at tehsil of my district. what i do now?

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    land record

    Sir this website is not working how to use this this verry use less but see Karnataka web is verry good its WWW.bhoomi.com how its work u know see once but Ap land record is not working like this

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    RAjeev kumar yadav

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    My name is sastry. I want to search the pattadar pass book related to visakha dist kasimkota mandal Bayyavaram village

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