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    AG Jharkhand Kuber GPF Account Status and Statement www.jharkhand.gov.in/treasury.html

    How to Check GPF Account in Jharkhand - The Accountant General Jharkhand has a part which is know as Kuber – Management Information System for Treasury to process all these works online in internet. In this facility the employees are able to get various kinds of information for their GPF and DDO. This website has official portal http://jharkhand.gov.in/treasury.html which is distributed in three parts as per following:

    • Kuber – Treasury MIS (Management Information System for Treasury)
    • Kuber – DDO Level Bill Entry (Integrated Online Treasury Information System)
    • Kuber – SMS Alert for GPF Contribution (Mobile Registration for SMS Alert from Treasury)

    The website has designed and made by the NIC team of Jharkhand and Accountant General Department of Jharkhand. All parts of Kuber systems are connected with the CAG and under the monitor, maintained by the AG Jharkhand. See the below given step by step process to get the information.

    Works of Kuber – Treasury MIS (Management Information System for Treasury)
    In this page portal of MIS through the http://jharkhand.gov.in/treasurymis/ web portal any of the employee and department assistance can get the information regarding to their GPF CPS and DDO. The website has five parts as per following:

    1. DDO – All information for DDO in state
    2. Finance – for All Finance Works in state
    3. Department – Access only for authorized persons of Kuber Department
    4. Employee – Under the state govt working persons can get access in this.
    5. Treasury – Entry only for the treasury employee

    Step by Step Process to Check GPF Account Status and Statement of Jharkhand State

    To check the GPF account you may have to http://www.jharkhand.gov.in/treasurymis/ on the page where you need to use the GPF CPS section.

    =====> Select your financial year for which you want to get the information of your GPF account.

    =====> Need to select the Collateral type from given options of 1, 2, or 3 and click to the search option.

    After that you can see your account information of GPF status and can download your gpf statement also. If you are working as DDO then use the option of ”View Expenditure on DDO’s GPF Number” and enter the required information to check your gpf account details. If you are having any issue to get your gpf details then use the http://www.jharkhand.gov.in/treasurymis/gpf_lookup.aspx page where you have to enter your name and gpf number to check all details about you. Also the DDO codes are available in http://www.jharkhand.gov.in/treasurymis/frmDDOLookup.aspx portal.

    About Accountant General Jharkhand
    Accountants General Jharkhand works under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India CAG and CAG works for Audit and Accounts Department of India. The AG Jharkhand works for the finance related works in state under the provisional constitution order 1947 and Article number 149 to 151. The duties of AG Jharkhand are to provide the transparent and fare accounts and audit works. The CAG handles and maintain the AG Jharkhand and responsible for all process. All the work process for citizens are uploaded in http://www.agjh.cag.gov.in.

    The AG keeps all accounts for departments and monitors all kinds of finance funds works along with their transactions. The department of CAG is also responsible to holds the process of audit for all the local bodies under the state govt of Jharkhand. The AG has various kinds of works and the organization has various other departments also.

    Works of AG Jharkhand
    The accountant general has mainly two parts in their body first is for citizens and second for audit. Both of parts handle all works in Jharkhand state. The accountant general provides the monthly civil accounts, annual accounts information and finance accounts of Jharkhand state. It’s also maintain all accounts details loans and control divisional accountants in Jharkhand as well.

    Citizen’s Corner
    In citizen’s section the AG Jharkhand provides various kinds of accounts and finance related services and provides the information to all employees who are working for state government here. The department is responsible to check and maintain their salary, loans and their balance. The citizens who are working with various departments in Jharkhand as the government employee the ag dept works to provide a specific user account and password which is known as General Provident Fund GPF. The gpf is account where every govt employee will have to deposit some part of their salary. As per the govt rules of finance dept CAG each employee will have to deduct 10% of their basic salary as gpf. After saving amount the employee can use that anytime after processing the withdrawal system.

    The AG department of Jharkhand has the right and recognizing by the CAG to handle all kinds of pensioners works prompt settlement. The dept is responsible to provide the various kinds of benefits to all citizens in state after retirement. The dept is also having authorized pensioner system via which all the cases will complete with in 2 months. The AG Jharkhand arranges to keeps safe the pension money of employee and arranges to provide that after the retirement.

    Audit Corner
    In this section the accountant and general of Jharkhand have various bodies through which the departments looks the works of all other organizations who comes under the state govt. The ag of Jharkhand is responsible to holds the audit process for all the state govt departments and their finance related works. The dept prepare the report of audit for revenue, civil and commercial departments through the rules and regulation by the CAG. It also provides the certification of finance audit report for state bodies in state and central. The ag Jharkhand is also responsible to provide the assistance for public accounts committee in state for audit reports.

    For more help you can contact to the AG Jharkhand head office through the below mention details:
    Contacts in Office of the Accountant Genera l(A&E)
    EPABX No. 0651-2412582 & 0651-2412942
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Reply with your comment here for more experts help or send us mail in [email protected]

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    Nazir hussain

    district provident fund

    gpf. account how to find i am not able to get any kind of good of mine. your process is good but still i have prob.

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    Ashison Guria
    DDO code-bkr/edn-014

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    ritesh kumar lsl
    Kindly send my uptodate gpf statement at [email protected]. and mobile no. 9470930301 gpf no.- SGB/CIVIL/374

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    Name Shrimohan choudhary

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    Please send my update gpf a/c status in mobile .My gpf a/c no.is JSP/COP/44 and my email id is [email protected]

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    Enquiry of own gpf account

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    Kindly send my up to date gpf statement on my e mail no dutt4.NAVEEN @g mail.com and SMS on my mobile no. 9431545171

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    Pankaj kumar deo dhanbad jharkhand gpf no. Dnb/edn 6973 l want to know that why don't I receive my message of gpf deduction from kuber system.

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    GPF statement for the year 2014-15

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