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Thread: paymaster.raj.nic.in Pay Master Rajasthan Salary Slip and Tax Calculator for Gazatted and Non-Gazatted Employees

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    paymaster.raj.nic.in Pay Master Rajasthan Salary Slip and Tax Calculator for Gazatted and Non-Gazatted Employees

    One of the partís in State Insurance and Provident fund Department SIPF Rajasthan has one more body under the finance department in state. The Secretariat govt of Rajasthan and NIC Department had made a website which is known as Paymaster NIC. The paymaster website is the portal where anyone employee who is working for state govt of Rajasthan can get their pay slip. The citizens who are having the GPF account through the SIPF dept they can able to check their status of account and can get the details of their money along with they can use the same ID to get their salary slip.

    About Paymaster Rajasthan Salary Slip / Pay Slip Portal
    The website has designed by Accountants Department to keep in mind user easy navigation. The portal of paymaster provides Gazzatted information of employee and also Non-Gazatted details. However the Paymaster portal is build by nic team of Rajasthan to only provide the Pay Details of All Employees of Secretariat. Anyone employee who belong to non-secretariat depts. will have to make their registration in it.

    In the portal the users are able to get their following information of GPF and Salary related:

    • Pay Slip / Salary Slip
    • Master Data
    • GA55A
    • Tax Calculator

    These all functions have provided by the Accountants Branch of Rajasthan to their employees. These all information has recorded and uploaded by the Finance dept after getting help through sipf Rajasthan. The official portal is paymaster.raj.nic.in to check all the information.

    About Official Website of Paymaster paymaster.raj.nic.in for Salary Slip
    The website is made by nic group team which has all the access to check information. After login in Paymaster user is able to get the Pay slip of their salary, Master Data where they can check all data related of their GPF and salary, GA55A is the section where you can check and calculate your whole annual income and check your grow rate along with interest amount and the last part is Tax Calculator where you can count your whole year income tax and other kinds of taxes which you need to pay the state govt of Rajasthan Tax Department.

    The design and web hosting is provided by NIC but the Chief Accounts Office of Secretariat Jaipur Rajasthan handle and maintain all kinds of contents / data related work. The portal is made to use in 1024 X 768 resolutions. You can get all the facilities by the website paymaster.raj.nic.in once you login in portal.

    How to Get Pay Slip in Rajasthan in Paymaster NIC paymaster.raj.nic.in Website
    To get the salary slip of your account you need the login ID and password after using that you will be able to check. Once you will enter on the page you can find the options which are above mention. See the process to get your pay slip below.

    => First you may have to visit on the page of http://paymaster.raj.nic.in/ here you will get a login page where you need to use your login and pass.

    => Login ID is your GPF account number which you had provided by your department and sipf Rajasthan for Indian Govt Services or for Rajasthan state govt services like for central govt services AIS/PF/RAJ/484 and under the state govt services 4872482.

    => You can also find your employee ID via the page http://paymaster.raj.nic.in/FindEmployeeEntry.asp where you will have to fill your name in given section and need to select the Gazatted and Non-Gazetted account type. After that click to the go option and get your employee information.

    => In the password section you have to use last 4 digits of your bank account number which you had registered in your GPF account for example if you bank account number is 123456789 so just use 6789 in the given place of your password.

    => Then click to the login option and get your pay slip, master data, GA55A or calculate your complete tax. However the official website is parted in gazatted and non gazatted section and you can just use one of them from where you belong (department Indian services / state govt or other services).

    Along with these of you want to change your current password then visit to the http://paymaster.raj.nic.in/ChangePasswordEntry.asp page where you need to enter your Login (GPF Account Number) then old password in next new password two times and click the option of submit.

    After all these process if you are having any issue you can call in free toll free help line number of state insurance and provident fund department through 1800 180 6268 number or you can also submit reply after this post. Here you will get help from experts also you can use e-mail option and can get the information through contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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    how do i download annual report of my last year for gpf account?

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    in the paymaster website you will get the master data option in the official page where you can download for all your last year gpf details.

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    what is process to get Gazatted employee pay slip of last month?

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    you need to use your user id and password in paymaster official website where you get the option to get the payslip.

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    getting error in page to login how can i open it?

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    Question Login is not possible throught CPF no.

    Dear Sir, I have CPF no. but there is no possibilities to access my pay slip. kindly confirm the solution of this prob.


    Himanshu Gupta

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    Rajasthan police

    sir how to get pay slip for police

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    Vikash poonia 1337 raj.police

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    How to get pay slip of secondary education, Rajasthan

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