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    www.agker.cag.gov.in Kerala GPF Status Statement and New Account Admission Application Accountant General AG

    Beautiful place in India south part and most greenery place Kerala which is indicate the name of Keralam. The state got their identity in November 1st 1956. The most of population use Malayalam language in their daily use. Also the state has total 38863 square km size where more than 33 Crore population live. The state border is attached from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Also the state has total 14 districts which have their capital in Thiruvananthapuram. The Kerala is also famous for tour and traveling. Every year tourists visits here this is the most powerful income source for Kerala state citizens. The history of state is so old where Chera Dynsty was the first rule here. The state belongs to south region and in the Thiruvananthapuram is also a biggest city here. In Government body the state has their own powerful govt in which Mr. Nikhil Kumar is working right now as Governor and Mr. Oommen Chandy is right now Chief Minister here. The state has their Legislature in Unicameral which have total 141 seats. In the ranking of area the Kerala stands in 21st number along in population the state has 12th Rank. More information about this beautiful place can get from the official govt website www.kerala.gov.in.

    About Accountants General Kerala Supreme Audit Institution of India (महालेखाकार केरल, सुप्रीम लेखा परीक्षण इंस्टीट्यूशन)
    Under the Comptroller and Auditor General India CAG (नियंत्रक एवं महालेखा सुप्रीम लेखा परीक्षण इंस्टीट्यूशन भारत) the organization Accountants General of AG Kerala (केरल के महालेखाकार) handle all kinds of finance related works of state under the govt departments. The department has their official website www.agker.cag.gov.in However the AG Kerala has founded by the articles 149 to 151 through the constitution of India (भारत का संविधान) and by the approval of Parliament (संसद) in the year of 1971. The AG Kerala has their head office in Trivandrum of Cochin. After the 1949 the Travancore and Cochin combined in one state and Mr. K Govinda Menon had placed as Sr. Dy. Accountant General in CCA of Cochin.

    The works of departments are very simple and transparent for all their citizens. The AG Kerala is responsible to handle all kinds of finance related works for those organizations who works under the Govt of Kerala. The AG dept handle all the civil and commercial audits as well and monitor all kinds of transactions in all state. The Principal AG Kerala takes complete care and lookup for all state accounting works for all the local bodies also. The accountant general has their head offices in Thiruvananthapuram, MG Road and has branches in Kozhikode, Thrissur, Kochi and Kottayam.

    After the Audit Department the Accountant General Kerala has one more part for Accounts and Entitlements A&E. Under the AG dept A&E works for all employees who are working in various sectors under the state govt. The AG organization is working in total twenty districts Treasuries in which have one hundred seventy one total Sub Treasuries along with the total one hundred sixty two PWD departments. The AG Kerala also handles accounting works for employees of more than hundred forest divisions.

    Right now the AG Kerala is continue providing accounting services and handling General Provident Fund Accounts GPF for more than 4 Lakh employees of state also the department is paying more than 46K authoring allowances for state. The AG department have authority also to keep maintain and providing the facilities after retirement of any employee as pensioner and it’s also combined with Aided Education Institutions.

    How to Apply for General Provident Fund GPF in Kerala (केरल में सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ के लिए आवेदन)
    The employees who had complete their 1 year with the services in any dept of Kerala govt can apply and fill the admission form of General provident fund online. The AG (A&E) Kerala maintain all kinds of GOF related works right for more than 4K employees. First you need to get an application form in prescribed format which you have to send in the head office of AG Kerala along with the statement of your salary and full details that you are a govt servant in state. You can also download application form from http://agker.cag.gov.in/images/ags/gpf_admission.pdf. After submitting the GPF admission form the AG Head office will contact to your department and will take the confirmation that you are working at their as full time employee. If you are a part time employee in any govt of Kerala organization in that case you need to be shows your CNT with number of department prefix. After these process you will get a centralized GPF account number as your ID and a pin which you can get from your department where you are working.

    You need to send your admission application form for New GPF to the ”Office of the Accountant General (A&E) Kerala, Post Box Number – 5607, MG Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Pin – 695039”.

    Also the employee is free to decide that how much salary he want to deduct from his salary as GPF saving. But you can not submit it less than 6% as per on your basic pay for part time working citizens and not less than 3% for citizens who are working with Kerala govt as full time.

    Also the Accountant General of Kerala provides you the facilities to get the various kinds of Advance Funds like Temporary Advance and Non Refundable Advance. After saving hug amount in your GPF you can take your final withdrawal while the time of your retirement for which you need to follow up with your department and need to apply in AG Kerala. For final withdrawal of your GPF account you have to download application form which is available in http://agker.cag.gov.in/images/ags/gpf_closure.pdf page.

    How to check status of General Provident Fund GPF (सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ की जांच)
    The information regarding to your GPF is available through the official website www.agker.cag.gov.in where you have to visit in the section of Accountant General (A&E) or follow the below given step by step process to check the your General Provident fund.

    @>> Go to the direct link of page to get the Status of your GPF fund.

    @>> After visiting in page in first section you have need to first select the GPF Account Department Code example CNT / AIT etc and in next of code box enter your GPF Number. Don’t give share your code and GPF account number with any other employee or person.

    @>> In second section use your PIN number and make sure that you are filling right pin code. While the time of login in page don’t show to anyone your pin number of your GPF account for security reason.

    @>> In the last section you need to enter the captcha security code which is a photo and then click to the Submit option. You must have to write code right either you account will ask you for login again on page.

    @>> After entering on page you will get the option for to check the status of your GPF account balance and other information also.

    These above given steps are to check the status of your general provident fund balance and the transactions. See the below given process to get the statement of your GPF account of Kerala.

    How to Get General Provident Fund GPF Account Statement (सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ अकाउंट स्टेटमेंट प्राप्त करने के लिए)
    After login in account of your GPF in Kerala at same page as per above given steps and process you will get other option to download the statement inside of you same account. Here you can also get the information regarding to your missing, credit and debit in your account. To get the statement you need to select the date for which you want to get the details of gpf and then click to the View option. You can also get the download option in the page and can take printout of it.

    How to Get General Provident Fund GPF Annual Statement (सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ वार्षिक विवरण प्राप्त करने के लिए)
    Every year the Accountant General Department closes their financial year and provides the statement for whole year of employees. To get this statement you will have to follow up with your organization and the AG Head office. In this you can check all kinds of your transaction in a year which starts as per the financial year Indian Govt Rules 01/04 to 31/03.

    How to Check General Provident GPF Missing Credits (सामान्य भविष्य जीपीएफ गुम क्रेडिट की जाँच करने के लिए)
    If you didn’t got any voucher or didn’t received any payment related to your GPF from the reasons by the Treasuries in that case you can also monitor your missing account balance. For which the AG department will take verification from you and will check your account. After that you need to send a report to your treasuries with the following information.
    • Name with details of your GPF account Number
    • Information Regarding to DDO where you are working right now
    • Details about your subscription or withdrawal or refund
    • Details about your salary and treasury voucher / Challan
    • Information regarding to your missing credit with voucher / amount / Challan
    • Your total balance in GPF account

    After that you will get a report and the AG dept of Kerala will solve your issue. These above given information is for all about your GPF and the details but if you want help for any other inquiry you can also contact in special Cell of help desk in accountant general Kerala. See the below given GPF account related help line number and address where you can meet with the staff person.

    Phone Number – 0471 2525650, 0471 2330311
    Address – Senior Accounts Officer “GPF Help Desk” Office of the Accountant General (A&E), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 039
    Apart from these if you want more help you can also submit online Complaint Grievances for which see the process below.

    How to Submit Online Grievances / Complaints for General Provident Fund GPF Kerala (सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ केरल के लिए ऑनलाइन शिकायत / शिकायतों सबमिट करने के लिए)
    If you have any issue regarding to your GPF account in that case you can submit your online Grievances and complaints through the page ks3dd here you can also submit your suggestions if you want to share anything related to GPF. See the below given step by step to submit your complaint or grievances.

    @>> Visit to the official website http://agker.cag.gov.in and select the option of File Tracking System.

    @>> In page you will get the option of Complaints / Suggestions and fill the options with your Name, wing where you are working right now and Address of your communication.

    @>> Fill you mobile / land line number and e-mail address. In next box enter your subject and details of your complaint and suggestions.

    @>> You must have to fill the Star (*) marked section and your subject must be not exceed more than 50 words. Also note that don’t write your complaint details more then in 1000 words.

    In last click to submit and take printout of your file which you need for future assistance. After submitting your grievance you are also able to check the status of your complaint for which you need to see the following process.

    How to check Status of complaint / Suggestions of General Provident Fund GPF Kerala (शिकायत / सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ केरल के सुझाव की स्थिति की जांच)
    Once you submit your complaint for anything in Kerala gpf you can check the status and progress report of that grievance for which you need to check the s3f page where use your complaint or suggestion ID number and then click to submit will get the status for it.

    If you are not satisfied with the work of department so can also contact to the staff through the following contact information.
    • Main Office Thiruvananthapuram

    Exchange Telephone No. 0471-2330311
    Email: agaukerala@cag.gov.in

    Important Notes before using Official Website for GPF (जीपीएफ के लिए आधिकारिक वेबसाइट का उपयोग करने से पहले महत्वपूर्ण नोट्स)

    <@> Trust and use only http://agker.cag.gov.in website to check and access any kind of data for your GPF and after using the website safely close that.

    <@> Do not share anything related to your GPF account with anyone. After making any changes in your account inform to your dept and AG Kerala.

    <@> You will also get the status of your complaint in your phone numbers / communication address which you had registered in account.

    <@> www.examresultinfo.com is only gives you the way to check the information after various kinds of research, study and taking help with the Accountant General Kerala Department persons. We do not promise to provide you any kind of soft / hard copy or we not responsible for any kind of error in official page.

    <@> If you found any error on official website http://agker.cag.gov.in report to your Department and AG Kerala.

    These above given all the information is useful more than lakhs of employees but if you need more expert help then reply your comment after this article or send your mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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    Sir I had done 1 year in Kerala Books and Publications Society and want to apply for the GPF new account. What all documents i need to submit with application form.

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    After getting the admission you have to get a latter form you dept and proof that you are working with organization from last 1 year.

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    How do i get new pass and new id once sending my application form

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    Send one copy of your application form in your office hr or clerical dept and one copy to the ag kerala.

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    You can contact to you dept and ag dept they will provide you the access to check your gpf account.

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    where i can get the application form for my Nomination of gpf.

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    the form for your nomination is available in http://agker.cag.gov.in/images/ags/gpf_nomination.pdf link download it and after filling submit to the accountant general kerala head office.

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    How do i get Departmental Enquiry Certificate and from where i can download application form for it.

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    checout the page http://agker.cag.gov.in/images/ags/dec.pdf to download application form.

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