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Thread: www.schooleducation.uk.gov.in Uttarakhand Teacher and Staff Transfer List School Board of Education

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    www.schooleducation.uk.gov.in Uttarakhand Teacher and Staff Transfer List School Board of Education

    Uttarakhand which means Uttar (उत्तर) + Khand (खंड) is located in north part of India where more than 68% is reserved with hills and forest. Most of the population belongs here from Garhwali and Kumaoni Region and use both of languages as their mother tongue. Half of the citizens are based from farmer’s families. The population of Uttarakhand is not too much because of lack of facilities here. Peoples are leaving from the state and moving in plain sides from cities. But the govt of Uttarakhand is trying to provide all kinds of facilities in hill side’s area so that from the last 3-4 years are still stable in state. However the Uttarakhand was the part of Uttar Pradesh in before history which had parted in 09th of November 2000 as the 27 number of state in India. The state is also known as the “Place of God” because of many holy Hindu Temples is situated here. Dehradun is the capital of state which is one of most fast growing city in India after partition of Uttarakhand. Right now Mr. Aziz Qureshi is working as Governor and Mr. Vijay Bahuguna (from Congress) is working as Chief Minister. As per the survey in 2011 total population were 10116752 and state has 19th place rank in India. www.uk.gov.in is official website of state where you can read more about the state Uttarakhand.

    In education field the state is also making their system strong and making their top place in India. However the state has most part in foothills of Himalaya Rang but still after that the percentage of Literacy is high. More than 80% total literacy has in state population in which more than 88% male population and more than 71% female populations are giving their part. As per the survey in 2011 total more than 15331 primary schools are running in all state where approximately 10040139 students are getting education. Also 22118 teachers are working on those schools. The state has also their govt and private schools, institutions along with primary / high / inter / degree / technical school and colleges. Mainly all schools and colleges are affiliated from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and CISCE.

    About Uttarakhand School Education Government of Uttarakhand
    The Uttarakhand School Board of Education which have official website www.schooleducation.uk.gov.in is working to provided all kinds of facility and information regarding to education in state. The website runs under the education department of Uttarakhand and maintains and develops by the NIC team of state. The school education Uttarakhand is responsible for all the works related to education in Uttarakhand. Under the state council of education research and training Uttarakhand board of school education works also under the directorate of school education. The website and board is also connected with the SSA and the goal is to provide the best education in all over state along with making growth rate high of literacy. The head office of board is located in Nanoorkhera Nalapani Road Post Office Tapovan Dehradun.

    More than 1 lakh employees are working with school education board SEB Uttarakhand right now in various places and posts like teacher, clerk, lecturer, principals and peon etc kind staff. See the below given some of list of works by the School education Board of Uttarakhand state.

    Works of School Education Uttarakhand Board –

    => Handling all kinds of works related of their staff like transfers of any teacher or other in side. Also various kinds of works with Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan / Sakshar Bharat Yojana.

    Providing the best education in state with quality and using the available resources

    Equality of education for all with teachers dignity and encourage to all for primary / secondary education.

    => The board official website also provides the School List and Updated Seniority List for all state along with the all kinds of fees structure.

    Handling all kinds of works for State Council for Education Research and Training SCERT Uttarakhand, Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE / ISCE.

    => Providing all kinds of results for technical / professional / board results to all and upgrade / opening of new schools in state.

    => Providing scholarship for encouragement of poor students and providing them text books / syllabus.

    => Handling all kinds of budget and accounts related works of school education Uttarakhand and basic schools information.

    => Upgrading and maintain the Computer education in state along with Rajiv Gandhi Vaodaya Vidhalaya / NCERT / Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan SSA / Govt Orders of Education in all over state.

    Here are some of above mention works comes under the School Education Board of Uttarakhand. All the data is visible and transplant for all citizens anyone can check any kind of details from official website. Apart from that most of the staff face problem to get their orders related to transfer, joining, promotion and any other information regarding to their post. So here we are telling you that how can you access in data of transfer list first.

    How to Check Transfer List of Uttarakhand
    Most of the staff in Uttarakhand regularly applies for their transfer, first joining and posting from one side to other side or one district to other district school in Uttarakhand. For that they need to apply through getting the application form from the official website and then need to fill it and then send one copy to your department or school and one copy of that application form to the School Education Board of Uttarakhand.

    Click Here >> Download Government Officials / Employees and Annual Transfer Policy Application Form (सरकारी अधिकारियों / कर्मचारियों के लिए वार्षिक स्थानान्तरण नीति एवं आवेदन पत्र)

    Click Here >> Download Uttarakhand Teacher (Secondary Education) first appointment, posting on Pdonntti and transfer rules 2013 and transfer applications(उत्तराखंड शिक्षक (विद्यालयी शिक्षा) प्रथम नियुक्ति, पदोन्नत्ति एवं स्थानान्तरण पर पदस्थापन नियमावली 2013 एवं स्थानान्तरण आवेदन पत्र)

    After getting application form and submitting it you will be get order from the school education govt of Uttarakhand which you can check in the section of latest update or new announcements. Right now the applicants who had applied recently in last 3-4 months can check the hot orders by got of Uttarakhand where they will get the information by their Mandal and District wise list. Here we are providing you list of transfer and new placement of staff order through the school education of Uttarakhand.

    Mandlwar / District wise Vacancy position (मंडलवार / जनपदवार रिक्तियों की स्थिती)
    Visit to the below given Mandal and district wise vacancies position and download the file in Excel for which you have to copy and paste the link in your internet browser and the file will automatically download.

    Kumaun Mandal (कुमायूं मंडल ) –

    • Lecturer Order to Pay (प्रवक्ता वेतन क्रम) – http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/Lect_Kumayun_Mandal.xls
    • Assistant Teacher (LT) (सहायक अध्यापक एलटी) - http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/LT_Kumayun_Mandal_1.xls

    Champawat (चम्पावत)

    • Primary and upper primary school (प्राथमिक एवं उच्च प्रथमिक विद्यालय) - http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/cpt_Final_compiled_dist_champawat_rikti2013(2003). xls

    Tehri Garhwal (टिहरी गढ़वाल) –

    • High primary X field and Y field (उच्च प्राथमिक X क्षेत्र एवं Y क्षेत्र) - http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/UPS_TEHRI_FINAL.xls
    • X field and Y field primary school (प्राथमिक विद्यालय X क्षेत्र एवं Y क्षेत्र) - http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/PS_TEHRI.xls

    Pauri – Garhwal (पौड़ी-गढ़वाल) –

    • Upper primary (उच्च प्राथमिक) - http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/rikti-ups(2003).xls
    • Primary (प्राथमिक ) - http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/files/ps_rikti(2003).xls

    Eligible list for transfers district wise / Mandlwar (स्थानान्तरण हेतु पात्रता सूची जनपदवार/मंडलवार)
    The above given links are for new joining and posting but the staff applicants of school education board of Uttarakhand had submitted their transfer in other district or school are able to check their list in blow given link page:
    • http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/latestupdate/index/131-Announcements

    The transfer list orders are available in above link for following area school teachers:

    1. Garhwal Mandal
    2. Kumaun Mandal
    3. Dehradun
    4. Rudraprayag
    5. Bageshwar
    6. Haridwar
    7. Pauri Garhwal
    8. Udham singh nagar
    9. Champawat
    10. Pithoragarh
    11. Almora
    12. Chamoli
    13. Tehri Garhwal
    14. Uttarkashi
    15. Nainital

    The teachers and staff who had applied for the transfer, new posting or placement of new joining can check all the area of Uttarakhand order list from school education board of Uttarakhand official page apart from these if you are not able to find your name in that case you may have to contact to the board of Uttarakhand education may be your application form is rejected. Note down the below given contact information of head office.
    Director (निदेशक)
    School Education Uttarakhand (स्कूल शिक्षा उत्तराखंड)
    Dehradun (देहरादून)
    Phone Number - 0135 – 2781440
    Fax Number – 2781903

    Beside of these information if you want more help you can also reply just after down of this post or send us mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    I had applied for transfer in August last year but still waiting for reply from dept of school education board uk.

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    Sir, Want to download my call letter for PGT recruitment.

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    Hi, i want to apply for scholarship via school education board where i can get information about that.

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    Information regarding to the scholarship can get from http://schooleducation.uk.gov.in/pages/display/67-scholarship

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    How we can submit application if we want to apply for transfer in other district.

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    Where i can get application form for new registration of my employment at head office.

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    When we can apply for new transfer in Uttarakhand for Clerk job post.

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    The govt orders regarding to transfer in state is given above check the link and apply now.

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    I want to check my name in transfer list

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