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Thread: www.agua.cag.gov.in Uttarakhand GPF Status Statement Online and SMS Grievance Registration

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    www.agua.cag.gov.in Uttarakhand GPF Status Statement Online and SMS Grievance Registration

    In the fast growing state list of India the Uttarakhand had made their best place. Now days the information technology is devolving day by day in country and Uttarakhand is also working on their IT field. The state govt is improving their all the departments with using best and fast technologies and citizens of Uttarakhand are getting too benefits from these. Now days if you want to book ticket, gas, or want to pay various kinds of bills can use the various online internet IT facilities by the state government. However the Uttarakhand is a full of hills but forest area and govt is facing various issues to making high tech their cities. In this step the Uttarakhand govt IT department and CAG which is also known as Comptroller and Auditor General of India department AGU Accountants General Uttarakhand had made a website to their citizens for GPF (general provident fund). More than 100000 employees are working right now in various places and departments of Uttarakhand who every month’s deduct their salary for their future which is known as PF (Provident Fund). After retirement or in case of need for money the govt employee can use their GPF and can get their savings which they had submitted to the Accountants General Uttarakhand.

    Every employee of state govt of Uttarakhand having a GPF account for which the Accountants General of Uttarakhand Department had provided him a GPF number and pin with using of that any employee can check their GPF status and can get the statement of their account. If you don’t have any GPF account and you are a govt employee in Uttarakhand in that case you need to follow up with you organization. But if you are having the account and you don’t have the access to get the online details so this article is very useful for you. Here we are going to tell you that how you can check the all details about your account through using the official website of Accountants General of Uttarakhand. Mainly the state govt have three official website to provide the all details related to the General Provident Fund of their state govt employees:

    • www.agua.cag.gov.in
    • www.ekosh.uk.gov.in &
    • www.gpfonline.uk.gov.in

    Here we are giving you the information that if you are still don’t have any idea how to check the status of your GPF account or how can you get the statement of your GPF then read the below given full information and step by step process to get it.

    About the Accountant General of Uttarakhand (कार्यालय प्रधान महालेखाकार (लेखा एवं हकदारी) उत्तराखंड)
    The Accnountant General of Uttarakhand had build in May 2002 of starting month which holds the process and factions of all kinds of transactions in all over the state. The Principal of GPF Office is located in Dehradun. In behalf of last survey by the Govt of Uttarakhand more than ninety eight thousand four hundred thirty (98430) govt employees of Uttarakhand are having the GPF account through the Accountant General. The GPF have their official website www.agua.cag.gov.in through which employees can check their GPF status and can get their salary slip. The AGU (Accountant General Uttarakhand) hold the all kinds of process and maintains works for all state bases treasuries. The citizens who are having General Provident Fund GPF can get all kinds of information regarding to their money using the page www.agua.cag.gov.in. Under the AGU various govt departments like UKPSC, UKSSC, forest Dept and Engineering Dept employees submit their fund can check the details about their GPF Statement.

    How to Use AGU Website to Get the Online GPF Services
    To get the GPF online services benefits you will have to register you name and need to make an ID for which you can access anytime in your details of Provident Fund. See the below given step how you can login in portal and can get the status along with statement of your GPF

    In the process to check the GPF online and Statement of your Provident fund you can use two processes:
    • Uttarakhand GPF Status and Statement via Online GPF UK Portal
    • Uttarakhand GPF Status and Statement via Short Message Services (SMS)
    • Uttarakhand GPF Status and Statement via Pull Short Message Services (Pull SMS)

    See the below given both of steps one by one with information that how can you use both of services to know about your GPF.

    GPF Status and Statement via Online Website –
    In the online procedure to get the information of your GPF in Uttarakhand you will have to login first official website of GPF Online and then need to follow the below mention steps.

    => First go to the page of www.gpfonline.uk.gov.in or you can also use the website www.agua.cag.gov.in where you have to select the option of “Citizen Charter” in the section of “Principal Accountant General (A&E)”

    => After that you need to select the Series of your GPF for example JU / JAU / IRRIUA etc in first section on the page of GPF online Uttarakhand.

    => In second box you will have to enter your GPF number which you got from your organization for your GPF account in Uttarakhand for example 412423.

    => In the third and last section use the PIN number / Personal Identification Number of your GPF. If you don’t have your pin number in that case you can contact to the DDOs where your pin is already available and if you don’t want to go their in that case you need to use http://gpfonline.uk.gov.in/frmpinno.aspx where you have to fill your date of birth and GPF number.

    => After all these steps you can login in you GPF account and can check all kinds of information regarding to provident fund which you want.

    Uttarakhand GPF Status and Statement via Short Message Service (SMS GPF) –
    In this service you can register you number in Accountants General of Uttarakhand and can access through your phone anytime anywhere to check your GPF account and status of amount. For this you need to follow some mention below steps.

    => Go to the official website of www.agua.cag.gov.in where you will get the option to register your number in home page click on that.

    => After that a popup window will come where in the given sections you have to enter your GPF Series Number first.

    => In second section use you need to enter you GPF number which you had got in the account.

    => Last box need to fill with your mobile number and click on the register button.

    => After these all process you will be able to get SMS every time when GPF will come in your account. The all kinds of statement will comes on your phone number which you had registered on the website of www.agua.cag.gov.in.

    Uttarakhand GPF Account Status and Statement via Pull Short Message Service (Pull SMS GPF) –
    In this step you will get a specific number to get the details about your GPF account. You will get a number where you will have to send message via writing some letters. You can get the Current status, debit status and missing status of your account via using this service. See the mention below process to get your GPF details through Pull SMS.

    => Check Current Status of GPF - To get details of your Current Status of GPF in Uttarakhand you will have to send Pull SMS for which you have to go in your write box of phone type GPFUK<then one time space>CURRENT<then one time space>GPF Series number (don’t use space bar while the time of typing the GPF series number). For example => GPFUK CURRENT JU324562 and then send it to 09212357123.

    => Check Debit Status – To get the details of Debit status via using the Pull SMS service you will have to use same process like above need to type in your message type box GPFUK_DEBIT_GPF (series number) and sent it to the same number 09212357123.

    => Check missing Status – To check the missing status you need to use the same stapes like above for example GPFUK MISSING JU41234 and send it to the 09212357123.

    Here we had updated all information regarding to check your GPF status and statement online and through the Phone SMS services. But still if you have any question or you are having any issue regarding to your GPF in that case you can submit your complaint in the Uttarakhand Grievance and Monitoring System through visiting in official website of dept see the below given step by step process that how can you fill the complaint regarding to your issue of GPF.

    How to Submit Online Grievance Registration Form
    => To submit your complaint for any issue of GPF you need to check the official website of Uttarakhand - Principal Accountant General (A&E) Online Grievance Redress System for State Govt. Employees relating to GPF and Pension through the http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp link.

    => After visiting on the official page click to the option of “Lodge Your Grievance Online” now you will get the page http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/complaint_online.asp this.

    => In the registration form page you have to fill it with your required information like with name, complaint relating to (pension or GPF) your PPO number, address, phone number, mail ID, working office or retired department address.

    => After that write subject of your complaint and fill the details of your complaint and issue (not more than in 400 words). After that you need to select the AG office where you want to submit your registration form and select the subject category (from pull down menu).

    => You can also attach the screen shots or any kind of attachment related to your complaint if you have and then click to the submit button.

    => This is the process to file any complaint related to your GPF but if you already submitted any registration form and want to check the status of that application form for that you need to check the below given step by step process.

    How to Check Status of Grievance
    => Visit on the same website http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/main.asp of AGU Uttarakhand GPF department and select the option of “View status of your grievance”

    => After that you will get the http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/Status.asp page where you have to use your Enter Alloted Registration Number or PPO Number or GPF Number or also can use your Mobile number.

    => The click to the submit option and check the status of your already filed complaint for your GPF account related.

    These above processes is for only Online Grievance Redress system department must read the following mention important notes before using any of www.agua.cag.gov.in www.ekosh.uk.gov.in or www.gpfonline.uk.gov.in official website.

    Important Notes –

    [*] = Use and trust only official website to get any details of your GPF and don’t share your pin GPF number with anyone for security.

    [*] = Don’t use any kind of wrong page in official site or don’t fill any wrong information because the all websites are under the monitoring department.

    [*] = www.examresultinfo.com had just gave you the ways to get the information we do not promise to provide any kind of hard / soft copy of your personal details related to anyone.

    [*] = While the time of using online grievance registration form you must have to fill all the areas with the mark of red star (*).

    [*] = In grievance registration page fill your current using phone number and e-mail ID because you will get Acknowledgement on that.

    Apart from these information if you want to know more about the Accountants General Uttarakhand then you can contact to the staff through visiting in office and calling in below mention numbers.

    Office of the Principal Accountant General, Uttarakhand
    Oberai Motors Building,
    Saharanpur Road, Majra.
    Dehradun Uttarakhand
    Phone: 0135-2644967
    EPABX: 0135-2644967
    E-Mail: agaeuttarakhand@cag.gov.in
    Fax 0135-2643683

    Or to contact in Directorate of Treasury and Finance Services E-Kosh Uttarakhand then contact to the staff person use the free help line number 18002662277.

    You can leave your comment in reply of this post if you want to ask any question from expert or send your mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    There i had changed my phone number and there was my last number registered in GPF account so how can i change that.

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    Sir, I got transfer from Chamoli Uttarakhand to Uttar Pradesh and dept is telling me to contact to the AG UK. How can i get more information about it.

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    Hi, I had sent a mail regarding to change my address of house but still i didn't got any reply.

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    What is the process to get the GPF account amount

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    Sent sms in given number but didn't got any reply

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    Annual report want to find where i can get it for submit in office.

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    Ashok Kumar


    how do i find my gpf statements of this year.

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    rajesh jugran


    Rajesh jugran

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    jodh singh

    gpf account number

    [QUOTE=Unregistered;3840]What is the process to get the GPF account amount[/QUOT

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