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    jharbhoomi.nic.in Jharkhand Online Land Records ROR Apna Khata Mutation Dakhila Kharij Application and Bhu Naksha Map Download

    According a report published in a newspaper the revenue department of Jharkhand government instructed to all revenue offices for making the mutation works online for property and land owners in state. As per the report published in 2013 the the chief secretary Mr. RS Sharma has raged for the slow process of land records digitalisation. The work for making all the records online was done by the JSAC and ZAP IT team. on the works of both agencies the chief secretary expressed frustration. In the same year the ministry reviews the state of digitisation of land records works and instructed to the officials to speed up this. The chief secretary also instructed to the revenue department for making centralised centre where the department can keep all the digital format of land records online. After asking for the hard copy land records from all the districts the department installed the software and uploaded all the data in the centralises centres server.

    Deputy Commissioner of the land mafia ryots online posting and register-to for relief, the scheme throughout the year, almost two and a half months left in the current year budget to be spent under the pension and social security to prepare the final list of beneficiary ordered. Collector Mukesh Bansal tehsil of Raigad district on the initiative of the district's missile computerised records have been uploaded on the website. Snap through the website details of their ancestral lands will be able to click the computer mouse. Missal from computer records officer to verify raised will be erected on the basis of caste certificate.

    District administration and mutilated the very old Missal record, map and missile endowment map lamination also made it safely to the great care, so that it could secure vital record years. The Collector said Missal records and other land record offices around people may not find. Missal could record them effortlessly. In keeping with this aim it has been online. The district missal which has been recorded online that is for 1923 - 24 and 1924 - 25. through this website the the landowners also can get the information of khasara (measles) P - 2 (khatauni B - 1) online. The information according to the land records branch in this tehsil total 155 villages, in Pusur 148, in Gharghoda 82, in Tamara 117, in Lelunga 119, in Gharmjaygarh 184, in Barmkela 247, in Sarngarh 285 and in Kharsiya tehsil 138 villages are covered.

    The remaining approximately 35 villages Missal also be uploaded shortly. After opening the website Raigad district Missal arrangements, the Missal map, the option appears rights record. Clicking this district, tehsil, and village of Mandal Revenue Inspector box opens. The desired information via the computer mouse to select the right click option is to fill in the space. After that the missile-related records on the screen seems to be fully aware of. Click on the name of the person your ancestor missile can print record. Missal record all land owners in the village such as the measles number of details of land, soil type, land owner's name release sheets, small and big tree forests, populated land, government land, road, full information is available to the population.

    The list is long land disputes. To achieve this record or the settlement of disputes. But the Karnataka government initiatives in this direction, bringing colour. To facilitate the management of records of land and other land for the project was launched online, which proved to be a boon to farmers. "There are ways," introduced today in the series in the National Informatics Centre. It takes years to settle disputes land cases in the country. Not only this to gain the records of property the owners have to go various times in the government offices repeatedly. To overcome from this problem of the people and for transparency in the functioning of the department of land records the state government of Jharkhand has launched online land records project for providing facility associated with department and management.

    After the implementation of the scheme in the maintenance of land related documents to facilitate transparency and the citizens began to improve. Department officials also prohibiting arbitrary helped. Along with the increase in government revenue. Almost all states in the country to implement the plan of Karnataka information model to be implemented in their state plans. Revenue Department with National Informatics Centre (NIC) began the project with technical assistance from the state land. Under the state's 67 million farmers grassroots million records were computerised. Under the plan, the application of land-line mutations due to begin wide-scale public authorities special powers reduced. Farmers can now view the database and the application can get information about.

    According to a report in 210 regions of Jharkhand the state government will provide the connectivity through VSAT. For connecting the revenue offices with each other these steps and system is being the measure. In the state there are a total of 210 zones available, in which the computerisation and other work is being done to establish the linkage. Zap-IT through the agency of the Department of Information Technology in these offices VSAT facility is being provided. Zap IT installation of the VSAT work order has been given. All offices in the next six months will be added together. Revenue and Land Reforms Department Secretary is directed to expedite the work. He said to the Jharkhand Space Application Centre, NIC and ZAP IT officials to work seriously on VSAT application. The chief secretary also expressed displeasure over the interconnectivity between revenue office.

    From the side of revenue and land reforms department modern record rooms will be set up in 38 blocks and 24 districts. It has also been implemented on behalf of Zap IT. The request for proposal (RFP) on behalf of zap IT has ben prepared.The deputy commissioners of the districts also ordered to earmarked the space for record rooms. In the first phase the record rooms will be made in the 8 districts from 10.

    Land records room of the district will be modern. The district administration has started its preparation. The new system will be easier to start out on the land document, just a click of the computer mouse on the paper will get. This feature will soon be public. According to the records room Modern Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar proposals have been sent to the state government. As soon as approval is received, work will begin. According to Kumar, the documents how to protect the land, the country is seeking proposals from well-known companies. The state government has provided 25 million rupees administration. A certified copy of the documents relating to land people who are manually. Posting of land and register-2 remains poor. It said the document digitisation employees who are so ravaged that it is reversible too scared. There is too difficult to read.

    Authorities Collectorate for modern record rooms on the ground floor of the A-block room number 105, 107 and the room is marked on Cell personnel. According to the additional collector Shailendra Kumar red record room look modern rooms have been written for giving NIC. NIC's CEO has sought details from the administration. The administration is preparing to make room for a new record. The land has been identified. This proposal was presented to the government in 2011. However, for technical reasons it was delayed. This will cost around Rs 1.5 crore. For years, the poor are housed revenue for safeguarding important documents in modern cyber Collectorate record room is being prepared. After all paper documents to computerised records will be placed in compact lock. It will stop manipulating documents, which must also record, he will get from the computer. Moreover, the dispute over the application of the computerised record certificate copy will immediately available for land owners.

    These all being under the land records and settlement department of National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP). After working for several months running Collectorate two large rooms on the second floor comprising a large room is ready. Given the safety record of the four computerised doors have been installed. The thumb impression will open and will be closed. It will be known who walk in the record room. Moreover, the line will be recorded in the future, which no one will see. With computerised records will be easier to find. After completely ready to record the settlement in the land, mutation register, revenue records related to any computer with a single click will be revealed. Yet the related party Patwari had to go to the Tehsil office. Even become free.

    @> The same application will be receiving a certified copy of the document in the specified period.

    @> How old is the record, maintaining employee and officer is able to see immediately.

    @> Revenue related records such as land settlement, mutation, measles, B-forest, land disputes will be immediately connected to the document.

    @> Various decisions made by magistrates to view or receive verified copy will not wander.

    @> Some sort of record, rather than the computerized copy of the original copy of the will.

    @> Increase transparency, land or property would reduce the possibility of disputes.

    As in other districts, the modern record keeping systematic records room is being prepared. Currently, equipment etc. are being installed. Work will be completed in a few months. It will be organised by computerised records. Relating to the application will get a certified copy. When you need to find records employees will have trouble.

    How to Check Online Land Records in Jharkhand
    The Jharkhand government and state IT team developed the online software called VASUDHA under the revenue department. The online website of vasudha land records developed the software in jhr.nic.in/lrms/ page where the citizens can get the complete details of their property online. The official website of department distributed in 12 parts and services for the land / property owners as the following below mentioned:

    • Dashboard
    • New Releases
    • Check Your Khata / Account
    • Check Register II
    • Check Khata / Account and Register II
    • Online Application
    • Data Entry Report
    • Bhu - Naksha / Land Digital Map
    • Jharkhand State Website
    • Login

    =@= Section 1 - Dashboard
    The dashboard section on the http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/ website has given the information about all e-Mutation status, total mutations done with district wise data, checking the application status of mutation online,total pending cases at all level, daily status of revenue department work and numbers of total circle with online mutation with district wise information. In this section citizens can check all the details of department works and can also check the status of application which submitted by any property owner for the land mutation or dakhil khaarij. To check this you have to select the district name, circle, year or session and case number after which have to click on the button of Get Status. After this you will be able to track the application status. Visit to the below given to get the dashbard of vasudha website now.

    Click Here for Vasudha Dashboard > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/Default.aspx

    =@= Section 2 - New Releases
    In this section of new release the citizens can check all the latest news and events information online in jharbhoomi.nic.in. You can get all the notification released by the department regarding to the land records, staffs, recruitment news, and information for all changes done by the department in the software of checking the land records online. This section keeps all the government orders, laws, amendments notification and any new changes for the website under the revenue department of Jharkhand. Visit to the below given link to get the new releases and notifications by the department of revenue Jharkhand.

    =@= Section 3 - Check Your Khata / Account
    In this section of apna khata or your account under the vasudha software of online land records of Jharkhand you can get a map. In this section of apna khata on the website of land records state you can select first your district name, after that you have to select the block name from the next page given bhunaksha / map online. Check the below given steps for apna khata procedure online.

    @) For example you want to check the land details of Ranchi district select the name in the map first. After selecting the district name now here you can get a new page with the block map where you have to again select your block name, and in the next new page you can get complete section for searching apna khata online.

    @) In this new page first you have to select the halka name and then have to select the type of land. After that you have to use the virtual keyboard to search the village name. In last select one option from check khata with name in all mauja, check khata with all khasara numbers, search the khata / account number and search the khata / account holder person’s name.

    Name:  JH LAND 1.jpg
Views: 99903
Size:  114.6 KB

    @) After giving all these information click to the search khata option on the page and you can check the complete khata details online on the Jharkhand land records department under the revenue department of state.

    Visit to the below given link to get the apna khata / your account page on the official website of vasudha land records:

    Click Here for Apna Khata Online in Jharkhand > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...strictMap.aspx

    =@= Section 4 - Check Your Register II
    In this register section to check online you have to again search the district name from given map on this page. After that have to select your tehsil or block name. After that you can get a new page where you have to enter the halka name, mauja name, current part and current page number. After giving these information you have to select one of option from the search name with rabat, search with number plate, search khata / account number or according to all register II. After that you have to click on the search option through which you can check your register / panji II on the official portal of Jharkhand land records. Visit to the below given link to reach on the search for register II in the vasudha official online software of revenue department.

    Click Here for Register II View Online > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...strictMap.aspx

    =@= Section 5 - View Khata / Account and Register
    In this page section you can get the options to search the khata number according to the khatiyan and register II. On this page first you have to select the option from khatian or register 2 and after that have to select your district name, anchal / block name, halka name, mauja name, khata number and type of land. After filling all these information you have to click on the option from the khatiyan or register 2 through which you can check the complete apna khata Jharkhand details online. Visit to the below given link to get the page of khata and register 2 on the vasudha online official software under the Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

    Click Here for Apna Khata and Register 2 > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...SROR_REG2.aspx

    Name:  JH LAND 2.jpg
Views: 98563
Size:  48.6 KB

    =@= Section 6 - Online Application
    The online official software of vasudha also has given the option for submitting the online application for any type of procedure. In this section first you have to select your district name and then have to write the circle name. After that you have to select the option from whatever you want to get the acknowledgment receipt for that request which you already submitted in department or you want to apply for any new process in department. Visit to the below given link for submitting your online application form for any type of request in Revenue and Land Reforms Department of Jharkhand state.

    Click Here for Online Application > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...torScreen.aspx

    =@= Section 7 - Status of Online Application for Dakhila Kharij or Mutation
    In this section of checking the status of application first you have to select the district name under the Jharkhand state from the given map on the vasudha website.After selecting the district select the block name and through this you will be able to get a new page in a new section where to check the status of application for mutation you have to enter the year and have to select one of the option of all requests, all pending requests, all disposed off, all objected cases, all rejected cases, date wise data, case wise and by applicant’s name. Here you can select the last option by applicant’s name after which you have to write your name and then have to click on the search option. Visit to the below given link for checking the status of application for mutation or dakhila kharij in Jharkhand state.

    Click Here for Mutation Application Status > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...&circlecode=01

    Name:  JH LAND 3.jpg
Views: 98363
Size:  51.2 KB

    =@= Section 8 - Data Entry Report
    In this section of data entry report of official website the land owners can check the all ROR wise entry status for district wise. The property owners can get the information that how many cases and ROR entry has been done by the Revenue and Land Reforms Department of Jharkhand state government. Visit to the below given link to get the complete data entry report of ROR in the state.

    Click Here for Data Entry Report > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...essReport.aspx

    =@= Section 9 - Bhu Naksha or Online Digital Map of Land
    The revenue department’s official website software of vasudha also has given the online digital map or bhunaksha / bhu-naksha. To get the online naksha of land or property first visit to the below given link where you can get bhu-naksha page online. Here you have to select the district name, circle name, mauza name and in the location section and then have to enter the plot number in the plot information section. After this you can take the printout of your land map also. Visit to the below given link to check the bhunaksha online now.

    Click Here for Online Bhunaksha / Digital Map > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in:8080/bhunakshaweb3/

    =@= Section 10 - Jharkhand State Official Website
    This will redirect you on the page where the revenue department published the list of all districts official websites under the Jharkhand state government. This section of revenue department’s official portal has given the official websites of Bokaro, Chatra, Deoghar, Dhanbad, Dumka East, Garhwa, Giridih, Godda, Gumla, Hazaribagh, Jamtara, Khunti, Koderma, Latehar, Lohardaga, Pakur, Palamu, Ramgarh, Ranchi, Sahibganj, Seraikella, Simdega, Singhbhum, West Singhbhum districts. Visit to the below given link to get all listed districts official portal section.

    Click Here for District Websites > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/...rDistrict.aspx

    =@= Section 11 - Login Service
    The last section is given for the login service for the departmental person. In this section the official departmental persons can get the dakhil kharij application submit process along with the data entry, upload event, report and register II printout facility. This

    Click Here for Dakhil Kharij / Mutation > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrms/
    Click Here for Data Entry / Upload Event > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/data_entry_status/Login.aspx
    Click Here for Report > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/data_entry_status/NewLogin.aspx
    Click Here for ROR Register II > http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/BashudhaROR/newlogin.aspx

    In the above given section you have to first enter the username, password, district name, block name and security code number. In case you are not having the login id and password you can register now option through which you can get the access details. For registration you have to go in http://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrms/CreateNewUser.aspx page and have to fill it with all required information.

    Here I had provided you complete step by step procedure for checking the online land records in the Jharkhand through using the VASUDHA software of Revenue and Land Reforms Department under the state government but apart from this if you need more help you also can contact to the departmental person Shri K K Soan (I.A.S) who is working as the Secretary in Revenue & Land Reforms section by using their office phone number 2400767 and mobile number 9431708883 or send your mail in revenue_prinsec@yahoo.co.in apart from him you also can contact to Shri Harsh Mangla (I.A.S) who is working as Director in LR & M section by calling in 2401716 office phone numbers or in 8084980808 personal mobile number. Before using the landline number of any departmental person you have to use std code of Jharkhand 0651.


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