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    How to download SSSM ID from Samagra Siksha Portal

    I was filling scholarship form of my younger brother, he Got admission in Jabalpur engineering collage which is govt collage He got admission computer science in B.Tech When I was filling the application form for scholarship I found that He needs SSSM ID at the time of filling this form. couple of years ago we registered in Samagra Portal. But before 2 years ago we lost our father who was farmer, I am working in a private company in Bhopal, I was taking care of my family mother younger brother. But the fee of engineering collage is very high so we cant afford it, so we need scholarship, but for this we need SSSM ID perhaps it is called Samagra member ID from Samagra Siksha Portal.
    Please do me a favour and let me know what is the procedure to find it online as I am living in Bhopal and my younger brother is in Jabalpur. Thanks

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    Samagra Scheme By Madhya Pradesh Government:

    Aim of Samagra:
    The following points are important to describe the aim of this scheme
    1:- Govt of MP started this scheme to assist the poor and economically weaker section its aim is to Planning and rationalization of rates of assistance.
    2:- According to this its aim to simplify the rules and procedures of social security to poor, old age labor, worker, Girls widows and children’s depending to them etc.
    3:- In this government is simplifying and providing schemes to all people by the medium of the Samagra portal and making database of beneficiary families.
    4:- Its aim to provides help to beneficiaries to a fix time period so that they can get the help on time.
    5:- It’s aim to avoid paper work formalities repeatedly.
    6:- To receive assistance at least time Samagra provides e-banking to Beneficiaries.
    7:- To assist Disable people, people who are living in remote area etc
    8:- To check and verify the Transparency and regular review of plans.

    What Is Samagra ID and How to get It:-
    Samagra Id is for poor Disabled, BPL or destitute people or girls widow, This schemes started by Madhya Pradesh state government aim to provide faster assistant to all people. T get the benefits under this plan citizen of the MP state should get Samagra ID. By concerned Panchayat/ district/municipal corporation level, also people can get information of Family Samagra Id from Samagra portal which http://samagra.gov.in/.
    For this You need to select your area information in Samgra Portal.

    Samagra Family ID and Samagra Member ID (SSSM ID):
    In this portal when we register of Family ID or membership Id The portal generate automatically 8 Digits Samagra Family ID (Pariwar ID) and 9 Number of member Id, These ID are unique and these can be used to get any type benefits under the government schemes. These both ID’s are unique.

    Samagra Family And Resident Id’s
    1:- Samagra Id is provided my the MP govt its free of cost for poor and weaker section widow girls etc
    2:- Govt providing Samagra ID for all families who are living in Madhya Pradesh.
    3:- In this family member details like economy caste, income etc all types of information related to family and family members are created updated and managed by the concerned local bodies like Panchayat, municipal corporation etc.

    Process To Get Your SSSM ID:
    To get your Identification first of all you need to check and verify that your family is not already registered with SAMAGRA PORTAL.

    In case of missing registration the following bodies are responsible for this:
    1:- For rural area the Gram Panchayat Secretary, Janpad panchayat is responsible for this.
    2:- for urban area population the Ward/Zone of Urban body is responsible.

    They can update family/resident’s member’s profile/data

    PDS shop wise list of families also available at nfsa.samagra.gov.in

    You can also get this ID from Samagra.gov.in portal by searching member name (but member name should not be very common).
    Also Family Id can get by searching member Id or Member Id can be search by family Id visa versa.

    Submit new query in "Ask Question" section of this website and we will reply you as soon as possible we can.

    You also can get help via mail or live chat in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com where our team members will reply you as soon as possible.

    NOTE - Register on this website so that after submitting the query you can get notification automatically from us.

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    Faimily id 24136217se sssm id

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    my name is Anwar ali I am from Muslim community

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    sssmid no of ananya mishra class 7th D

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    AL 5769


    Pariwar id 34103791

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