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    Hello User!

    The online official website of revenue department under the government of Karnataka state provides the online facility of verification for any type of certificate such as the caste, income, domicile etc. The citizens can visit to the NADA KACHERI portal where they can enter their acknowledgment number.

    After submitting the application form in the department the candidates will be provided the acknowledgment number through which they can track and check the status of their application form online. The official website of nada kacheri is connected through the revenue department which works to find the records of all types of certificate.

    Click Here to Check Status & Verification of Caste / Income Certificate

    NOTE – Provide us your acknowledgment number and we will provide you the verification report of your certificate. Submit your comment below or leave your new query in the Ask Question section. Also register on this website so that after submitting the comment or query you can get the notification via e-mail regarding to solution.
    Online Help -
    @> Submit new query in "Ask Question" section of this website and we will reply you as soon as possible we can.
    @> You also can get help via mail or live chat in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com where our team members will reply you.

    NOTE - Register on this website so that after submitting the query you can get notification automatically from us.

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    Hello, when i checked the my application status it showed my certificate is showing that 'this certificate is not valid unless the person has confirmed' what does that mean is my certificate valid or verified, plz let me know.

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    Hello..even mine shows d same..is our certi valid?

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    For me its showing same status

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    Hello sir/madam,I want to know the RD number of my caste certificate N119656371.Please send the no to my mail.neelts576@gmail.com

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    RD number

    Hello sir/madam want to know my caste certificate RD number ..plz send to neelts576@gmail.com

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    Verification of Income and Caste Certificate in Karnataka (Bangalore)

    Verification of Income and Caste Certificate Online in Bangalore (Karnataka)As we all know that there is increase in fraud cases of certificate. The government of Karnataka take respective measures to stop fraud cases of issue of certificate. The government provides online service of verification of certificate. The Nadakacheri is an official website developed by the goverenmt of Karnataka to provide them service of verification of certificate. Through this service you can verify any certificate as income certificate, birth certificate, caste certificate; death certificate etc. this service is available for all kinds of certificates. The Nadakacheri also provide you several other services like applying for certificate. It provides online application for applying for certificate. For verification of certificate you require acknowledge number. You can verify your certificate online. You can also check status of your application of certificate through this website. The official website of Nadakacheri is known as nadakacheri.karnataka.gov.in. The official website of Nadakacheri is connected with revenue department of Karnataka and provides you service of application for certificates. You can also verify your certificate by vision to your nearest CSC centre. Below, check steps for verification of certificate. Procedures for Verification of Income and Caste Certificate Online: -Those who want to verify their certificate, any certificate as caste certificate, income certificate, birth certificate and others need to visit to official website of Nadakacheri, Karnataka. Click Here for Nadakacheri, Karnataka ->>> http://www.nadakacheri.karnataka.gov.in/ On this page click on Nada Office Certificate Verification option, it will help you in verification of your certificate. Click Here for Verification of Certificate ->>> You require acknowledge number for verification of certificate. Enter your Acknowledge Number and tick on Read Barcode. Next scan your certificate barcode and click on Verify Barcode button for verification of barcode. Click on Show Certificate to check your certificate details. You can also take print of your certificate details. It will provide you result of verification of certificate. Here check steps for verification of income and caste certificate. You can verify your any certificate through above given steps. Read all steps carefully and then proceed for future reference.
    Thanks & Regards
    Vipin Tyagi

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    What is acknowledgement no i m nt getting

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    Income certificate verification process.

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