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    AG Maharashtra

    Maharashtra - AGMAHA GPF Status Balance Missing Credit and Pension Status Nomination Phone IVRS Number agmaha.nic.in

    1. The Comptroller and Auditor General shall one of India, Whom shall be appointed by the President by warrant signed by his hand and seal, and his post will be removed only in the manner and on the same grounds, on that the supreme court judge will remove from his / her post.

    2. Every person who is appointed Comptroller and Auditor General of India, before assuming his office, before the President or the person appointed by him in that behalf, for the purpose in the Third Schedule oath according to the form or affirmation shall your signature on it.

    3. Comptroller and Auditor General's salary and other conditions of service shall be such as, the parliament may by law determine and, until they are so determined, until then, be such, as specified in the Second Schedule, but the Comptroller and Auditor General's salary and absence, pension or age of retirement in respect of its rights shall not be varied to his disadvantage after his appointment.

    4. Comptroller and auditor general of India after he as ceased to hold office, government of India or under the Government of a State not shall be eligible for any other position.

    5. This Constitution and subject to the provisions of any law made by Parliament, the persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department and the Comptroller and Auditor General of the conditions of service shall be such as administrative powers, after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General may be prescribed by rules made by the President.

    6. The administrative expenses of the office of Comptroller and Auditor General, under which persons who served in that office or payable in respect of the salary, allowances and pensions, shall be charged upon the Consolidated Fund of India.

    Comptroller and Auditor General and the States of the Union and any other authority, body in relation to the accounts shall exercise such powers and perform such duties; Law made by Parliament as may be prescribed by or under it, unless provision is made in that behalf, until then, in relation to the accounts of the Union and the States shall exercise such powers and perform such duties; which before the commencement of this Constitution Respectively, of the Dominion of India and Auditor General of India in relation to the accounts of the provinces were provided to or by him were mentioned.

    The accounts of the Union and the States shall be kept in such form, in which the President on the advice of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, prescribe. Comptroller and Auditor General of India reports on the accounts of the Association shall be presented to the President, which he laid before each House of Parliament. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India reports on the accounts of a State of the State Governor will be presented to the Legislature of the State to be laid before them.

    Comptroller and Auditor General of India, is the head of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department. The AG has been appointed under the provisions of the Indian Constitution. Article 148 (3) and 149 of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India under the follow-up to the terms of service, powers and duties have been prescribed by an Act of Parliament. Principal Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement), Maharashtra State Comptroller and Auditor General of India in relation to fix perform the functions of the accounting and entitlement. Before starting to install the Principal Accountant General Accountant General, Office, Bombay was established in 1 May 1858. In 1 November 1858, a branch office was manufactured in Nagpur, which in August 1972 was fully upgraded to another Accountant General's office.

    In 1984, in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department has forked their audit activities. This resulted from 1st March 1984 Current Principal Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) -I, Maharashtra, Mumbai and Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) -II, Maharashtra, Nagpur came into existence. Working in offices these accounts and entitlements based on geographic distribution and some of their actions were something. From 07-08-2009 Accountant General (A&E) -1, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Principal Accountant General (A&E) -1, Maharashtra, Mumbai has been advanced. Principal Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) - I, Scope of Maharashtra Greater Mumbai and western Maharashtra's 14 districts. These, group officers, welfare officers, branch officers and their duties and obligations is based on the support of other staff. Functional part of the four different types of office, administration, pension, provident fund accounts and the three groups are kept under official. Office and its staff to meet the requirements of beneficially management is done by the Welfare Officer.

    The Principal Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) – I Maharashtra, Mumbai is located on near of Church gate station, Old
    CGO Complex Maharishi Karve Road. From October 2004 to the Office of the Pensions Group ISO 9001: 2000 certified be tailored. Principal Accountant General and the Office of the current name of supervisory authorities –
    • Principal Accountant General – Mrs. Mridula Spru
    • Senior Deputy Accountant General (Administration and Pension) – Mr. B. K. Mukherjee
    • Deputy Accountant General (Accounts and VLC) – Mr. R. S. Tayade
    • Deputy Accountant General (Funds) – Mr. D. M. Dhapre

    Employees can contact in department in – Board - + 91-22-22039680; Fax - 22086984; We're here S - 22074001; Pension Helpline - 22054463; E-mail - agaeMaharshtra1@cag.gov.in.

    Comptroller and Auditor General (work, power and Conditions of Service) Act 1971 requirements, according to the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, the Principal Accountant General (Accounts and Entitlement) - I & II of the state government was instructed to prepare monthly and annual accounts. Annual Accounts, Finance Accounts and appropriated the form of articles. Finance Accounts, Public Accounts, consolidated fund, contingency fund under the transaction details. Appropriated accounts, the provisions approved by the state legislature before all the expenses recorded and available grant funds and to introduce differences between actual expenses. Process various treasuries, Public Works Department, Forest Department and the Department of State who has powers of Cheque Drawing, Schedules and vouchers received by the State Government on the basis of monthly articles have compilation and deployment. The work is divided into two offices of accounting and entitlement, which is located in Mumbai and Nagpur. The office is located in western Maharashtra region is a compilation of articles from 14 treasuries.

    Preparation of accounting cursory inspection

    § Relating to the jurisdiction of the office of the state government to prepare monthly appropriated account.

    § The state government's new payment authorization Drawing and Disbursing Officers

    Deposit accounts and inter-governmental transactions Maintain Settlements

    § Revision of accounting transactions with state government departments

    § Treasuries situated in the jurisdiction of this office to inspect the accounts of the Fund

    Annual Financial Accounts –
    Financial accounts of government accounts throughout the year with the revenue and capital accounts of receipts announced financial results; enter the remaining articles were excluded on the basis of obligations and assets and liabilities scribed mass present. Financial accounts have been prepared in two parts.

    Part I – Following brief description:

    • Transaction summary
    • Capital expenditure – incurred progressive expenditure
    • Large and medium-sized financial results of irrigation works
    • Status of Loans
    • Loans and advances given by the State Government
    • The security offered by the government
    • The remaining cash balance of cash and investments
    • Appropriated Fund, Contingency Fund and Public Summary of balances of accounts

    Part II – Details of articles and other details
    i. Revenue and Expenditure

    • Per cent of total revenue and total expenditure statement of revenue and expenditure
    • Show details of the split between expenditure charged.
    • Details of the revenue accounts of SSI
    • Short header details of accounts of expenditure
    • During the year and in the end finally details of the capital expenditure
    • Details of government investments in statutory corporations
    • Reflecting the main source of funds for the expenditure incurred during the year, details of capital and other expenses

    ii. Debt, Contingency Fund and Public accounts
    • Debt, Contingency Fund and Public Accounts relating to the proceeds of heads of accounts, balance of payments and details
    • Details of the government's vested interest obligations and loans
    • Details of loans and advances given by the Government
    • Statement showing details of balances intended

    Appropriation Accounts amount charged by state legislation to remove the government expenses and meet financial articles. Appropriation Accounts of the Government of India under Article 204 and 205 pass specified in appropriation Acts compared to total expenses incurred in the year ended in March 31 are from articles. Each legislation of Duttmt grants and charged under appropriation showing the total amount of funds provided by summary of appropriated accounts, appropriation or epitome under each grant or actual expenditure incurred before saving, including appropriate articles. In advance from the Contingency Fund Statement of expenditures made from the fund, which again has not been received. Calculations of receipts during the year are shown in the financial accounts and appropriated accounts correspond to the total expenditure of between Sradhan. Intensively in grant allocation will be routine, a list of such cases each grant appropriated articles pointing to the actual grant and supplementary grants during the year by appropriation Krya available additional funds, the surplus or savings grant appropriation, actual expenditure, appropriation selected to conform to standards of the Public Accounts Committee commenting on variations of items during the year and the overall appropriation of the amount of back.

    Principal Accountant General (A&E) - I, Maharashtra, Mumbai, West Mumbai Maharashtra region and approximately 2.55 million employees in the sphere maintains General Provident Fund Accounts. The Nagpur Accountant General (A&E) – II is responsible to maintain rest areas and Maharashtra forest department. Principal Accountant General (A&E) - I first accounts maintained by Mumbai, MH Sample written GA / MH / MHH etc. while General (A&E) - II Nagpur accounts being handled by former BN Is written. Such as BR / BNJ / BN etc maintained and in control of Maharashtra under the gpf rules 1998.

    All temporary employees after one year of continuous service, all re-employed pensioners and the permanent government employee is eligible to contribute to the GPF. Each office is leading all those employees for them the gpf contribution is mandatory and the related application sends to Principal Accountant General Office in the prescribed proforma. It sent to the Principal Accountant General a copy of the pro forma each government employee whose name is included in that report, a copy of the pro forma accounts allocated number is returned.

    The gpf account holder gives his / her one or more than one nominee’s names to the office head person in case of his / her death so that all funds can be transfer to that person. It is clear that each person in the nomination how much amount or what fraction will receive. The nomination is done on that way so that deposited amount in the fund account can be completely divided. Available on the occurrence of any contingency that nomination will be invalid.

    GPF Manner of payment –
    § When the amount becomes payable to the fund shareholders it will be paid to the according related regulations on receipt of written application.

    § If the payee is mentally ill then under the Indian madness act 1912 appointed manager will be paid to the state.

    § The detraction will pay the amount in India and payee would arrange to the payment himself.

    Process to Apply for New GPF Account –
    Ø Completely filled application in the prescribed form should be sent by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer. The following information should invariably be submitted in the application:

    • z Full and last name of applicant
    • z Father’s / husband’s name of applicant
    • z Applicant’s post name
    • z Full Designation of Drawing and Disbursing Officer
    • z Applicant's date of birth
    • z Date of appointment of the applicant
    • z Major head of accounts have been debited in salary and allowances.
    • z Applicant's basic salary on April 1 of the year
    • z Monthly contribution rates

    Ø Documents and correspondence relating to GPF, Principal Accountant General Provident Fund account number assigned by the complete and correct to always quote and employee on the first page of the service manual GPF number allotted by the Principal Accountant General to quote.

    Ø Classification to avoid the conducted missing credit / debit fund

    Ø Schedules of preparation of gpf
    GPF Schedules to ensure preparedness in the prescribed form should be submitted and the original data.

    • z Principal Accountant General Office, Mumbai and Accountant General's Office, Nagpur be kept by the Fund Schedules should be prepared separately.
    • z It must be ensured that the GPF The total amount shown in Schedules, pay bills GPF the total deductions in that match.
    • z In ascending order of number of accounts assigned to them by the Office of contribution and return of temporary advances clearly displayed in the column to the prescribed amount.
    • z The total number of installments and the current installment amount of return should be filed.
    • z If recovery is not a contributor to the cause was recorded.
    • z Must have to write the page number on the schedule.
    • z The sum total of each page should be written and paginated or attach a summary schedule.
    • z In case of change of name, three to four months old name must be inscribed in the schedule.

    The official website of www.agmaha.nic.in has given the online facility to check the fund through their portal. The employees who are working in any of the department and contributing their salary part in the general provident fund account can access in their ac and can check time to time information through the portal. On the official website home page the department has given all types of services for the employees working under the Mumbai or Nagpur treasury departments. Contributor to the Fund approved But GPF Advance Accounts are shown not to slip, giving full details of their acceptance and withdrawal must be always aware of Principal Accountant General's office. GPF In the case of the missing credits accounting to update the following information should be submitted to the Office of the Principal Accountant General.

    In the process to check the gpf employees will have to follow the below given step by step procedure to check their fund balance online in Maharashtra:


    Step I – Official Website & Option for GPF
    First visit to the official website http://agmaha.nic.in/ where the option is given through the GPF STATUS on the home page. Employees can select this option official page after which they will be able to get the new section. Click to the below given link to reach on the section to check the gpf account status now:

    Click Here > http://agmaha.nic.in/gpf_pen.htm

    Step II – GPF Page and Treasury Selection
    On the second page there are options has given under which office you are working for Mumbai and Nagpur. For example you selected the Mumbai option it will redirect you on the new section of below given link page where the options are given to check the following details. First see the process of Mumbai office.

    § Account Balance Details = to check the status and complete amount in the gpf ac

    § Final Withdrawal Details = through which the employees can check their final amount information

    § View and Download GPF Slip / Statement After Financial Year 2002-2003 = in which section you can download the account statement online

    § Part want / full want = for the information regarding to the advance from the gpf fund

    § Missing credit = here you can see the amount which is missing in the account of Maharashtra

    § Unposted credit = here the information is given for the credit which has been not updated yet in the account

    § Probable Retirees = Here information is given for the employees who are going to retire

    § Documents required for final refund of gpf balance = here complete process is given with documents for the last payment.

    Click Here for Mumbai Office > http://agmaha.nic.in/GPFMumv1.htm

    In the Mumbai office section you have to click on the first option of Account Balance Details through which you will be able to get the new page http://agmaha.nic.in/GPFScrMumV1.asp here. Here first you have to click on the series and then account number. You have to fill both information.

    But in the Nagpur section above any of the option is not given. In the Nagpur section you just have to enter the series number and account number to check the status of gpf account. You also can select the option of register if you are new join employee in the Nagpur office. The AG Maharashtra Nagpur section also given the application form to register your mobile number and to update that so that you can get all the notification through phone sms regarding to your fund.

    For the new employees joined under the Nagpur treasury office of AG department can visit to the http://agmaha.nic.in/GPFRegistrationv1.asp page where they can make the registration to get the password. In this process they have to type their name, serial number, account number, mobile number, e-mail address and password which they want at the login time.

    Step III – GPF Status in Mobile
    The department of AG Mumbai Maharashtra also provides the IVRS (interactive voice response system) facility in which the employees can make their call in 22074001 after using std code 022. In this system they can check their balance and status of account in Marathi and English languages.

    The employees working under the AG Nagpur Maharashtra department can make their call in 2562175, 2562176, 2562177, 2562178 and 2562179 after using the same std code 022. In this ivrs system first you have to select your language and by using the other number they can check the closing balance, current balance, missing credits, advance drawn and final payment information of account.

    § Information owned, maintained and updated by the Principal Accountant General Office Maharashtra in the official website of agmaha.nic.in. All doubts and ideas with respect to the subject matter Principal Accountant General Office send in Mumbai / Nagpur. The official portal of agmaha has been made for best view of information in 1024x24 resolution of computer monitor.

    § In case of any complaint you can submit the online grievance for pension and gpf for Mumbai in http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/MH1 page and for the Nagpur office in http://cagofindia.delhi.nic.in/cmis/MH2 page section. In case of more help you can contact to the departmental persons through visiting in the nearest office or by sending your mail in agaemaharashtra1@cag.gov.in.

    § The official website is developed by the national informatics center (NIC) and all the data is provided through the accountant general department. For any type of error at the time of taking printout of any document the department of NIC and AG are not responsible. Also do not share your serial number and password with any one due to the security reasons. In case you lost the password the official website has given the option to recover it.

    § In this page complete information is published through the help of departmental person, official website and other open sources. Complete information on this page written after the great research and help of official staff. In case of any type of misguidance you can contact to this website administrator by the option of Contact Us. The TalkOver.Net Group is not responsible to provide any type of hard / soft copy of any document online or offline.

    § This is a free informational website where you can check procedures for all types of services under the e-governance. If you need any type of process just leave your comment. All the information is published under the copyright act of copyright.gov.in rules. In case any website found having the same content he / she is responsible for the further legal action and compensation.

    If you need help leave the comment in below “Reply” section or leave your new query in “Ask Question section. You also can chat live with us or can send your mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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    how to reconciliation Nagpur GPF Account missing credits??

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    Final withdrawal is not received up till now from last 8 month
    Activate. No BRBN 23013

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    Submitted application through DTO Aurangabad for transfer of Gpf account AWB3504 to JLN 5970 on 15/5/17 .But not transferred till today,I am retired n want to submit an application for final payment.please do the needful.
    Eknath Damu Khairnar

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    vijay panjabrao akhare

    status pension ld no2131784793

    Find stetud

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