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Thread: www.plrs.org.in Punjab Land Records Society Fard PLRS khata khatauni Khasra Mutation Report

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    www.plrs.org.in Punjab Land Records Society Fard PLRS khata khatauni Khasra Mutation Report

    PLRS which means Punjab Land Records Society which had made to provide the all kinds of facility link, fard (फर्द) khata khatauni (खाता खतौनी), Khasra (खसरा) land records (भूलेख) etc. online through their official website of www.plrs.org.in. The Punjab land records society plrs has established in the act through 1860 through the help of govt Punjab state. The website provides all kinds of scheme facility as well which the govt of Punjab announce. The plrs have the motive to provide computerized and digitization information regarding to the property of every citizen. Here I am providing you information regarding to the official website parts and their works with the general system. You just have to follow the below given instruction on the plrs website to check all the information.

    About Punjab Land Records Society PLRS Jalandhar
    The PLRS had their head office in Director Land Director Land Records of Punjab, Kapurthalla Road Jalandhar which had started in 2003 and right Shri Bikram Singh Majithia is the Chairman in Revenue and Rehabilations Ministry of Punjab Civil Sectt Chandigarh. The PLRS works under the Following Committees:
    • Governing Council
    • Governing Council GC
    • Board of Management
    • Executive Committee
    • District Implementation Committee

    The citizens who are going to buy new plots or property in Punjab state can check the estimated acquisition for purchase of common and IT sores and any services from the page of PLRS url http://plrs.org.in/pdfs/plrspurchaserules.pdf.

    About Official Website PLRS www.plrs.org.in:
    The official website Punjab Land Records Society short name of PLRS http://plrs.org.in has distributed in three parts 2.

    @=> General Information – In this section citizens are able to check the new events going through the PLRS under of this you can get the details for RTI Manuals, Hologram Tenders, and IT tenders.

    @=> Works and Department – In this section you can get the more information about the PLRS, Rules and Regulation, Memorandm of Association, Governing Council, Balance sheet of PLRS and Acts by the Govt of Punjab.

    @=> Fard – In this part you can check your land records as per the below given information which we are going to explain you.

    How to Get Fard by PLRS www.plrs.org.in

    To get your fard / Punjab land records / khata khatauni first you will have to visit on the page of www.plrs.org.in PLRS official website where you will get the “FARD” option in front page select it in this section have four parts.
    • Feedback
    • Request for Correction of Records
    • Request for Mutation
    • LOGIN (Only for Authorized Person)

    When you will enter on the page you will have to follow the below given step by step process:

    Process 1 –
    Here you have to select first your district name for example Amritsar after that select your tehsil suppose you want to get your PLRS Punjab land records or fard for Ajnala Tehsil and in the last box select your village for example you want details for Abused village after that click on the search option on the page.

    Process 2 –
    After entering on the page there is four options available that what all information you can get from the www.plrs.org.in official website of Punjab land records society page.
    • Jamabandi
    • Mutation
    • Roznamcha
    • Mutation after Registration

    You will have to select that option which you want to get.

    Process 3 –
    You will have to select that option which you want to check from the official page see the below given step by step all the four parts details to get your plrs www.plrs.org.in Punjab land records society fard.

    Process 3A: How to get jamabandi –
    After selecting your village and entering on the next page click on the jamabandi option, where you will get four options to get your details as per following:

    @=> Owner Name Wise – Enter you owner name on the given section and click to the view report. When you will right the name of owner click the space button of your keyboard to check report and use all the letters of small do not press any key with caps lock.

    @=> Khewat Number Wise – Select the Khewat Number which are available till 212 and click to the view report. After entering on the page you will get all the information.

    @=> Khasra Number Wise – In this section you may have to select your Khasra number from the pull down menu and then need to click on the view report to get information.

    @=> Khatouni Number Wise – You need to here select the khatoni number for which the data is available till 473.

    If the candidates want some changes or want to change the village name or report way can use above given section the above given section options.

    Process 3B: How to Get Mutation –
    After entering on the page www.plrs.org.in PLRS Punjab land records society fard section if you want to check your mutation report on that case select the option mutation and here you will get the option fo single mutation. You need to select your mutation number and after that need to click on the view report. You can also take the printout of it for your personal use.

    Process 3C: How to Get Roznamcha –
    In the page of Type of Nakal Registration of www.plrs.org.in PLRS Punjab land records society to get your fard if you want to check the details of your Roznamcha for your property then click on it. Here you will get two options.

    [*] Report Number Wise – Select the year for which you want to get the plrs report of roznamcha and then report number after that click on the enter button.

    [*] Waquaty Wise – Same line report no wise select your year, waquaty number and then your report number after that click on the enter button and get your report.

    Process 3D: How to Get Mutation after Registration –
    In this you can make you mutation after the registration of your property through the www.plrs.org.in PLRS official page Punjab land records society fard. Where you can use the three searches as per following and you have to select your Vaseeka Number and after that registration date for your Punjab fard:
    • Vaseeka Number
    • Mutation Request Number -
    • Transaction Number

    These are all the sections and data available on the official website which you can check and get visit now on the page of www.plrs.org.in and get all the information about your property / khata / khatoni / land records / mutation / jamabandi etc.

    Important Notes –
    =>>> The official website www.plrs.org.in is just to provide the informational document do not use any of printout as the legal certificate.

    =>>> Some of the village’s data is still not available on the www.plrs.org.in page for which you have to wait for some time the tehsil and society is working for it.

    =>>> www.examresultinfo.com had just provide you the way to get information we do not promise to give you any report in hard copy or in soft copy.

    =>>> Do not use www.plrs.org.in website to get any wrong information or for any other owner’s property details the website is under monitoring by department.

    =>>> For more information you can contact to the staff of www.plrs.org.in and they will guide for more help.

    Here I had provided you all the information that what all you get form the plrs Punjab can land records society if you have more questions then click to the option of “Reply to Thread” and get help from experienced / experts. You can also send us mail through contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com.

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    Sir i want to submit mutation report to the plrs office, can you guide me that how can i submit the request for new mutation of my 3 plots of Amritsar District.

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    You need to check the article of the page in http://www.examresultinfo.com/thread...plication-Form where you can get the complete process to make your request for mutation in Punjab for any district.

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    What is the fee for mutation by patwari report should i have to pay any amount for this report or this is free by the revenue dept.

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    After the approval of your application through using the above give link post you will get the mail or sms after that you have to pay some charges which is decided by the plrs dept in the favour of your tehsil.

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    That's great we can check anything about our property in Punjab State this website is so fast and good along with safe to check all kinds of documents. Thanks ERI team

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    Nirmal singh
    Dear Sir I want to Check land record of village demru khurd, tehsil baghapurana district moga. What is the right procedure to check it?

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    need mutation report for my village in punjab and for my other plot in chandigarh.

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    darshan singh


    Fard darshan singh s. Jora singh vill.rampura jawaharwala

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    to check jamabandi by khweta no.

    i want to check my jamabandi in vill. hari nau tehsil kotkapura, distt faridkot

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