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Online electricity bill payment facility in Uttar Pradesh – In state Uttar Pradesh 168 cities with population of 30 thousands subscribers will be able to see online status of their electricity bill. Apart from this consumer also can pay the electricity online bill also. The revised accelerated power development and reform programme (RAPDRP) has been applied. The government is ensuring that once you have applied the rule that will curb theft electricity effective. The scheme is being implemented in two phases. In the first phase consumers will be provided to pay their bills online and they can check their status information by themselves.

In adaptation to consumers through the consumers service centers would allow quick solution to power related problems in UP. In the second phase of the plan to increase the capacity of transformers lines along with the new lines and transformers will be provided. To prevent theft Aerial Bunch Conductors (insulated wire), and the new models will be fitted with electronic meters. This plan will benefit the cities of West Municipal Corporation of 51 cities in Meerut, 36 cities of South Agra, 42 cities of middle Lucknow and 26 cities of east Varanasi. The plan will cost about five thousand crores. This information provided duration the review of development agenda RAPDRP by chief secretary Javed Usmani in his office at Shastri Bhavan.

Pay your electricity bill from home – Now from sitting at home consumers of Uttar Pradesh can submit their payment of electricity bills. Customers no longer have to use and need to stand in queue of the office window. An online payment system in urban areas has begun. Consumers can pay bills directly from their account. The citizens paying bills with counter can also pay directly from their bank account. For urban consumers, this system has been implemented. The consumers will need to register on the website of department. Then the consumer will see the online their outstanding bills on the portal.

Then the consumers will go to the website of bank and can pay the bills through the bank credit card, debit card or through net banking. As well as having to pay bills online will get a receipt of payment. The consumer can take a print out of the receipt. For the payment citizens will be required to register for the consumer profile in the official website. The online system facilities provider company Mr. Ashish Sunja said that the consumers will be registered on the departmental website first. For which they must click on the register option. Here Account ID number, bill number or SBM written on the bill have to fill on portal. After that the registration process will be completed.

Then by the clicking on the Pay Now option consumers can process and can complete their payment. In the system you must need to pay full bill amount. The consumer must first be taken bill from the counter or SBM. The online system for urban electric bill has been introduced. Consumers who have a credit, debit or net banking services they can avail this facility. This will save time for the consumer.

Uttar Pradesh government started “one-time settlement scheme” for paying the electricity bill arrears duration has now decided to extend. To pay the due electricity bills for consumers plan was launched and now it is running for more days. According to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited because of rain flooding and not ready to harvest rural consumer could not take advantage of this scheme. The duration of the scheme has been decided to extend until they submit their dues. Electricity consumers owe to the beneficiary or sub- officer Executive Engineer Electricity Department to register a thousand bucks. Registration amount will be adjustments in the bill. In one week from the date of registration will be issued concerning the revised bill to the consumer.

Electricity bills and tariff plans will increase in Uttar Pradesh – People in Uttar Pradesh get ready to pay the ponderous electric bill. Rural Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved the sharp rise in household and commercial electricity rates. However this increase will not apply in the industrial sector. In urban areas nearly 35 per cent increase and in the rural area 45 percent price of electricity have increased. According to the official sources the electrical charges in rural areas increased from Rs. 125 to Rs. 180 per month and per connection have been made.

Meter per kilowatt for electricity consumers who receive a monthly fee of Rs. 15 per month has been increased to Rs. 50 while per unit cost of power has been increased from Rs. 2.20. Fixed fee per month in urban areas increased from Rs. 75 to Rs. 65 per KW however 200 units of electricity per unit cost Rs. 3.45 in the place of Rs. 4. The consumers who use 201 to 500 units will now have to pay Rs. 4.5 which has been increased from Rs. 3.8. Also the uses that used the power more than 500 units will need to pay Rs. 5 extra as the electric charges. In the one watt of line the consumers will need to give 11% extra fees.

In the rural areas having commercial connection consumers now will need to pay Rs. 300 in the place of Rs. 200 however the charges for the connection has also been increased from Rs. 50 to Rs. 65. The department also had make some more extra charges plan in the unit bases on which now the citizens have to pay Rs. 2.5 in the place of Rs. 1.9 in the Uttar Pradesh. In the rural areas the citizens who are having commercial setup and there uses are till 300 units need to now pay Rs. 6 in the place of Rs. 5.75. Also the UP govt had increased the charges for 300 units it’s now Rs. 6.5. The Gram Panchayats and municipalities and municipal corporation area of electricity used for lighting in public streets also has hike the price from 5 paisa to 10 paisa per unit.

In the public places used electricity rates also changed according which the per kilowatt of per month has to pay Rs. 200 in the place of Rs. 150 and consumption per unit of Rs. 6.2 to Rs. 6.5. Private Wells for irrigation planted Commission has hiked rates. A fixed monthly fee charge on meters without the connection has been increased from Rs. 75 to Rs. 100 per BHP while the fixed meter fee has also been increased from Rs. 15 to Rs. 30 per BHP and consumers will need to pay Rs. 0.75 extra on the per unit charges.

In urban areas, the rate gradually increased from Rs 30 to Rs 55 per BHP and two power consumption rate of Rs 4 per unit has been replaced. Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Consumer Council President Awadhesh Kumar Verma is alleged the Commission is of large increases in state government pressure.

Consumers will get prepaid electricity Connection in UP – Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said that the state will provide soon the service of electricity prepaid connection as the mobile phone facility to pay their bill which has aimed to improvise the electricity service in Uttar Pradesh and to give power to all. He also said that the first system will be implemented in the government colonies. After which it will spread to all areas of the state. The CM referred to the system in a meeting of development agenda. The district will pay the electricity bill, just like mobile recharge. This work will do through retailer and the retailer will need to register themselves in CSIB. However continue paying bills of electricity through this service had not made short the complaints of consumers in UP state. The department of electricity has started one more facility for consumers.

The CSEB has established their centers in the district levels to pay their bills. This would be same like as the mobile phone recharge. The company has started their work in the Raipur level through the facilities of Infosys. This work will be providing to the peoples in the UP state who are connected with the internet parlor or to the internet café’s. For the facility the retailer will need to make their registration in the Infosys. After the registration they get the balance for recharge. The consumers can go to the retailer direct where they can pay the amount in cash. This amount will send in the account of Infosys through the massage facility and after that the consumer’s due bill will be clear. Once you made the process can receive the confirmation massage. The retails will get Rs. 2 in per bill as their commission charges. The facility has been started from Bilarpur of Chantideeh.

To avoid the long distance traveling of consumers the retailer will be appoint in each area and the Infosys will make these process short and easy so that consumers can use these service so far.

Now get Electricity Bill Uttar Pradesh Information in e-Mail or Mobile – Now the govt and the electricity department is giving all the information related to the bills through the internet e-Mail or via the phone SMS. However this facility is available only for the consumers who had registered their name in BP numbers. The power company has started the IT system and has increased the work capability to make the data update. So that why right now the service is closed for only few days also after the update there are lots of changes has been made by the Uttar Pradesh government. In the services the consumers is given the right to take printout of their electricity bills online.

The consumers who had made their registration through the BP number can get all the SMS and e-mails for their bills. In the mobile you only can get the billing amount information however in the mail you’ll get direct soft copy generated bill. Not only will this after the payment of billing payment information come on the phone through massage. The facility has been started now. Also the company of electricity board had made various solution centers where the customer can visit and can submit their payment. However the few customers are using this facility. Apart from in capital small cities and town consumers are using this facility. Most of the citizens are using the ATP (Any Time Payment) machines.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Uttar Pradesh
The official website of uppclonline has the online work process where the consumers can view their bill, can pay that, also can register their complaints and can check the bill history also. The online portal http://www.uppclonline.com also has the online pages for the calculation of consumption bills along with the checking status of payment or bill and to know the amount on that. Users also can manage their account online through the login process and can take the printout of their duplicate bills of electricity in Uttar Pradesh state. Apart from these all services the official website also gives you the facility to make your online registration.

The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited has one more website for the recruitment works and other www.uppcl.org. This website also gives the information about the company’s account, distribution system, commercial and domestic connection rates along with the various application form for apply and results with admit card to download the candidates who want to join the UPPCL.

All the facilities are available after the registration on official website of billing page uppclonline.com. See the below given process step by step for paying the bill amount and other formalities of UP govt UPPCL website.

Ø First citizens will need to visit on the https://www.uppclonline.com/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/uppcl/wss?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=uppcl_loginreg_login&pageID=LR_002 to login with using their account number and password as the below given demo page. Users also can click on the below image to visit direct on the billing page.
496 (https://www.uppclonline.com/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/uppcl/wss?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=uppcl_loginreg_login&pageID=LR_002)

Ø If consumers don’t have the user name and password then first make the registration in clicking on section of Click Here for Register. This page will provide you https://www.uppclonline.com/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/uppcl/wss?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=uppcl_loginreg_registration&pageID=LR_001 where you have to use the following information:

Account Number
Bill Number OR
SBM Bill Number

Ø After using these information click on the CONTINUE option and fill other information as consumer’s name, address, select user name, make a password and other required details. The page will give you section as the below given image. You can also click below to go in the registration page direct.
497 (https://www.uppclonline.com/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/uppcl/wss?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=uppcl_loginreg_registration&pageID=LR_001)

Ø After the online registration the consumers can use the following services on the internet.

=> View due and paid bill payments

=> Pay bills online with credit / debit card or net banking

=> Checking status for application new connection, complaints, billing status

=> All billing history for past months with meter readings

=> Complaint registration for connection, meter, line or other departmental etc

=> Calculator for consumption electricity for domestic and commercial connections

=> Complete information about bills and soft copy facility.

=> Facility for download duplicate bill in case you need more copies of it.

=> Account management system online profile like change password, connection etc.

=> Online apply for new connection all domestic and commercial.

Right now the page of new connection applies is under process, the department of UPPCL will start it soon. Here we had provided you all the information regarding to the paying online electricity bill in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this you also can visit to the feedback page to submit your suggestion or complaint regarding to the department through http://www.uppclonline.com/dispatch/Portal/appmanager/uppcl/wss?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=uppcl_static_feedback&pageID=ST_16 this page.

If you need more help go to Ask Question or Reply Thread for departmental person. You also can send your mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com (contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com). These all information has taken through the help of UPPCL officers, website and various news sources. If you have any suggestion or complaint regarding this Contact Us.

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I want my last 6 month bill copy for some urgency in my home loan . How i can get the same?

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