If any individual wants to issue his domicile certificate of Rajasthan state then it will be issued for those who are residing in state of Rajasthan for more than 10 years. All females applicants who got married with the males who are resident of outside are also eligible to obtain the domicile certificate of Rajasthan. A domicile certificate is usually issued to prove that the person is bearing the certificate is domicile / resident of the state.

Procedure to get the domicile certificate in Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur in Rajasthan is that the applicant should submit the application form in a prescribed format. The competent Revenue Department officer and the Executive Magistrate are the only designated authorities for issuing the domicile certificate in the particular state.


An applicant have to submit an application for getting Bonafide /Domicile certificate in a prescribed format. The domicile certificate will be issued by the concerned authority and that is Revenue officer in the respective jurisdiction. The important documents which has to be attached along with the application form are given below:

Copy of Ration card
Copy of Election id card
Copy of School certificate
Copy of Birth Certificate
Any other legal document related to the property/rent slip etc.
After submitting the supported documents along with the application the verification and examination will be held by the concerned authority and after the verification the domicile certificate will be issued to an applicant within 2 or 3 days.