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Thread: Community Certificate online in Tamil Nadu

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    Community Certificate online in Tamil Nadu

    It is an exclusive certificate which can help you in many ways. To get the community certificate one has to come in category of SC/ST/OBC or others. If any person comes in a general category then he/she will not able to apply for the community certificate. The community certificate is that document which could open the doors for a better life and to give you many benefits from it. Many candidates have been trying to get one for year, without any efforts. Getting that all-important community certificate has been a major pursuit of hundreds of men and women, especially of those who comes in category of tribal communities.

    Community certificate in Tamil Nadu was came into existence in year 1988 for the official machinery in state. This valuable certificate is valid for many works like securing admissions in school and colleges in all educational and professional institutes and it also play an important role in employment exchange.

    The community certificate is permanent for one person only. The Tamil Nadu state government is only responsible to avail these certificate in Tamil Nadu. An applicant will make the request of the certificate to the Tahsildars with the recommendation of the Revenue officer. Then the Tahsildar will fix an appointment when the certificate will be issued either for him or the Deputy officer or Tahsildar. It will take maximum 15 days for issuing the all communities certificate except for Scheduled Tribes. And it will take atleast 30 days for issuing the certificate for Schedule tribes.
    Those applicants who wish to apply for the community certificate they are required to fill up the application form of community certificate in Tamil Nadu:
    Full name of an applicant
    Complete and permanent address
    Age proof
    Date of Birth certificate
    Parent's name
    Correct place and date of birth
    Any two reference with their details
    Contact number

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    Kindly tell that from where i can check the concerned office of community certificate which is near to my area or district? please provide me some supported links where i can see the details required and all the latest updates.

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    how to apply community certificate?

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    coummnity certificate

    [QUOTE=Jerlin;11986]how to apply community certificate?[panniyandi]

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    Wink community certificate means

    I need this documents what it mean

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    Age criteria?

    Hi All,

    Can you please suggest me minimum age criteria for applying community certificate in tamil nadu?

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    community certificate

    Need for community certificate

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    How to verify the community certificate?

    How to verify the community certificate? I need to check its orginal or not.

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