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Thread: How to check online status of correction in Bihar electricity board bill?

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    Ram Singh Siriwastava

    How to check online status of correction in Bihar electricity board bill?

    I lived in Patna, I paid electricity board bill on time, I got a bill its too much more than my expectation i check my meter and found that this bill is wrong, After that I visited the electricity board office which is very near to my home, I explained there about my current bill which is wrong, They said fill a application and they will correct the bill, and they give me a number so that i can check my status online. Now I am confused that how to check it online please help me

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    Hi I am also trying to make online payment but not getting how to do this the official website is not working ?

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    Hi I check and found that the BSEB website for bill payment and checking status is not working so I think you should try later for this, You can also read http://www.examresultinfo.com/thread...ctricity-Board for more information

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    Hi i am getting wrong electricity bills from last 3 months every time i have to go their office and i have to make correction, Now I decided to file a complaint for them but i don't have any idea that where to go and where to file the complaint, I already given a application to Assistant engineering to that office but again i got wrong bill and if i will not deposit that bill in particular time they said they will cut my connection so what to do know please suggest me.

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    Bill status

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    Please correct my bill

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