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Thread: www.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam How to Check ECS Payment Details Status Pension and Health Fund Online in Tamil Nadu Treasuries e-Services TN

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    ECS Payment Help

    www.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam How to Check ECS Payment Details Status Pension and Health Fund Online in Tamil Nadu Treasuries e-Services TN

    The Department of Treasuries and Accounts under he Tamil Nadu State Govt provides the online facility to check the status of ECS along with the details for pension and other funds like for education, health etc. The Treasuries dept in Tamil Nadu works under the revenue dept which has started there work in year of 1954. It works to hold the process of audit which comes under the admin of finance dept of state also the accounts system was started by it in 1962. The treasuries are established there offices in all state in which it has total offices in 12 districts. The dept had there HQ in Chennai which has 9 other pay and accounts offices under it. The treasure has also build there 3 offices as regional joint director of it. The dept has total 32 treasuries in district along with the 206 numbers of sub treasuries. Head office also arranged a office for pension pay which is in Chennai and a office for Assistant Superintendent of Stamps here.

    The dept works for various facilities for funds, challans, forms, payments, cheque, cash via bank or DDOs, pension payments, sale of stamps, and deposits etc for state citizens. You also can download various kinds of application forms online for pension and other funds. Also the all treasuries location address and contact information has been given on www.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam website.

    How to Check ECS Status Online
    The website is providing the online status check for ECS which can be get through http://karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/Ecssystem/ web page. Right now the page is not working due to the work is going in progress on it. The nic and finance dept is working to improve there services online. The citizens are able to get the new page soon with more facilities online and with more data.

    Note – Pensioner information can check from the http://www.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam/pensioner_instruction.htm page

    List of Treasuries and Sub Treasuries in Tamil Nadu
    For District List go to the => http://sp.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam/treasury_list.htm
    For List of Pay and Ac Office =>http://sp.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam/pao.htm
    For Pension Pay Officers List => http://sp.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam/ppolist.htm
    List of Officers in Stamps => http://sp.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam/stampslist.htm

    Note – Get the Health Fund Scheme information on http://sp.tn.gov.in/karuvoolam/health_fund.htm page.

    How to Get Live Help
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    Leave your question in “Ask Question” section here
    Send your problem in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    hello iam rama swami from tamil nadu and iam 65 years old i want to check my pension status which is going under the department of tamil nadu e services please do let me know that from where i can check all these details and how?

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    Hello i am Swami Narayan form Chennai and want to check the balance details of my ecs acount which is running under the Tamil Nadu Treasuries e services. Also want to know the supported links where i an independently check the account information and all the latest updates.

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    I want to check my pension balance status through online,. Please explain me that how can i check my pension balance status?

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    Post Ecs pension

    Sir,what I have to type in the PREFIX column after going to site ECS STATUS

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    ECS Status Prefix

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Sir,what I have to type in the PREFIX column after going to site ECS STATUS
    You have to type prefix column Alphapetic character which is mentioned in your PPO number e.g(C5654/SEC) then you need to type Prefix column "C" and you should type in the column of "PPO Number "5654" only. do not type any other character apart from numeric value.

    Hope this work for you.

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