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    GPF & Pension Help

    www.ccawestbengal.gov.in West Bengal GPF Status and Statement Pension Balance Check Online Fund Transfer

    The Office of Controller of Communication Accounts Department of Telecommunications West Bengal which is known as CADT runs the Controller of Communication Accounts CCA for the state. In the starting it was known as the DOT but after some time it has converted in CCA WB which has the official website http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in. The firm provides the General Provident Fund to working employees under the state government. The CCA West Bengal were come on light in year of 2000 after that the organization is handling all the accounts related works for there employees under the Accounts General AG of state. The BSNL works for CCA for the maintenance of the GPF broadsheets along with other works like to keeping the data of advances and there recovery or accounting information, helping to citizens to get there final payment of gpf account and providing them gpf slip, balance information and loans advances. The BSNL also maintain the records and works at the time in transfers of any employee.

    Under this facility the CCA department provides also the pension for retired employees. Citizens who had done there respective work and now they come on 60 of age can be able to take the benefits of retirement services by the CCA of West Bengal. The department of ag wb has the facility to provide them special schemes, like they can get all the funds of there gpf account, various plans for family insurance, financial help to the family of employee after his death. The dept works for this area with the help of BSNL to keeping and maintaining there data.

    However for all the works related to the accounts comes under the Accountants General of West Bengal and they have 2 offices right now in state they are located in Kolkata. In the works of AG dept looks up the audit and accounts related works for all firms in state. The dept has there head office in PAG (A&E) West Bengal Treasury Buildings, 2 govt place West Kolkata 700 007. However the West Bengal is situated in east side of India which was established in 1st of November 1956. Right now the official capital is Kolkata which is one of largest city of India. In districts total 19 comes under the umbrella of govt here and Mamata Banarjee is working here as chief minister. In the area state has 13th rank which covered total approximately 89 square km. in the population also it comes in 4th place with total 91.4 approximately along with the 78% literacy (as per 2011 survey). Generally and official citizens use here Bengali English and Nepali languages.

    Works of Controller of Communication Accounts CCA West Bengal
    The organization works under to state govt. The dept is responsible to provide the all accounts / finance related facility to the employees who comes under the West Bengal Government. In the parts of CCA have seven local bodies which we are going to mention below.

    • Providing Facility of Retirement Benefits to Employees

    The section has various works for employees who got there retirement after service. BSNL works to keep maintain the pension and sanction of terminal benefits for them. Also it runs various schemes along with the process of revision of pension of employee need it. This section is also responsible to make communication between banks and post offices for the pension payment collection of citizens. It has also contribution from BSNL to collect the leave salary or pension related works in state.

    • Department of Revenue Management for Firms

    This section provides the AGRs to the license holders or ISPs holder via assessment in state. It also works to collect the fee and charges of license along with the spectrum, also it’s works to provide the accounting related facilities to firm. The dept manages the guarantees of financial bank as well. It also has the works for the submission of periodical reports in CCA Head Office.

    • USO Disbursement in State

    The dept works to monitor all projects related to the USO for all firms in state who comes under the WB telecom circle. The Sikkim has also added on this, also it works for the settlement of all claims it also responsible to handle all the works related to the inspections of them.

    • Facility for Finance and Accounts

    The dept gives the reliability to keep checking there payments and account of fund which comes under this section. The section also works to give the special benefits through schemes after retirement of officers. It also helps to make budget and to control them. All works has the computerized process.

    • General Provident Fund / GPF Facility

    Works of under government here are able to get this. This section has the power and authorization to keep all the data in board sheets of general provident fund along with the other payments like you want to get the loan and advance related for BSNL employees. It also helps for the settlements of gpf for bsnl staff and keeps all the records through the computerized mode.

    • Providing Establishment in State

    It also has establishment facility under this section through which the department is responsible to maintain all things related to administration office of general. The section also runs various kinds of training / development programmes for employees. It also has the facility for the internal audit only for the department who are vtm / wmo. All the services related to the information technology provides to all offices by this.

    • Legal Works of Department

    The CCA works under the jurisdiction of court and helps to make new bills of accounting related which comes under the RTI act of year 2005. the DOT Head Quarters are responsible to apply these all rules and regulation along with the keep maintaining them.

    Structure and Bodies of Department
    The DOT / CCA has one main office for CCA works which is distributed in two parts, Joint CCA I and Joint CCA II the first Joint CCA handles all the works related to the administration of accounting and second is to handle USOF and LF works. The first Joint CCA also has three parts as per Deputy CCA I, II and III which keeps all the data and maintain works of Administration Accounting, Pension and GPF fund in state while the second Joint CCA has only one part of Deputy CCA III for works of USOF and LF. Under the all of these departments eight computer AO works in each offices. If you want to get the information for Jurisdiction related then visit to the page of http://ccawestbengal.gov.in/jurisdiction.php. The official portal of CCA West Bengal also publishes the annual reports for all audits which can be checked through http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/annualreport.php page section.

    How to Check GPF Balance Status / Statement with Credit and Advance Information in West Bengal
    Right now west Bengal online gpf page is under construction and we are sorry for that. Department is going to start this page soon so till that time you need wait. We will suggest you to keep coming on our website www.examresultinfo.com.

    @=> See the following list of online services which you can use soon on the official website:

    Employees can check there GPF Status of balance on there account

    B* Can also download the GPF Statement with month wise details

    Also employees can submit request for advance of there fund
    * nBStatus and Missing Checking facility online of your gpf fund

    Suggestion and complaints related to the fund

    Final Payment for your gpf fund online service

    Any kind of transfer cases anywhere

    Online facility to check all the pending cases

    Submission for nomination of your gpf account

    @=> These above given services department is going to start soon till then we are giving you the way to check your account through the other way. The office is providing the phone IVRS facility to there gpf account subscribers through which they are able to get the status of there fund. These numbers are following:

    1* 03312612

    2* 03312213

    3* 03314502

    4* 03314503

    5* 03314504

    6* 03312248

    @=> This facility is available 24x7 in complete year. Once you will call in first the IVRS will welcome you and then you need to select your language option in which you want to get the information. There are three language options are available:




    @=> After selecting one of via the given number on your phone then you may have to enter you gpf series code with the account number. If you don’t know the code it can be get through the enclosed system.

    @=> Now the times to enter the password if you are calling first time on the IVRS then use the default password 1111. You also will get the option to change it once you had made changes on your pass keep remember it and don’t share it to anyone.

    @=> If you had filled all the information is correct then enter you date of birth as the dd/mm/yy system and in last you can hear your account status online.

    @=> In case you need more help can make call in 03322138171 in the head office of accountant general of west Bengal.

    Through the above given way you are able to check the status of your fund / money. Retired Employees can also get the pension related information http://agwb.cag.gov.in/html/(ag(ae))/pension/P_faciliti_cell.htm page or in http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/ website.

    How to Get Application Form for GPF Account in West Bengal
    If you want the application forms which you can for various purposes. Links are given above to download these forms. If you want to submit any request then send the form to the CCA head office.

    @=> Form for Final Payment of GPF in Case of Death - http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/admin/upload/9GPF%20Final%20Payment%20(death).pdf

    @=> Form for Final Payment of GPF Other Reasons - http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/admin/upload/23GPF%20Final%20Payment.pdf

    @=> Form for Nomination of GPF Fund Payment - http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/admin/upload/28GPF%20Nomination.pdf

    @=> Form for Get Advance from GPF - http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/admin/upload/29GPF%20Temp%20Advance.pdf

    @=> Form for Get Money / Withdrawal of GPF - http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/admin/upload/29GPF%20Temp%20Advance.pdf

    NOTE – All the pension related application forms are available on the http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/admin/upload/29GPF%20Temp%20Advance.pdf page.

    Contact Details of CCA Office
    You can also visit to the head office as per following address:
    West Bengal Circle,
    8, Esplanade East,
    (2nd & 3rd Floor, Annex Building)
    Kolkata – 700069
    Call in department via using Phone number (033)2213-5317 or get Fax facility in 22133666 you can also e-mail in office through ccawbc-dot@nic.in ID. For further assistance phone numbers visit to the http://www.ccawestbengal.gov.in/contactus.php page.

    If you need more help from experts leave your comment here or click to the “Ask Question”. Send mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    information is not available till not for my money online. checking from 10 days.

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    do anyone let me know that how do i get some fund for my personal work i don't want to take complete fund ..

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    you need to get a form for that through which you are able to take some of fund part from your ac which is very simple. contact to your dept or read above information.

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    my 3000 is less on account however as per my calculation it is correct so why online is showing me wrong i want to file complete for this and want my money in online ac.

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    the complaint section will help you where this problem will solve soon. visit to the online website of ag west bengal where you get more help for this.

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    how do i get new account here i want application form for gpf. where is it available ??

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