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Thread: epfo.karnataka.ap.nic.in EPF Karnataka status online application

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    epfo.karnataka.ap.nic.in EPF Karnataka status online application

    The epf claim status can be viewed very easily and can be navigate it very simply through online by just clicking the official website of EPF Karnataka http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html
    Here are some few points to know more about to check your claim status:

    1. First you need to log on to this link http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html
    2. Then enter the establishment code
    3. Enter the extension code (if any)
    4. Then click on search button
    5. The claim status will be displayed.

    To know more about on EPF Karnataka account balance you just need to log on to this link http://www.epfindia.com/MembBal.html
    This is the web portal of government of India. Now here are some points are mentioned below to check the epf balance:
    1. First you need to select to the epf office where you account is maintained.
    2. Enter the establishment code
    3. Enter the extension code (if any)
    4. Then you will enter your employee number
    5. After that just click on Find Balance
    6. If you have entered all the details in a prescribed form then the result will be displayed on your screen.
    To know more regarding your epf account in Mumbai then all you have to do is to click on the given link http://www.epfindia.com/epfo_directory.htm or else you can visit to this link http://epfo.karnataka.ap.nic.in from this link you will obtain lot of things or solutions about your epf in Karnataka or you can visit to this link www.epfkarnataka.org

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    Suggestion Line
    hello, my account is saying temporary lock what i need to do. i want to check my money online. actually i got pass and id last month then i went to website and use it. i tried it 4-5 times. after from that time it is saying me that your are entering information wrong.

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    Suggestion Line
    you may have to contact to the head office so that they can provide you new id and pass again.

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    there is a process to get fund advance in which a application has provided on official portal of epfindia.com. visit on the site and download the form. after that apply to get it. this process may can take 3-4 months.

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    can i get my some fund so that i can do my some personal work?? what is the process for it?? i contact to my office for this and to give me load from company. however i had done 7 years of my services in which i had already taken 2 times loan one to make house and 2nd is for my brother's marriage. my officer has told me that i can get my fund advance from epf so that this time i can avoid my one more loan.

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    ballance year 2009to2013

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    Hello I want to check my PF balance my account number is 140300005667

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    kn?14766!000065853. Debendra kumar.naya

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    I am working in Karnataka my email id is Kadalisrivasarao62@gmail.com 0002533

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