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    GPF & Pension Karnataka

    www.agkar.cag.gov.in AG Karnataka GPF and Pension Balance Status Credit Debit Missing Online Statement

    The Accountants General Karnataka works under the SAI which have rights to maintain and handle all kinds of finance and accounting related works for all organization in the state. The AG Karnataka has the authority to audit and make reports in annual/monthly format. After these, the reports have been to submit to the SAI. For the state employees also the AG Karnataka provides the various finance related facilities. General Provident Fund GPF and Pension are also coming under the AGKAR. Here we are providing you information that how you can check your status of the account and can check the debit, credit, missing details of your fund along with the employees who had retired from any of the govt dept. in Karnataka for pension status via the official page http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/.

    Accountants General Karnataka GPF and Pension System
    The Accountants General Karnataka is the organizations which have the responsibility to keep maintain all finance works of civil and public departments. The AG Karnataka also provides the various facilities to the current working employees with the various govt departments and for the employees who had finished their service period with the state govt. accountants general Karnataka maintain and give the facility for gpf account where each employee will have to deposit some part of there salary. The ag dept handles and give the information to an employee about his fund. The retire employees are also able to get the various services as a pension. The Dept provides various offers and schemes on that like for the family safety pension plan, future plan, high-interest rate plans, and pension revised plans etc.

    The Accountants General Karnataka has four parts as per following:

    • Principal Accountant General (A&E)

    In the Body of the department, the AG has four parts Principal Accountant General (A&G) where right now Mr. V Kurain is working as the head post. The PAG department provides the information and facilities for Administration, Pension, GPF, Gazetted Entitlement, Accounts, Loans, and Welfare. Along with the Annual Accounts and Annual Review of Reports etc.

    • Principal Accountant General (G&SSA)

    The PAG G&SSA has complete right to provide the audit facilities in the state. The dept works under the CA DPC of ACT 1971 and arranges all the Audit plans and process for Financial Attest Audit, Compliance/regularity audit and performance audit bases. This dept has own team to check all the accounts related works in state civil and public department.

    • Principal Accountant General (E&RSA)

    This dept is responsible to make arrangements for audit in the state. The Dept lookup for Financial Materiality, Inherent risk and also works for the control risk. You can read more about this section in http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/Introduction_wfra.html page where you can see all the process and works by the E&RSA.

    • Principal Director of Audit (Central)

    The dept maintains the accounts in central level and handles the works of compliance / regulatory audit, performance audit, and financial audit. Check the details about it in http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/pd_profile_mab.asp section and works process of it.

    Along with these the AG Karnataka provides the various kinds of application form for provident fund, gazetted entitlement and pension holders through which employees can apply for other services also in the state. The employees and citizens can get the more information about the AG dept audit reports in http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/audit_reports.asp, Annual accounts in http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/annual_accounts.asp, PPO details in http://stg3.kar.nic.in/agpension/, Pensioners information in http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/pensioners_corner.asp, general provident fund balance information through http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/pensioners_corner.asp, monthly accounts in http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/pensioners_corner.asp, Gradation list through the http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/gradation_list.asp page and letter tracking system via http://stg3.kar.nic.in/dak/ section.
    How to Check General Provident Fund GPF Status and Statement in AG Karnataka Official Website www.agkar.cag.gov.in
    The employees in the state of Karnataka need to visit in the official portal to check their GPF status and to download their statement. The Accountants General Karnataka is providing this faculty through the online. See the below-given process to check you gpf account.

    @=> First check the official page and select the section of principal accountant general (A&E) option.

    @=> Select the option of Provident fund status and you will get the page

    @=> First select the option that you are a government employee of Karnataka or working as a non-govt employee and click on the submit option.

    @=> If you are a govt employee select the first option and you can get the page to check the Karnataka employee’s gpf account.

    @=> The employees will have to note that the AG Karnataka Head Office has reset all the subscribed username and password. The employees will have to make their registration again.

    @=> To make the new registration you may have to click on the option of New User Registration Form and you can see page.

    @=> In the page of Indian Audit and Accounts Dept page you may have to fill some information as per following:

    • Employee Full Name
    • Employee’s GPF Number
    • Date of Birth in DD/MM/YY Format
    • Enter the date of Joining
    • Select any Password and confirm it.

    @=> After the process click on the submit button and you will get the confirmation in your department administration.

    @=> Then get back to the page and Click on the login option.

    @=> The option will provide you the page for the login of Karnataka Employees section.

    @=> Enter your Series, GPF Account Number, and Password and click on the submit option.

    @=> Select the option inside of your account to check the status of it or select the time period for which you want to download your statement of you gpf account in Karnataka.

    These above-given steps are to check the gpf status for the govt employees of Karnataka but if you are a govt service retired person, in that case, see the following information.

    How to Check Pension PPO Status in AG Karnataka Official Website www.agkar.cag.gov.in
    The employees who had completed their work with the state government and got their retirement are able to get the various benefits by the accountants general Karnataka. The retired employees can get their monthly fund as Pension which they are able to receive in their pinion account. If you don’t have an account you may have to contact with your department from where you had got retirement and then submit a registration application to the ag Karnataka head office. After that they will provide a user name and password. See the following process to check the status of your pension.

    *$*=> Go to the official portal of Accountants General Karnataka http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/

    *$*=> Select the option of Pension PPO Status in PAG (A&E) section and you can check the page http://stg3.kar.nic.in/agpension/.

    *$*=> Here you can check the three options Fresh Pension, Pension Revision and Family Pension which had provided by the AG Karnataka Department.

    *$*=> Select the option which you want to check on the official website the citizens can also see the last update date by the department on the above side.

    *$*=> If you want to check the fresh Pension then click on it and press submit option and enter the following information:

    • Enter Your PPO Number
    • Fill your Date of birth in DD/MM/YY format


    • Enter Your Name
    • Fill your DOB in DD/MM/YY format
    • Select your Department from where you had retired
    • Select your district name from pull-down menu

    *$*=> After entering these all information click to the submit option and get all the details regarding your pension. Citizens of Karnataka are also able to get all status.

    *$*=> If you want to check the Pension Revision then select the option and click on the submit option after that follow the steps as per below mention to check the Karnataka pension revision:

    • The section will provide you http://stg3.kar.nic.in/agpension/freshpenrevision.asp page
    • Enter your PPO Number first
    • Fill your date of birth

    *$*=> If you want to check the status of your family pension then have to take the following steps in http://stg3.kar.nic.in/agpension/ page:

    • Select the option of Family Pension and get the http://stg3.kar.nic.in/agpension/rvfpenlogin.asp page.
    • Enter you PPO Number here
    • Fill your date of birth in DD/MM/YY format and submit it.

    Through above, given all the steps you can check your pension status through the AG Karnataka official website. The citizens who want to check the Gazetted Officers status report will have to visit the page http://stg3.kar.nic.in/agpension/ge/gelogin.asp where you have to enter you AG Office code and DOB or AG Office Employee Name, Department Name and DOB. Also, read the important instruction before using the official website below.

    Important Instructions for Checking Online GPF Status or Pension Status in AG Karnataka Official Website
    #=> The official website of Accountant General Karnataka http://www.agkar.cag.gov.in/home.html has reserved all rights for all audit reports and gpf / pension data do not use any of information for illegal work.

    #=> The website www.examresultinfo.com had just provided you the way to get the information regarding the audits, gpf, and pension in Karnataka state. The website does not promise to provide you any kind of hard/soft copy regarding your information.

    #=> The official website has made by NIC team of Karnataka. The portal is under monitor by the CAG of India and NIC team also the NIC has the responsibility maintain it.

    #=> The AG dept and ERI staff are not responsible for any kind of official website error while using or checking your account online. If you got any issue you may have to report to your organization or to the AG Karnataka head office.

    #=> Do not share your user id or pin with anyone because of security reasons. After using official portal safely log out and close it.

    #=> If you want more help you can visit the PAG Karnataka Head Office or can use the following contact information for assistance help:

    • Office Address O/o Principal Accountant General (A&E),

    Karnataka Park House Road,
    Post-Box No: 5329
    Bangalore- 560 001
    Gram Accounts Bangalore
    STD Code 080
    EPABX 22379335
    Fax 22264691
    Email agaekarnataka@cag.gov.in

    Here we had updated all the information but if you want more help leave your comment here or you can send us mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    nagu naik d
    M not able to see my gpf status

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    GPF balance sheet

    Quote Originally Posted by nagu naik d View Post
    M not able to see my gpf status
    I am unable to get my GPF balance sheet for the year 2012-13

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    You may have to login to get the statement we can't provide you any official document or personal papers to users. Once you will login on the page you can check the option to download it as well.

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    renukaswamy k m


    GPF balance sheet for the year 2012-13

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    Cool GPF Balance sheet

    my GPF statement for 2012-13

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    Vasanthakumar N S

    not in use

    Waste of time. I con't find out my balance through this window. Fake...fake....fake....

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    Question GPF statement for 2012-2013

    iam not able trace it

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    gpf balance sheet

    how to check gpf balance sheet 2012-13

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    marulasiddachar k

    i am not able to get my balance sheet of year 2012-13

    i can't get my balance sheet of year 2012-13 how we get pls in form to this email : sanatk2012@gmail.com

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