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    www.ccapunjab.gov.in AG Punjab Online GPF Status and Statement CCA Grievances Compliant Registration

    One of the richest state’s in India and the northwest part Punjab is located in just of the boarder of Himachal Pradesh which have east side Haryana state and southeast side Rajasthan. The Punjab is also near of Pakistan half of the part has located in Pak after partition. Most of the populations live here who belong to the Sikh region. The state has their capital in Chandigarh and the biggest city is Ludhiana along with 22 numbers of districts. Right now Mr. Shivraj Patil is working as governor and Mr. Prakash Singh Badal as Chief Ministry. The Punjab has also a famous high court Punjab and Haryana High Court. In the section of Area the total land covers by Punjab is 50362 square km and in area rank state stands in 19th place. Most of population work here as farmers who have riches land here. The state has total population 27704236 as per the survey in 2011. More than 65% citizens work in their land and supply various kinds of Grain in across the India.

    In the race of technology filed the Punjab state also stand in most growing state. However the state govt is still working to improve their services in IT filed and connecting their offices with new technologies. The NIC Department of Punjab www.nic.in/Punjab_Dist and Controller of Communication Accounts Punjab Department of Telecommunications (CCA Punjab) under the govt of India along with the Accountants General Punjab had built two websites for citizens of Punjab.

    1. www.agpunjab.gov.in
    2. www.ccapunjab.gov.in

    About General Provident Fund GPF in Punjab State (सामान्य भविष्य निधि पंजाब)
    However the most of citizens work here as farmer but 33% population who works for Govt of Punjab in various departments. All govt employees deduct their some amount (10% of basic salary) as savings for their future which is known as GPF / General provident fund. Every month each employees pay to the AG Punjab for their GPF and same amount deposit by the department where they works. Each employee have their own GPF account for which he had provided a unique GPF ID and pin (password) with the help of that employee can monitor and check anytime their savings,

    About Accountants General Punjab (महालेखाकार पंजाब के बारे में)
    The Accountants General Punjab is Department is a organization which handles functions under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and works for their state employees. The C&AG Punjab have the power to handle and to give the directions in all matters of audit of accounts. The history of AG Punjab is so old it has started in May of 1st date in 1858. The department works for all kinds of accounting, auditing and funds etc for 91 divisions. The keep details of loan and accounts of state and govt employees along with for various departments. The AG Punjab provides the pay slips, pension, no dues certificates, and GPF information to their state employees. The AG Punjab has their official website www.agpunjab.gov.in where you can get the more information about the work of department

    What is GPF General Provident Fund (जीपीएफ सामान्य भविष्य निधि क्या है)
    To apply for GPF account employee will have contact with their organization and need to send an application form to the AG Department of Punjab. This is the high interest saving of life for a man once you had applied the department starts cutting your salary (10% of basic) and also the same amount will pay by the department. For example if you are working in any govt dept of Punjab and you are getting Rs. 10000 basic Salary in that case Rs. 1000 and the GPF will deduct from it and same amount of Rs. 1000 will submit by your department. In this your saving you will get 9% interest as per the Govt AG Punjab Rules which means you will get Rs. 900 per month growth (as per Rs. 10000) in a signal month. No one bank in world pay this hug amount as interest to their clients but Accountant General Department is the only Govt of India farm who had this facility. So most of the citizens and govt employees tries to cut more and more salary per month as their saving. Also there is a one more benefit of it you don’t need to pay any kinds of income tax on it and its works as you’re saving after retirement or in case of emergency if you want any time. To get your GPF money you need to apply in your department and in AG of Punjab after some paper works and formalities you can get your savings of life and can use that. There is one more option available on now days you can convert your savings as pension. After your retirement you will get that payment as per month without working anywhere. All the data related your GPF can check in the official website of CCA of Punjab in www.ccapunjab.gov.in website.

    How to Check Month Wise Status of General Provident Fund GPF Punjab (सामान्य भविष्य निधि जीपीएफ पंजाब का महीना वार स्थिति)
    After getting GPF Account you have to monitor continue that for which you will get I ID and password from your clerical or HR department. With using of that id you can access any time in your GPF Account and can check all the money related transaction through your salary. To check status of your GPF account you need to follow the below mention steps:

    => To check the status of your GPF in Punjab first you will have to visit on the official website of http://www.ccapunjab.gov.in where you have to select the option of “Check Your GPF Balance” now you will get the http://www.ccapunjab.gov.in/GPF/getgpfrecord.aspx GPF Balance page.

    => Enter the Name of Employee in given section of page

    => In second section fill your GPF Number of Account

    => After that enter the HR Number which you got by the Department

    => Now in next select the Employee Type which you have to chose only from pull down menu

    => And in last enter your Date of Birth which is also you may have to select from pull down menu

    => In last click to the enter option and view your GPF Report Status. Once you checked it logout and close the window safely.

    Above given steps is to check the status of your GPF account, how much savings do you have in account along with all transaction and information of withdraws. See the below given way to get the statement of your account.

    How to Get Statement of GPF Account (सामान्य भविष्य निधि खाते का विवरण)
    After entering on website and login in you GPF account as per above give information you will age calendar where you can select the date and month from which you want to get the details about your GPF. After that select the option of Statement and click to the submit button now download it and get the printout of your statement.

    Beside of this if you have any issue and want to submit any complaint regarding to your GPF like missing checking of your payment, Debit problem, and axis in your credit amount or any other in that case you can file your complaint form. See the below given process to apply and fill your grievances.

    How to submit Complaint Form / Grievances Registration for GPF Punjab (सामान्य भविष्य निधि पंजाब के लिए को शिकायत / शिकायत)
    Firt you have to go on the official page of CCA Punjab www.ccapunjab.gov.in where you will get option of “Submit Online complaints” after that follow the below given steps to submit your Grievances.

    => Access to the page of http://www.ccapunjab.gov.in/complaint.aspx for submit your complaint registration form.

    => In first section you need to give your some personal information write your name (with surname) and staff number along with your post / grade where you are working right now.

    => After that fill some contact information like your contact number (mobile) your current running e-mail ID along with your correspondence address (communication address where you can receive any letter.

    => In last section fill your issue regarding to your GPF about which you want to get information or want to submit your complaint.

    Here is the complete process to submit your complaint regarding to the GPF in Punjab state apart from this if you want more help from the staff person in that case you can visit to the head office of CCA of Punjab or AG Punjab Department. Get the below given phone numbers where you can contact for help.

    Contact Information for Office of the Principal Accountant General, Punjab & U.T. Chandigarh (प्रधान महालेखाकार, पंजाब और केन्द्र शासित प्रदेशों के कार्यालय चंडीगढ़)

    • Mrs. Namita Sekhon (IA&AS) [श्रीमती नमिता सेखों (आईएएण्डएएस)]

    Pr. Accountant General (A&E) Punjab & U.T. Chandigarh [पीआर. महालेखाकार (ए एंड ई) पंजाब और U.T. चंडीगढ़.]
    Office Phone number - 2704169, 2703270

    • Mr. Ramesh Kumar Juneja [श्री रमेश कुमार जुनेजा]

    Deputy Accountant General (Accounts & VLC) [उप महालेखाकार (लेखा एवं वीएलसी)]
    Office Phone Number – 2702892

    Contact information for Controller of Communication Accounts Punjab (संचार लेखा पंजाब के नियंत्रक के लिए संपर्क)

    • Mr. DK Nim (CCA)

    Phone Number - 0172-2640013
    Fax Number 0172-2640012
    Controller of Communication Accounts (संचार लेखा नियंत्रक)
    Punjab Telecom Circle (पंजाब टेलीकॉम सर्किल)
    Sector-18-A, Madhya Marg (सेक्टर 18 ए, मध्य मार्ग)
    Chandigarh (चंडीगढ़)

    Please read given below important notes before going to get the GPF Punjab Information:

    => Use only official websites of GPF Punjab to access your details. Do not trust on any other website to make transaction in your account for security reasons.

    => After making your online work in GPF account make sure that you had logout in proper way and no one can other access on your account also do not share your GPF number or pin with anyone.

    => www.examresultinfo.com had just gave you the way to get your gpf information via using the official websites http://agpunjab.gov.in and http://www.ccapunjab.gov.in we do not promise anyone to provide hard / soft copy of their data.

    => The official websites of Punjab is always on monitor so do not access any wrong kind of information through those. Also after making any changes please information to your department along with AG Punjab.

    Here we had updated you about all information to get the GPF status, statement and new account etc but if you need more assistance then reply in your comment after this post or can send us mail in contact.examresultinfo@gmail.com

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    Hi, sir you have to contact to your clerical department for new GPF account and need to send an application in AG Punjab Dept.

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    What is the process to get the pf amount and how to apply for it.

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    You have to contact in AG Dept to get your GPF

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    When we can apply for the pension sir?

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    What is the process to apply for new GPF. I had join Punjab Police in this year January

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    I want to shift my gpf account amount from one state account to other state account so how can i apply for that?

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    Contact to the staff person of your HR and Clarical dept where you can submit your application form to shift your fund and amount.

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    AG dept of Punjab is going to launch soon a new portal where you can get other benefits also in gpf amount. Right now NIC is working for it.

    Source - Amar Ujala News Paper

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    Can I get general provident fund information from www.agpunjab.gov.in

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