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Thread: www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in Uttar Pradesh Voter ID Card Online Registration Enrollment

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    www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in Uttar Pradesh Voter ID Card Online Registration Enrollment

    Uttar Pradesh one of biggest population state in India which is touched from Nepal border and have most of the land in plain side. The citizens of UP who are having their Voter ID card after every 5 years choose their government through their vote. But person who is not having voter ID have chance now to get their ID card online through using the Chief Electoral Officer CEO official website of Uttar Pradesh. Here we are giving you information that how you can get your voter ID card online in UP state through using CEO online portal. Check the below given complete information and get your card now.

    Voter ID card is not only a card also it’s a identification card which you can use for various purpose like in banking services, as your address proof, for your photo ID along with govt and non-govt services. Any of citizen who is having permanent residence in Uttar Pradesh state and age is above then 18 years old is able to get the voter ID card. You also have to show your date of birth certificate but if you don’t having it in that case you can also use your matric pass documents to proof your age that you are above than 18 years old. To get the new voter ID card you may have to follow some steps as per the mention below.

    How to Get Voter ID Card in UP via Online –
    To make your Voter ID card in Uttar Pradesh you have to fill form number 6 to get the part in online enrolment of new session. The online facility for new voter ID card is available through the official website of CEO UP www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in where you need to select the option of “Online Voters Registration System” and you will get the page of www.eci-citizenservices.nic.in here you will get a login page after that you and this page has 4 parts.
    1. Officer Contact List
    2. Online Application
    3. New User Registration
    4. Forgot Password

    Officer Contact List - Through the Officer Contact list you can get the contact information of your nearby officer which is available through the page of http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/frmPublicInformation.aspx?Flag=officerContact here you need to select your district name along with Assembly and polling station (which is also well known as BLO)

    Online Application - In the section of application you need to check the page http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/frmPublicInformation.aspx?Flag=OnlineApp where you can download the form to know about your officers and can get the application form for complaint.

    New User Registration – If you are a new user and just had crossed 18 years age then click to the option of new user registration here you will get the page http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/Default.aspx and you have to enter your mobile number along with your e-mail ID. Mobile number is compulsory to fill. After that you will get a confirmation code and then fill the application form online with your required information. Attach your complete documents, photo, POA, POL certificates and collect the new voter ID card from your nearest BLO office.

    Forgot Password – If you are already having voter ID card login and forget your password then use this section here you need to fill your user id and your registered mobile number.

    Now visit to the official page of CEO Uttar Pradesh www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in and apply online for new Voter ID card.

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    I had applied for new voter id card in Allahabad district and submitted my form but when the officer visited at my home I was not presented at that time due to my school. Sir tell me that how can I do the verification process again.

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    Can I use my driving license as the residence proof because still I didn’t got domical.

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    I am having only ration card of Meerut district and want to apply for new voter id card of my grand mother what all paper more I need to apply.

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    Sir the voter id department CEO had written wrong name of my father on it so how do I change it.

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    Ajruddin Ansari
    i want to get voter id cards

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    Post New user registration

    i want to do new user registration for Delhi Voters Registration where i do that?

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    Angry Singha

    New votar id card

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    hello please provide me the information for the uttar pradesh voter id card registration enrollment.What eligibility is required for the same?

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    Aditya Vikram Singh

    Post hi

    meri voter id nhi bani hai

    i want to do new user registration for Delhi Voters Registration where i do that?

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