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Introducing Education and Career Forum "Work With Us as Part Time Full Time Job" –
Here we are going to start a scheme for educated citizens who have talent and they want to use their mind to earn something or want to grow their knowledge day by day. So this is the platform to make extra earning if you are already an employ or if you are a student to improve your knowledge. Let us know more about you this “ERI Scheme “Work with Us as Part Time / Full Time Job”

What is this Part Time / Full Time Job Scheme by ERI?
We are introducing “Part Time / Full Time Job” to all our visitors, students, and working persons. We aware all the visitors to earn from home by just answer the simple questions or by the giving answer of other visitors. These questions and answers are simply related to Education, Career, Current affairs, About Govt Orders, Any Biggest News which you want to share with others, Any Important Notification. We give “Salary” to our all visitors by answering the questions or asking any unique question. The candidates who will give more answer and as more questions will get the higher rank and amount on the rank list as per the below mention. This scheme will help you in many ways. You can gain your knowledge and become the top on our site. This Reward Quiz will held twice in a month and the process is also mention below.

How much you can earn / What is the Salary for just asking any question and by just giving any answers?

Many of the candidates who have lots of quarry want to get the help from experts and if you have some knowledge about that particular thing then you can make money or if you are seeking for anything so just ask question and get price (Salary) as per the following ranking wise list:

Important Note -

@ - If you write unique data or write more questions and answers you will automatically get highest ranking on list

@ -
You will get the “Salary” money through the “Net Banking Transfer” Or “By Cheque” in your account. (If you are not having account then we will pay you through cash)

@ - After every 6 months the candidate who will make their rank in top 10 will get the bumper “Reward” of Rs. 10,000 /-

Here are the “Salary” Details as per the Ranking of every candidates

Salary (INR)
1st Rs. 12,000
2nd Rs. 10,000
3rd Rs. 8,000
4th Rs. 6,000
5th Rs. 5,000
6th Rs. 4,000
7th Rs. 3,000
8th Rs. 2,000
9th Rs. 1,000
10th Rs. 500
What kind of Benefits you can get from this?
  • You can gain your knowledge and in future you will get best career options.
  • You can earn money and get important information regarding your career.
  • You can help yourself as well as others who want to know the correct answers.
  • You can improve your caliber.
  • By earning money you will feel more motivated by yourself.
  • You can make a group of well talented people.
  • You will become a vital part of the successful site of career and educations forum.

Are there any applicable fees for joining “Part Time / Full Time Job” by ERI?
Dear visitors this education and career forum registration for job is free of cost for you all.

Do I have to register for this site?
Dear visitor you only need to open an account on this site by registering HERE. Registration is open for all and free of cost.

Is there any Eligibility Criteria?
No there is no age, qualification, occupation required. People from any profession, students or housewives are welcome on our site.

How can I get the earned amount or Salary?
All candidates who will get the “Points as the above mention table” can get the money through “Cheque Payment” or “By Net Bank transfer”.

When will I get my “Salary” and What is the cycle for it?
The thread posting round (Education, Career, Current affairs, About Govt Orders, Any Biggest News) will start once in a month like from 1st of the month till 30th of that month. You may have to participate as much as you can and need to post your thread of if you will write any unique post with big data on that case you will also get the extra points.

How points will be count and who will decide them?
We had installed software on our website which is an independent which works on real time data analysis system, also the experts of our team will analyze the ranking chart of each candidate’s. So you don’t need to take worry about it. Its totally on the systematic based which is based on quality and quantity of you question and answer (your thread / data).

Any important tips for Job in ERI?
You can try to write quality and helpful answers as much as you can. You will definitely win this.

When will be announced for the Salary?
After every 15 days of the month we will announce the list of the winners.

Procedure to register on this website and to participate on “ERI Part Time / Full Time Job”
  • Step 1: REGISTER
  • Step 2: After registration, you will get an email from our team which will contain an activation link. Check that link.
  • Step 3: Now click HERE to write any questions or answer.
  • Step 4: Start writing the quality answers and you will get the points as per your answers.

Important Guidelines (Things to keep remember before going to post any thread) –
  1. You can post the helpful answers or can ask questions which are useful for other also.
  2. Do not copy and paste any kind of data from other sites.
  3. Write answers in detail with using systematic process
  4. You can use English and Hindi both languages.
  5. The more you will write you can achieve the highest rank.
  6. Do not post wrong information write the correct answer then post it.

What is the benefit for Us?
Your post and thread will gives us good ranking and it will make us a great forum through which we can provides the help to those who are seeking and want to get more knowledge.

For more information you can send us mail through the or call to our executive through the numbers of +91-9555312045

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